Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018 Chart, Future value of BTC


Today’s post is based on Bitcoin Price Prediction .

Bitcoin Price Prediction in the Year of 2018.

This year 2017 considered the best year for all crypto lovers. This year the origin of cryptocurrency that has Bitcoin created its own Milestone by reaching $15.000 USD in the Middle of the year. Also broked its own record in the same year by reaching the unexpected price of $20,000.

According to the Google in 2017 the most searched topic on Google trends record was Bitcoin. Also, the spiciest and spreading question was “what will be the price of Bitcoin in 2018?”

So in today’s post, we will find the approx. answers to these questions by checking some market records and analysis.

What is Bitcoin Price Prediction?

As Bitcoin is not only a Cryptocurrency. Nowadays Bitcoin is considered as a brand.

In our previous post, we gave you information about Bitcoin Price History Chart. If you have seen that post you will come to know that the price of Bitcoin is not stable from the origin of it. It will show you an up and down graph.

The random format of the Bitcoin is it’s going on increasing and increasing, then suddenly it decreases for some time. The decrease that occurs in Bitcoin,  there can be several reasons for that. Social as well as economic factors always affect the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018 Chart, Future value of BTC

Since the decrease is always less than increase rate. So that’s why people always get the proper profit in it. This is the main reason why more and more people are interested to invest in Bitcoin.

If someone is investing in Bitcoin on a large scale than he should first study the market news, analogs, and analytics. By researching some of the news and analytics user make a prediction that what would be the price if Bitcoin after 1 month or 1 year according to his study.

This is known as Bitcoin price prediction.

Bitcoin Price Prediction in 2018?

Seeing some last month I can clearly say that Bitcoin proved itself as a true profitable asset.

Some people are saying that we will see another milestone of Bitcoin crossing over $50,000. As Bitcoin is Volatile there are chances that it may downfall up to $5,000.

So the Question is which prediction is going to be correct?

Month Price-range ($) Maximum price at the month End($)
January 11500-15252 11000
February 11000-17200 16500
March 17000-18500 18200
April 16700-18000 17600
May 17600-19200 18600
June 18600-19500 19200
July 19200-21000 21252
August 21252-23300 23249
September 23249-25612 25600
October 22000-25732 25100
November 25100-27000 26672
December 26672-28000 27800


Bitcoin Price Prediction in Januar2018?

In the beginning, according to me and my research, the price will begin from $13,500. The maximum prize in the month of Jan 2018 will be $15,252. The month will be closed at the price of $11,000per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price prediction in February 2018?

The month will start at the same price of previous month closing that is $11,000per Bitcoin. The maximum price will go up to $17,200. The month will end at the price of $16,500.

Bitcoin price prediction in March 2018 ?

Going with the same speed month will start at the price of $16,500. The maximum price will be profitable for investors at the rate of $18,500. The month will be closed with the prize growth of $18,200.

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Bitcoin price prediction in April 2018? 

Here the chances of the downfall of Bitcoin Price is high Because it seems like in this month Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold price will increase. As the origin growth will help its derivatives to go up. The same thing happened this year also in 2017. The Price will start at the downfall rate of around 7%-10% with $16,700to the maximum price of $18,000and will be closed at $17,600.

Bitcoin price prediction in May 2018?

Starting price- $17,600

Maximum price- $19,200

Final closed amount- $18,600

Bitcoin price prediction in June 2018 ?

Starting price- $18,600

Maximum price- $19,500

Final price of the month- $19,200

Bitcoin price prediction in July 2018?

Starting price- $19,200

Maximum price- $21,000

Final price in the month of July- $21,252

Bitcoin price prediction in August and September 2018 respectively?

Starting price- $21,252

Max price- $23,300

Final price- $23,249

In September Month

Starting price- $23,249

Max price- $25,612

Final price- $25,600

Bitcoin price prediction in October 2018 ?

The price will again Downfall.

Starting price- $22,000

Max price- $25,732

Final price- $25,100

Bitcoin price prediction in November 2018 ?

Starting price- $25,100

Max price- $27,000

Final price- $26,672

Bitcoin rewarded price prediction in December 2018 ?

Starting price- $26,672

Max price- $28,000

Final price- $27,800


These prices are based on the market study. I cannot assure that this will look like same in 2018 itself. Everyone is aware that Cryptocurrency is a world of “Risk”. As per the study, I got this values. Everyone is predicted that Bitcoin will reach $50,000 to $60,000, But in my opinion and not by the market analysis I don’t think that it will reach this much. I can expect the value maximum up to $28,000. Then also you can see that it is giving you a large-scale growth of around $10,000 or more than that. Which is enough for a trader looking for large profits.

That’s all for Bitcoin price prediction, I am sure this post will at least help you. Determine the goal of your investment in Bitcoin.

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