5 Business Tips You Can Learn From Barney Stinson

There are a plethora of characters on television, real and fictional, who combine extravagant wealth with a personality that is at times difficult to stomach. They play against the ideological maxims of fair play and compassion and excessive sentimentality. Yet many of these traits are precisely what makes them successful at business, iconoclasts unwilling to bend to the conventional wisdom flingster. While it may taste funny going down, the idea is not to denounce men like Barney Stinson, but to eat up everything that makes him a winner. Here are five tips you can learn from the How I Met Your Mother character:

1. Suit Up

Suiting up is more than just a catchphrase, it defines Barney’s philosophy. In business, what is on the surface is extremely important, as most business relationships are based on interpolation and incomplete facts. In this sense, people are like books. You write a portion of the setting and let the reader fill in the details. Those details are subjective. Not even best friends ever genuinely know each other, and in business, almost everything is left to impression. Projecting a clean, professional image will tell a client or an employer, everything they need to know before you say a word.

2. Confidence

Barney Stinson is an arrogant man, harbouring neither trepidation nor doubt when it comes to business or women. Having faith in one’s abilities allows a person to take more risks, and without risk, you can never achieve success. Furthermore, having confidence will allow you to bounce back more quickly when some of the risks don’t pan out. Just as outside perception is essential, the knowledge of oneself can make a significant difference. Being confident in your ability to overcome and adapt is the difference between perceiving something as a failure or a learning experience.

3. Develop Job Skills First

When successful people like Barney Stinson speak Japanese, Mandarin, Ukrainian, or Korean, it’s done with an almost effortless nonchalance, as if they are the type of elite prodigy born with a knack for excellent. In reality, skills like these are developed over time with rigorous study and hard work. By learning foreign languages essential for business instead of common knowledge like driving or using a screwdriver, Stinson gained an advantage over the competition. To be successful in business and life, you must take the time to level up job skills first and save the life skills for afterwards.

4. Re-branding

Despite being hobbies typically associated with awkward and lonely men, Barney Stinson knows a dozen magic tricks, collects Star Wars figurines and excels at obscure things like laser tag Days Gone PC download. He is unafraid to make video resumes or turn cheesy pickup lines into a creatively romantic introduction. Barney has the understanding to take typically unappealing things and re-brand them into marketable products.

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5. Be Competitive but Fair

Business is competition. Competition with your co-workers and match with other companies. The store even involves some competition with clients, when negotiating on a price for a product or service. Barney Stinson is the ultimate competitor, willing to do whatever it takes to win regardless of the stakes, even sleeping with 200 women to double a friend’s boast. Nevertheless, Stinson still abides by a strict “Bro Code,” which was published as a book in 2020. In business, knowing how to attain your goals while staying within the designated ethics will help gain the respect of other companies and the loyalty of your employees.

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