5 Money Saving Tops for Women Buying & Renewing Car Insurance

Since 2012, women car buyers have doubled from 12% to 25% according to the 2017 Women’s Automotive Buyer Study. In fact, market leaders such as Maruti claim that 15% of their sales across products are to women, which Hyundai further confirms by attributing 20-25% of their car sales to women. Additionally, a survey conducted by Autocar India revealed that women are also willing to spend more for added safety features when it comes to buying a car. If this sounds familiar to you as a women car owner or driver, you’ll also be glad to know that the motor insurance premium is usually lower for women drivers. Most insurance companies feel that women drivers are less likely to over speed, more likely to wear their seatbelt, and less likely to get into a crash.

To make the most of low car insurance premiums and get the maximum cover, here’s are some tips for you to follow.

  1. Research the insurance policy

Every insurance policy is different regarding what is covered and how the reimbursement is made. For example, some motor insurance policies do not offer a cashless settlement. So, in case you get in an accident and take your car to the workshop, you will need to pay the entire bill at the workshop and then apply for the reimbursement basis your car insurance policy. However, other 4-wheeler insurance companies will pick up the tab at the workshop and require you to pay only the additional amount. This reduces your hassle and keeps your cash flow strong. The first step before you buy car insurance is to research it and understand what motor insurance you need.

Further, keep in mind that motor insurance comes with various add-ons such as 24-hour vehicle towing, car key replacement, flood insurance, etc. Choose the right ones for maximum protection. To get comprehensive coverage on a low premium with a maximum number of add-ons or riders, apply for Bajaj Finserv’s Car Insurance.

  1. Compare rates and policy particulars

Once you have a clear understanding of what insurance you need, including add-on features, and you have chosen between third-party, comprehensive and Nil Depreciation motor insurance, you should compare offers and specifics from different 4-wheeler insurance companies. This will help you finalize the cheapest offer that also gives the best protection to you and your car. Remember to look for car insurance online as well as it will be fast and cost effective!

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  1. Keep the vehicle type in mind

When it comes to motor insurance, the specifics of your vehicle can change the value of your premiums. Depending on the cost, vehicle type (be it an SUV or a sedan, for example), weight and length, and engine size, the insurance premium will differ. For example, for cars with an engine displacement of 1.8 litres or more, the base motor insurance premium increases. So, ask your car dealer about the motor insurance cost right when you are buying your car. Sometimes small things such as a slightly lower capacity engine may significantly reduce the insurance premium, thus saving you money.

  1. Your driving record

The one variable affecting your motor insurance premium that you can control is your driving record. If you are driving safely and following road and speed signs, you are likely to get no tickets. With no tickets and no previous claims, you can also take advantage of the no claim bonus. When renewing your 4-wheeler insurance. This can really help you save big.

  1. Make a claim prudently

When driving in India it is impossible to keep your car free from small scrapes and scratches. It is best to pay to get these scratches removed yourself as it doesn’t cost much. However, filing insurance claims for these low-cost repairs will end up increasing your insurance premium in the following years. Motor insurance companies offer a reduction in the following year’s motor insurance. When no claims have been filed by you in the previous year.

Using these tips, get car insurance with proper knowledge, so that you are assured that you are covered on all accounts. You can also buy car insurance online easily. However, take the time to read the terms and conditions carefully before doing so.

To get all the information you need online as well as the best deal. Opt for the Bajaj Finserv Car Insurance. Where you can apply online at competitive premiums, get 24X7 claim settlement assistance, and an array of add-on covers. Moreover, in case of a sudden breakdown. Or on-road damage, you will immediately get a car on hire owing to your insurance coverage. To make the most of such exclusive benefits, you can get started and check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv. This will help you view customized deals on insurance. As well as other financial services to meet all your needs quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


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