7 Best Ethereum Mining Hardware comparison for X100 Profit

This post is about Best Ethereum mining hardware.

Yeah, if I am correct then you want to mine Ethereum?

Yes, then choosing best Ethereum Mining Hardware is a first and most important step in mining. A good hardware can reduce electricity bill and reduce your cost at very low extent. In this article, I will help you to choose some best Ethereum mining hardware.

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If you want to mine Ethereum seriously then only buy this hardware because this hardware are little costly and the whole process is time-consuming. Ethereum mining requires lots of patience and good skill.

If you only want to make small amount of profit then you can invest in ethereum directly buying theme. you can also check your deal page.

What do you need for Ethereum mining?

  • Ethereum wallet
  • Mining pool
  • Ethereum Mining Hardware
  • Ethereum mining software.

What is GPU Ethereum mining?

Mining of any cryptocurrency can be started from your computer using CPU. But CPU has very low hash a rate which is not profitable in the competitive world. Also, continuous mining can heat your computer which can damage your desktop.

So miners, introduce one new Ethereum Mining Hardware which is externally connected to desktop known as a graphical processing unit(GPU). GPU is external hardware connected to the computer, which helps to solve problem obtain by blockchain must faster compare to CPU. GPU is 100X faster than CPU.

How to choose Best Ethereum mining Hardware?

Choosing best hardware among the list is one of the difficult tasks. Some hardware has a high hash rate as well as high electricity consumption. Some hardware has a low hash rate with low electricity cost consumption. So here comes question how I can buy a Best Ethereum Mining Hardware ?

Ethereum Mining Hardware


Mining quality of any miner can be calculated by their hash rate. The high hash rate is equal to high profit. But electricity cost and cost of hardware also matter. So before buying any Ethereum Mining Hardware you should choose combo of any hardware which has a high hash rate, low electricity consumption, and low hardware price.

I am giving a list of 5 miners, not one because it is difficult to choose the best hardware for your country. Some country has low electricity cost. A country like China has the great advantage of this. E-commerce site like Amazon and eBay may take shipping charges based on country. So here is top 5 miner, choose best which one suit you.

5 Best Ethereum Mining Hardware

Radeon R9 295X2

R9 is launched by AMD in April 2014. Radeon has the double processing power, means double clock speed, double stream processors, double ram. Each ram side has 4 GB of memory which is equivalent to 8 GB of ram. Radeon has the highest rate of hash rate, 460. MH/S.

Power cost per day- 1.44$

Return per day- 1.61$

Return per year -586.43$

Ram -2X4GB

Chip brand -AMD

Model number- R9295X8QFA

Estimated price -1000$+10$shipping charges

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Radeon R9 HD 7990

Here is another GPU launched by AMD to enhance to gaming experiences but which is now used for mining purpose. Radeon R9 has 6gb of ram which gives too much high hash rate compare to others.also Radeon only support operating system higher than windows vista i.e windows vista, windows 8 etc. model R9 has a lower hash rate equal to 36 MH/S.

Power cost per day-$1.08

Return per day- $1.29

Return per year- $469.40

Ram- 6GB

Chip brand- AMD

Model number- R9295X8QFA

Estimated price- 499$+10$shipping charges

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Radeon RX 480

Best thing about AMD and Nvidia is they launched their best game GPU really which is used for the multi-purpose. Radeon Rx 480 is available in two modes with 4GB and 8 GB ram. 8 GB ram has high highest hash rate and more profit compared to 4GB but it cost 1k$ extra. One thing which is noticeable about this product is shipping charges free for this product. Rx 480 has a hash rate of 25 MH/S.its give daily profit of 0.5 $which is equal to 441$ profit per year.

Power cost per day- $1.00

Return per day- $1.21

Return per year- $441

Ram- 4GB/8GB

Chip brand- AMD by pc

Model number- B07366GP8H

Estimated price- 400$

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Radeon RX 470

Radeon has the highest rate equal to 24.0 MH/S. this is also made by AMD. But some seller also sells using AMD chip and self-hardware and cooling fan. Radeon comes with 2 cooling fan which is worth it. Price of Radeon is around 300$ with 7$ shipping charges. 

Power cost per day -$1.08

Return per day- $1.15

Return per year- $415.16

Ram- 4GB

Chip brand- AMD

Model number- RX-470P4LDLR

Estimated price- 300$+7$shipping charges

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Asus mining RX 470

Here come Asus which is not that much famous in the industry of mining. But this miner is competitive for mining there for listed here. This miner is specially made for mining purpose only with 2 cooling fans.it is complimentary hardware of MAD RADEON RX 470 which is very famous in between miners.it is designed for 24/7 days usage. It will be great if the ram is increased from 4Gb to 8gb.

Power cost per day -N/A

Return per day -N/A

Return per year -N/A


Chip brand-Asus

Model number MINING-RX470-4G

Estimated price-340$+free shipping charges

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So this is list of some mining hardware which is used by famous miners for the profit. If you want to become serious miner then this post is written only for you. Choose the best miner according to your budget and start mining.


According to me, if you live in China like a country where electricity cost is negligible compared to other countries then you should buy Radeon R9 295X2 .but if your budget is low then you can go with other. You can also try Bitcoin mining which is also very profitable.

Let me know if you find any difficulty. Share this post with your friend and family.

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