7 Ways To Get Free Bitcoins Instantly

In this post, I will share 7 ways to Earn Free Bitcoins.

Earn Free Bitcoins, sounds good?

Yes, who didn’t love Free money? Every new user wants a Free Bitcoins to get their hand dirty in this field. Acutely this is correct. If you get some Free Bitcoins, then you will be able to understand Bitcoin working in a better way by doing some practical work.

But before starting this post I want to say something.

My blog readers are everything to me, so I will say clearly. There is no way to get Free Bitcoins.

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Yes, there is no way to get Bitcoin. Why anyone gives you Free Bitcoins.


Don’t worry, there are 100 of the way of Earning Free Bitcoins by doing some simple task like watching ads, playing Game, giving advice etc. or by sharing your email address.

All this method is applicable for micro earning. It is not like you will get 1 Bitcoin for a day.

How many glasses of your dream broken by me by saying this truth?

One thing which you have to consider that by investing some time and efforts can make you to Earn some Bitcoins. There are many people like me who do this on daily basis.

What you Need to Earn Free Bitcoins?

A wallet Address

If you Earn some Bitcoin, then how they will pay you?

There for you need Bitcoin wallet. There are many sites like Coinsbase, Coinmama, Virwox who offer Free wallet.

Just note an address of your Bitcoin wallet, which will be used in future.

A Medium to Connect

All this task need your online presence. You should have any computer, mobile or tablet for connecting to the internet.

7 Ways To Get Free Bitcoins Instantly

  • By playing Game
  • Top Websites
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Gambling
  • Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing
  • By writing content on others blog
  • By Showing ads.

#1 By playing Game

Android is the base of modern mobile technology and apps are roots of that technology.

There are some app like #Task bucks, Mcent which offers Free recharge, pay cash and lot of way to Earn.

But you hardly know, any app which offer Free Bitcoins for playing Games.

This is are the Games which offer Free Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Bandit

7 Ways To Get Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin Bandit is Free Android give which allows you to Earn Bitcoins.

It is a tournament Game where player has to join the tournament. Every player has to play this Game and collect the maximum Coins (1 Satoshi per Coin). At the end of the week, Top 10 players will get Free cash prizes.

When you successfully collect 10,000 Satoshis, it will be Automatically transferred to you Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Bandit is best way of Earning by playing Games.

Flap Pig

7 Ways To Get Free Bitcoins

This Game is invented by Bit Landers. Fla pig is same as flappy bird. you can Earn Free Bitcoins by just helping Flap the golden pig to fly around and collect Bitcoins.

Avoid flap to fly from object and collect all Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Fighter

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin fighter is still in beta version. This is a multiplayer Game. All you have to do is, just fight with another player and the strongest player is awarded by Free Bitcoins.

The Blockchain Game

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

Blockchain is the famous among the list. You have to submit wallet address and email address for the record.

Like other Game, this Game also shows many ads which are frustrating sometimes. With the earning of this ads, they are able to pay off to you.

You have to just place a block on by one. Block is moving in left and right direction.

The speed of the movement is increased in every step. The blockchain Game is just addictive and way of Free Earning.

Pop Bubbles

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

The pop bubble is a Free Android Game where you have to collect a star in bubbles.

 The best thing about this Game is fewer ads.

The Game is a little bit tough for a new user. all you have to do just play and more play for becoming an expert.

After a consecutive try, the Game will say stop for fix time. After that time, you can start playing again.

Roll and Ball

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

All you have to do is just move your mobile and collect Bitcoins from the table. After every level Game becomes more and more difficult.

 Roll and ball pay you very little amount of Bitcoins. But the Game is really good you can Earn Free Bitcoins by Considering this as a normal Game.

After every level, video ads play automatically.

#2 Top Websites


7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

There are many sites which offer Bitcoins hourly or by simply just by signup. I will share a list of all site which offers Free Bitcoins. In this list, some sites may say to deposit some Bitcoin for extra income.

I will not recommend you to deposit any Bitcoins.

Coin AdBitcoin RewardBit visionBTC clicks
epayMy CoinAdsLand of Bitcoinsi fau cet
Freebitco.inCryptojunctionmoon BitcoinBitcoin zebra
777 BitcoinGolds DayCoincollectingAlien Faucet
Bitcoin puddlepinkTussyDancefaucetCryptoblox
flying faucelBitcoinkerMyfreeBitcoinsBTC25
Btcfaucet.cobitco freeBitcoin claimsLandsof bitcoins
Bitcoin GetEarn free BitcoinBitcoin4you.netFree digital money

It may happen in future some site may not work correctly or it is scams, so don’t deposit.

Earn till the day, they pay you.

#3 Bitcoin Mining

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

Mining is the best way of earning Free Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Mining is the way of releasing new Bitcoin from block chain. Miner gets rewarded by a buyer who buys this Bitcoin in the form of transition fee.

In Bitcoin Mining, the miner has to solve the algorithmic problem to release new Bitcoin which require Bitcoin hardware rig. Bitcoin Mining requires an investment of money and time. But this is the best and secure way of earning lots of Free Bitcoins.

#4 Gambling

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

Gambling is also a way of earning Bitcoin easily. But it is not secured and you have to invest some Bitcoins. It may happen, you will not win and loss all Bitcoin.

Here is example of sites which offer online gambling of Bitcoins like casino, poker etc.

but I will never recommend you to go with gambling.

#5 Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

Affiliate marketing means promoting someone’s else content on your sites and gets a commission for the sale.

If you have any blog, then affiliate marketing is really a good way of earning. Many sites including me Earn money by doing just affiliate marketing.

You can refer your friend by sending him/her your referral code or you can use the banner for advertising.

#6 Earn Free Bitcoins by writing content

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

If you are a good writer, then you should try this. All you have to do is just write one post and contact author of the page and say for paying money in Bitcoins.

A community like a Coinsutra, Coinraja, Coin talk offers you to write and gets paid off.

#7 Advertising

7 Ways Get Free Bitcoins

Many bloggers Earn money by showing Ads. They usually use AdSense for this purpose.

But there are sites which give you Bitcoin for showing ads. You need just a Website where you can show Ads.

This is two famous site which offers this service.

Bonus Point

Coinsecure offer 0.001 Free Bitcoins for joining them. Coinsecure is famous worldwide.

For claiming a Free Bitcoins, you have to just sign up and complete the registration.


Earning free bitcoins is never easy. You have to invest your valuable time and sometime money. Which is not reliable. But if you are serious about this then you will be awarded by free bitcoins.

If you will ask me then I will say go with affiliate marketing or show Ads on your site. These two methods are really awesome. Don’t try for gambling.

Also, Read:

If you know any other method then comment below, I like to hear from you.

Help your family, friends and colleague to Earn free bitcoins by sharing this post.




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