Exercise before sleep is a contentious subject due to the fact that most routines are structured to promote immediate energy. For most, the increased blood flow livens the mind and energizes the body, making sleep a challenge. In many cases, the few minutes before bed is the brief window for a daily workout.

These situations demand a specific workout that is efficient and all-encompassing, without being so strenuous as to preclude sleep.

Start the Workout


As with all workouts, no matter how brief, stretching is the first target. One minute of the exercise is dedicated to lengthening leg muscles and a deep stretch to reach tired muscles and promote blood flow for the rest of the workout.

The easiest way to ensure all muscles are acknowledged is to stretch joints and the muscles nearest them. Focussing from the ankles upward and spending a full minute stretching, take deep breaths before transitioning to the next phase.


Light cardio efforts begin during this minute, focussing on proper breathing and gradual intensification of activity. Whether this is walking in place, doing jumping jacks, or dancing, the goal is to slowly increase the heart rate.


After a few minutes of intensifying exercise, the heart is pumping at full speed. Now, the chosen activity is to go full pace, keeping quick the heart rate during the whole minute.

MINUTES 4 and 5:

The halfway point continues at a fast pace as the cardiovascular focussed portion of the routine comes to a full head.


The rigor of the exercise begins to slow, allowing the heart to slow down easily with a focus on lengthening breaths. The last fifteen seconds are walking in place.


Muscle exercises exploit the blood flow with fifteen-second portions of push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and lunges.


The focus has moved to a cool down, where from the muscle exercises the athlete moves into another round of stretches, lengthening the body and relaxing muscles.

By the close of the eight minutes, heart rate should have returned to normal and breathing found a calm pace. As with all exercise situations, proper hydration is a healthful necessity.

Using this eight-minute technique, coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle allows positive growth. The eight-minute nightly exercise uses a three-pronged approach to fitness.

Flexibility is achieved through stretching, muscles are engaged during the strength exercises, and heart health is the focus during the middle of the routine.

Freestyle cardio exercises keep the plan diverse and consistent stretching improves form and makes the eight minutes less of a strain each time it is practiced.

Muscle exercises as well facilitate strength, so to maintain the challenge the athlete speeds the rate of the muscle repetition. Blood flow and calm breathing promote a relaxed state so that, in less than ten minutes, working out and getting ready for bed can be completed.

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