Aimedis ico Review: Is It legit scam or legit ?

After a long time, we are covering any ico just because this ico is really good in the feature. Yes, I am talking about Aimedis ico. Today we will cover the Aimedis ico review post.  

Ico is everywhere, cryptocurrency is everywhere and blockchain is also everywhere. If my prediction is correct then when we become a grandfather at that time there is nothing like physical currency existing thing in the world. Blockchain technology will surely replace physical currency in future.   

One step in this field is launching and replacing normal treatment of a patient with physical currency to Aimedis coin.   

What is Aimedis ?  

Aimedis ico is Netherlands based company. The main aim of Aimedis coin is to connect doctors, patient and other servants of the medical field together with the help of Aimedis ico.   

A team of Aimedis promise that they have experience of 12 years in the medical field so they know what problem we face during the treatment. With the help of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, they are going to integrate all medical information of one place which can accessible for everyone.   

As huge amount of big data is generated for storage so extraction of only fresh data is challengeable.   

 Working of Aimedis?  

 Aimedis is going to be work like somewhat facebook, Wikipedia, drive and Skype.   

According to whitepaper using blockchain technology and the app of Aimedis anyone can chat with other people or patient. You can also chat with doctors to share information. They promised using Aimedis app people can also share information of ECG and other treatment-related details via online.  

You can also store your data on blockchain. You have full access to this who can view and share your data. With the help of this, you can share your medical details to doctors and others directly.  

Also just like Wikipedia here to many information will be available about medically related queries. Doctors can edit there opinion also here. Which is a great option for the end users. 

One feature which is also amazing is video call option. Doctors and user can video call. Doctors and patient can directly interact to each other for information sharing. Again, just an awesome feature.  

I don’t know How they going to manage this all feature in one app with blockchain and artificial intelligence. And the best thing about Aimedis is it is already live in many hospitals in Germany.  

About Aimedis app  

Aimedis app is first Multilanguage app integrated with blockchain and AI. You can directly do all the things which I have mention above with this app.   

Here doctor and patient can directly interact with each other using app interface. This app is already live in Germany. They are planning to add some more languages which are good for the expands in futures purpose.   

Pros of Aimedis:

 ICO Details  

Token Sale Hard Cap $ 36,000,000
Token Sale Soft Cap $ 9,000,000
Presale Start Date 27 Jun 2018 (07:00 UTC)
Presale End Date 05 Sep 2018 (07:00 UTC)
Token Symbol AIM
Token Type ERC20
Token Distribution 50% ICO crowd sale 20% Community initiatives, marketing & legal 20% Team, supporters & advisory board 5% Legal reserve 5% Reserve
Initial Token Price 1 AIM = 0.12 USD / 1 USD = 8.33 AIM
Accepted currencies ETH, BTC, LTC, USD
Min. transaction amount 1 ETH, 0.08 BTC, 4.86 LTC

Now you can get 25% more token in price sale. So Buy now.  

How to participate in Aimedis Pre ICO?

  • Signup in Aimedis website.  
  • Go to the main dashboard and click on Buy aim  
  • You have 4 option to buy Aim token. Choose an option and pay for the token. Bounce amount is directly given to your in your wallet.  

Buy Aim Now

Road Map of Aimedis

 Road Map of Aimedis


I think aimedis is legit. If you ask me, should I invest in aimedis  pre ico sale then I will say yes this is already integrated into Germany market? If you see whitepaper they clearly mention everything how the thing is working. One problem which they are going to face in future is managing that huge amount of data.   

Managing Bigdata is challenging for every big company but at the end think they will manage with the time. I will say yes, you can invest but read whitpaper carefully and then invest.  

Cheers !!  



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