Best Beauty Life Hacks for Students

Beauty life hacks are an excellent way to save money in college. Instead of spending money on new products, you can use beauty hacks to reuse ore repurpose what you already have. Whether you’re a lady or a gent, these beauty hacks will come in handy for you.

After all, it’s not only ladies that use beauty products. Men too need to moisturize, take care of their nails and ensure their hair is healthy. As you know, presentability in college is a big deal.

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Here are the best beauty hacks by you should practice.

1.     Nail Polis Hack

If your nail polish bottle dries shut, you don’t have to throw it away. All you need to do is secure a rubber band around the neck and use it to open the bottle.

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How this works is the rubber band helps you get a better grip. This way, you can twist the lip open without your hands slipping over.

2.     Ironic Hack

When ironing a shirt, make sure you don’t drag the iron box over the collar or the cuffs. Instead, press the iron box on the shirt for straightening. Since the collar and cuffs have the hardened material in them, dragging the iron will not do much.

Make sure you don’t press for too long because you might end up ruining your favorite shirt with an ugly burn. And you know, there’s no way of hiding a burn on a shirt’s collar.

3.     Shaving Cream Hack

If you run out of shaving cream, you could always use hair conditioner. It works just as well as shaving cream because it has the characteristic slippery feel you need for a smooth shave.

4.     Morning Hack

If you don’t want to run late in the morning, make a playlist that runs as long as you need to get ready. This way, you’ll enjoy preparing for class, and you won’t run late.

This is an exciting challenge, too, because you’ll be working against time. Pat yourself on the back each time you finish before the last song starts playing.

5.     Hair Accessory Hack

Instead of buying an expensive hairpin, you could paint a bobby pin to make a statement hair accessory.

6.     Toothpaste Hack

You could also use bobby pins to squeeze all the toothpaste from the tube. You can also use this hack for sunscreen and lotion.


These amazing beauty hacks help you save money on new products and accessories. Make sure before you throw away a beauty product container, you’re sure you cannot repurpose it or use the residual product in it.


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