Best Bitcoin Debit Card Review and comparison in 2017

This post is about Top 6 Best Bitcoin Debit Card.

Sometimes people think cryptocurrency is difficult in use. We cannot use bitcoins on a store and buy anything. If some merchant accepts cryptocurrency then there are lots of things to do for a single transaction like opening exchange site making payment to wallet address and lots more.

Other than this current Debit and credit card simple in use. Just swipe, enter the password and make payment. Is it possible for Bitcoin ?

Yes, it is. Now many companies are making a debit card for payment exchange. Today we will see a list of top 6 Best Bitcoin Debit Card. But first see, how bitcoin debit card works?

How does bitcoin debit card work?

If you wanna buy something from store and storekeeper does not allow you to pay with bitcoin. But You have bitcoins which you want to spend, what you will do?

In normal circumstances, you swipe your debit card or pay with fiat currency but in this situation, we can use bitcoin debit card.

Just you need to deposit some bitcoin in exchange return, you will get a similar amount of money in a debit card for use. Every time you use bitcoin debit card, the transaction amount is cut from balance.

Things to Notice before Buying Best Bitcoin Debit Card

Before buying any bitcoin debit card, you should notice some point like

  • It should support various flat currencies like USD, EUR, CYN, INR etc
  • If the card is valid from your country or not?
  • Transaction fee for every transaction?
  • Are they giving a physical and virtual card or not?
  • What type of card they offer?(visa/master)
  • Have they mobile app for instant payment?
  • What about customer service?

If you find everything positive you can start purchasing Bitcoin Debit Card one of them.

Top 6 Best Bitcoin Debit Card


Best Bitcoin Debit Card

Cryptopay is highest on the list just because this site offers debit card worldwide with the free shipping charge. company offer virtual as well as the physical card. Physical card cost only 15$ with a pin. If you want to use a debit card for only online shopping then you can purchase a virtual debit card which is free.

Every trascatition cost 2.5$ which is the basic amount for every bitcoin debit card. The thing which I do not like about cryptopay is, they charge a mainataines fee and load fee every year. You can order your debit card anonymously if you don’t want high card limit. You have to verify only your mail id, that’s all. Delivery of card may take 1-2 week based on country.


Best Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitpay offers highest card limit of 25000$ which is highest on the list.In recent day bitpay only offer a debit card for US resident, But now it is available for everyone. Verification of document depends upon your country where you live. You can order virtual as well as the physical card. Lots of Atm machine available in US support bitpay. Worlds 80% of bitcoin Atm machine is situated in the US.

At the time of ordering card, they charge a one-time fee which is 9.99$ along with 5$ as a maintains charges in every six months.if you live in US then your card will arrive within 7 days in Mailing addresses. Every transaction takes 2$ for US residents and 3$ for non US resident.


Best Bitcoin Debit Card

This card service is best for US resident. They serve in 45 US state out of 50 states. You can connect your debit card with coinbase account. With s major drawback of this bitcoin debit card. Coinbase is limited in some country. Therefore if you live in a country like India then you can not use this service.

The shift has a very minimal charge of 10$ and there is no maintains charge. Which is the great thing about is the site? According to some people, this site did not give service as per expectation so avoid using it.


Best Bitcoin Debit Card

Xapo is basically a mixture of bitcoin wallet and bitcoin debit card where your bitcoin store in the form of bitcoin. When you make a transaction this BTC changes into currency and get withdrawal from Atm machine. This conversion takes charge of 1$ whereas transaction fee takes charge of 2.5$.

Xapo has annual charge and inactivity charges. Cost of plastic card is 20$. Xapo also supports EUR and GBP other than USD. Xapo serves in almost every country expect some African country. You can check the list of the country.


Best Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitwala is famous and trusted bitcoin debit card in this list. They serve mostly in U.K. cost of purchasing the debit card in a virtual way is 2$ and for the physical card, it is 8$. Cardholders can enjoy transaction with an almost negligible fee which is around 0.5%.

You can also use atm machine for withdrawal. You can use 2 types of shipping for bitcoin card. Free of cost service take 1 weeks for arrival of the card with no tracking feature. whereas express shipping take 3-5 takes with the live tracking feature. cost of express shipping is around 69$.


Best Bitcoin Debit Card

Wirex is the most trusted and famous company in this list. They offer one of the attractive cards which can be used for the online transaction as well as for withdrawal of money. They charge 17$ for maintains.

You have to verify by the document then only you get a chip and pin for the transaction.

Other Best Bitcoin Debit Card and Comparison

Best Bitcoin Debit Card


If you notice all the card have same or little bit difference in charges. You can buy any bitcoin debit card based on companies which support in your locality. If you are US based citizen then cryptopay and bitpay is the best option. Personally, I like more crytpopay.

If you find any difficulty then let me know in comment section.

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