Best Bitcoin Exchange In India-Exchanges Reviews & Comparison

Best Bitcoin Exchange In India.

People always mail me or message me to ask Which are the Best Bitcoin Exchange In India or Best place in India to Buy Bitcoins? 

In last week Indian Tax department put and on some exchanges for black money and much funzy companies are banned. Therefore the price of bitcoins in India is not gaining as compared to the international market.

Also, one thing which is noticeable is that all website on this list has different price as per their supply and customer ask. So I will suggest to divide your investment and invest in below given sites.

Before is start this topic I must recommend new users who are new in this field are to read what is bitcoins actually in our post and also check some interesting fact about bitcoins.

When you start investing in bitcoins then you should know that some exchanges offer free wallet, some not. And also keeping your bitcoins in online is risky so I recommend to store your bitcoins in any hardware wallet. You can check best bitcoin wallet and best bitcoin hardware wallet.

So without any future deal lets see Best Bitcoin Exchange In India.

Best Bitcoin Exchange In India

All these exchanges are tested by me. I regularly use these sites to buy my bitcoins. All this site are running, promising and they don’t have any trust issue.


In last week, we already cover Review post on Coinsecure . I think they are most secure platform to buy and sell bitcoins in India. Indians love to use Coinsecure for trading.

The user interface for Coinsecure is little confusing. So this is not sustainable for beginners. Coinsecure also has mobile applications for the same purpose.

The mobile application is so easy to use. I think it is opposite to their website In user interface and difficulties.

coinsecure promo code: Get 0.001 BTC for Free using Voucher code

Coinsecure offer you online wallet for your bitcoin which make to come on the list of Best Bitcoin Exchange In India They verify you by calling and asking for document details.

The only two problem which is faced during the use of Coinsecure is they take  1 month of verification time period. Also, their mobile app also shows problem and popup of showing the message “we have some issue regarding mobile app”.

If you create account using Coinraja promo code then you will get 0.001 BTC free.


Now here comes famous and most usable bitcoin application to buy/sell bitcoins in India. Zebpay doesn’t offer buy/sell bitcoins service through their website.

You have the only option of using the mobile app. If you are wondering why it is most famous as compared to others then you must know zebpay is the fastest service and best price on this list.

They verify your document very fast like koinex and income exchanges. The transaction is super fast. They have many users so you don’t have to bother about the transaction to complete.

The user interface is soo easy. The last update of the mobile application is very much interacting. They already added the option of buying popular vouchers like Amazon, cafe coffee day, Flipkart and pizza hut.

They also add the option of mobile recharge and some popular DTH recharge very soon.

You can also check Highest and lowest price of bitcoin from the application.

You can check our promo code post for free 100 INR of Bitcoins.


Koinex is second newest platform listed in the list of Best Bitcoin Exchange In India. They have other altcoins also which they offer for buy and sell service.

Koinex is best for short time investors. They have multiple altcoins wallet. All transactions are super fast. They verify your account with a 24-48 hour in normal circumstances.

The thing which makes koinex different from other is they offer separate account number for deposit to each member. Which make deposit and withdrawal of money super fast.

You don’t have to wait in line for your verification of INR deposit and then trade.  they also have a youtube channel. You can check our post on the koinex guide.

Koinex can also be useful for the trading of etherum ripple and bitcoin cash.

You can check our promo code post for 50 free INR.


Coinome has best regarding kyc verification. They have a digital verification aadhar card method which takes 5 minutes for kyc verification.

I love this process of verification. I think other exchanges also use this method. Problem with Coinomi is they have very high price as compared to other. Also, they are new in the market which makes them not that much trustable.

But user interface of Coinome is very easy. You can also trade bitcoin cash and Litecoin in Coinomi.


Unocoin is one of the famous and easiest ways of buying bitcoins in India. You have -to verify yourself by providing kyc. It takes 7-10 days for verification.

Unocoin has many features and they constantly adding more and more feature. Price of bitcoin as compare to coinsecure is high but they are reasonable.

The best feature about Unocoin is they have SIP future which makes them different from other. You can invest daily, monthly or yearly in sip as per your need.

They have a statement about SIP is that:

Systematic Investment Plan is a new and exciting way to acquire Bitcoin – the first of its kind that is introduced by Unocoin. This is a more conservative approach to investing in bitcoin than spending all your money on Bitcoin at once. This technique allows you to commit to a fixed INR amount on Bitcoin on a regular schedule regardless of the price. You need to fund your INR wallet and schedule the orders below to start with SIP. This feature helps with financial discipline by averaging out your cost and thereby reducing risk resulting in generating better returns.”

2FA make unocoin more secure. You can also use mobile application for trading of bitcoins.

You use our promo code for exciting deals.


Local bitcoin offer you to buy bitcoins with fast cash.

Localbitcoins is a system which allows you to buy or sell bitcoins directly to the user. This is useful to buyer or seller to the user interaction based system.

How To Buy Bitcoins without id or Anonymously Instantly (Credit card) ?

The price of bitcoin is depended on the seller. This is not directly proportional to international market rate. Before buying bitcoin you should always check seller star in profile.

You should be very careful about going to buy bitcoins without cash. You have to ask to come to a public place to the seller. We also listed this on how to by bitcoins with PayPal post.

Buy Bitcoins Now


Changelly is an exchange platform which allows you to buy bitcoins in an exchange with any altcoins or fiat currency.

You can buy bitcoins without registration, you have to give only mail id. All the process is super fast. The transaction takes only 5,10 minute to verify.

You can check our guide post on changelly review. Prices are low as compared to Indian market rate. You have to only provide bitcoin address for the transaction.

I will recommend you changelly over shapeshift because changelly have low fee compared to shapeshift.


Virwox allows buying bitcoins with a credit card. You have to first buy liandan coins. After that, you can exchange this coins with bitcoins.

Price rate is high as compared to market rate. But this suitable for those who want to buy bitcoins with PayPal and credit card. You can also check about this in our how to buy bitcoins using PayPal post.


I will not strongly recommend you to go with virwox. As bank may send you a message like this after withdrawal.


So this is some Best Bitcoin Exchange In India to buy bitcoins. All this method and website are best proven. Coinsecure have the lowest fee on this list. If you are an active trader then koinex is also a great option.

For a new user, I will recommend to use Unocoin as they have a simple interface. This all method is also applicable for all European country. Other then that people can also check our other methods of buying with a credit card and PayPal post.

I hope you love this mega list of Best Bitcoin Exchange In India. If you do then share this on any social media and let others know about this list.

If you want any help then let me know in comment section. You can directly connect me on [email protected].

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