Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android OS:Updated In 2017

This post is about best Bitcoin wallet for Android os.

Do you have Bitcoins? And you want to store them securely?

I agree with you that it’s very difficult to find any Bitcoin wallet for Android that is secure.

Don’t worry I have a list of 5 best Bitcoin wallet for Android.

It is my promise that after reading this post you will able to find best Bitcoin wallet for Android os.

But you are thinking about what is a need of storing Bitcoin in mobile, we already did in an online site from where we purchased (i.e. Coinmama, Coinbase, Virwox).

Then the answer is it may happen that site on which you stored you beloved Bitcoins may get hacked or it will get shut down without saying anything. This type of case happens in past, like famous Mt. Gox scandal.

So, it is your responsibility to secure your Bitcoins safely.

This are wallet which is using for storing Bitcoins.

The mobile phone is basic needs of daily life. It is very easy to store your Bitcoin through mobile wallet.


If you know a little bit about IT industry then you may know, Wi-Fi connected device gets hacked easily as compared to others.

So storing Bitcoins in a mobile wallet is risky.

Before storing Bitcoins in wallet you should check this thing

  • Before installing any Bitcoin wallet in mobile you should check malware in your mobile. If it is present, then consider removing them.
  • Make sure that all apps installed in your mobile are developed by trusted developer. The problem with google play store is, it approves and upload any app without scanning malware or security.
  • Install any wallet after reading all reviews and researching about that app.
  • If you want to store Bitcoin for long term uses, then store Bitcoins in hardware wallet or any offline wallet which also called as a cold storage. Cold storage is a very secure method as compared to the mobile wallet.

Best Android wallet in 2017:

In next post, I will share others method which is very much secure, but for the day I will share best Android mobile wallet.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

Before giving a list of apps I want to share some tips:

When the first time you sing up in your mobile wallet, you will get a 12-word password which is called as seed key.

Note this seed for future reference, no one can spends your Bitcoins with a pin.

If lost your mobile, then this seed will help you to backup your Bitcoins in the wallet.

One thing which is noticeable is that if you lost your seed, you will lose you Bitcoins too.

So without further daily here is a list:


Mycelium is famous Bitcoin wallet in between Android user. Name of mycelium Is named, believing that celium is the largest living organism in the world. It was launched in 2013.

Before storing my Bitcoins In mycelium app, I learned many things about this app from forums, Reddit and Quora. Finally, I started using this wallet for storing my Bitcoins.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

The best thing about mycelium is it support hardware wallet. It also supports tor for extra security. Mycelium gives you extra security providing a pin for every transaction.

Also, great things about this app is, you can store your Bitcoin in many wallets. For example, if you want to store Bitcoins based on your monthly income and extra income separately then you can do this with mycelium. But you have to backup them separately with separate seed.

Install mycelium app and open it, It will ask for 12 number seed or ‘create a new wallet’. Click on ‘create new wallet’ and Note 12-word seed for future reference.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

If you lost your seed key, then you will lose Bitcoins too.

You can also find any people around you, how to want to trade Bitcoins with cash. All around mycelium wallet is easy to use with a multi feature.

<<Download Mycelium Mobile app>>

Schildbach wallet

Schildbach is named after its developer Andreas childbach. This wallet has five million installs which show impressive reach and popularity of app in between user.

I never used app but the listed in best Bitcoin wallet for Android because of this reach.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

The app is maintained by a most experienced developer and that size of the app is only 2.9 MB which is a major advantage.

In past, you have to download entire Blockchain for storing Bitcoins of 60 GB, which is not practical. But now you don’t have to download entire chain.

It also supports NFC and Bluetooth transaction.

<<Downlaod Schildbach Wallet>>

If you are businessmen, then Copay app is made for you.

Copay support multiple signature transitions. For example, if you have 3 members which are using Copay wallet then for a single transaction you want at least two key. Which makes Copay more secure.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

You can use an extra key for backup purpose. It is very hard to hack, a wallet with multiple signature keys as compared to single.

Copay is also available on Windows Phone, Mac, Linux and Chrome as an extension which shows this popularity.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

One more feature which is noticeable is you can make multiple addresses for your organization. This feature is very secure because you don’t have depended upon single user for all money.

<<Download Copay Bitcoin Wallet>>


All the above app is only used for Bitcoin but if you want a wallet with multiple cryptocurrency support then Jaxx is an ideal one. Jaxx support all famous cryptocurrency. The list of supported cryptocurrency are:

  • BTC- Bitcoin
  • ETH- Ethereum
  • DAO- The DAO
  • DASH- Dash
  • ETC – Ethereum Classic
  • REP- Augur
  • LTC- Litecoin
  • ZEC- ZCash

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

It also available or Chrome, tablet, Mac including Android.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

<<Download Jaxx Bitcoin Wallets>>

If you are looking for more Option, then check this list:

More bitcoin wallet

I will update this list in future when I personally use and sure about security.


Choosing best wallet for Android decide your security for bitcoins. Storing bitcoins is more secure if you choose hardware wallet.

If you ask me, then I will suggest to use a mycelium app. If you are a business folk, then you should go with copay app. Storing seed key of your wallet is most important thing in this processes.

If you know any other wallet or you want to know about any other wallet, then let me know in comment section.

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