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This post is about Best Dash Wallet.

Now in the current time, the cryptocurrency market is mostly based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although somehow Dash coin does manage to establish a pair of eyes to the investor of the crypto market.

Previously we have given you all the information about Dash coin. Now in this post, we will see the best wallets to store your Dash coin safe and secure. Here we will cover all the type of desktop wallets, mobile wallets, paper wallet, hardware wallet.

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First of all, as it is an android and IOS generation so we will see some mobile wallets. so lets start review on Best Dash Wallet.

  • Dash core IOS wallet:

This is the first and the only official Dash wallet for IOS. Which means this is the official wallet for iPhone. It presents peer to peer network. That means it reports directly to the Dash network. So there are no servers to be attacked or hacked.

bets dash wallet

It was launched on the Apple store after testing it thoroughly and carefully.

It is an HD wallet. Here you will receive a 12- word paraphrase. You have to keep it safely. So that you can recover your funds if your device is damaged or lost.

The wallet represents shapeshift integration. Using this feature you can convert your Dash coin into Bitcoin for the transactions of those merchants that only accept Bitcoin.

Dash core IOS wallet also gives you to use the instasend feature of Dash but not the privatesend feature. This wallet is user-friendly.

It is only available for IOS.

  • Coinomi:

Coinomi is a very famous wallet. It is a multi-currency wallet. It is only available for smartphone users.

coinomi is easily usable wallet solution containing medium features. Coinomi comes with an inbuilt exchange feature. You can hold up to 70 cryptocurrencies and more than 200 tokens which are the most among the all.

It is user-friendly and easy to use interface. Beginners can also manage their Dash coin in this wallet.

bets dash wallet

Coinomi also gives you the shapeshift integration. So that you can exchange your cryptocurrencies within the app only. You can also control your private keys. Coinomi is an HD wallet. Initially, you will receive 12-word seed key to backup your coins in case of damage or lose of your device. Coinomi does not support the instaSend and instRreceive feature.

  • Dash wallet:

This wallet is the first open source based mobile application for storing Dash coins. It is developed by Hash Engineering. Here you can store, send and receive your Dash coins.

Dash wallet is a decentralized platform providing you direct access to the P2P network.

bets dash wallet

You can control your Private keys and do offline transactions using Bluetooth.

Dash wallet is an HD wallet presenting the same feature of BIP32 and BIP44 of Jaxx. This wallet allows the instalSend feature but not allows the instaRecieve feature.

  • Jaxx wallet:

Jaxx wallet is a very well reputed wallet in the crypto market. It is a multi-currency wallet.

Jaxx is available for mobile as well as for the desktop also.

Jaxx supports a total of 14 cryptocurrencies as of now with frequently adding new cryptos. It is an HD wallet with active developing community making it better day by day. Same as above wallets Jaxx also gives you the 12-word seed key to restoring your funds if your device is damaged or lost. Here you can also control your private keys and import and export it whenever needed.

Same as the other mobile wallets Jaxx has also the shapeshift integration feature to exchange your crypto from one another.

best Bitcoin wallet for Android

It has a plus point compared to the other mobile wallet that it supports both instaSend and instaRecieve feature.

It available for desktop ( Windows, Mac, Linux, and OS), Browser extension ( Chrome, Firefox), and mobile IOS and Android versions.

Now we will see some of the hardware wallets for storing Dash coin.

  • Trezor:

When somebody thinks to invest in cryptocurrency the first thing they fear about is the security of that currency in the market.

In regards to security, Trezor is one of the most trusted hardware wallet available in the market. Trezor is the first Hardware wallet. It was launched in the year of 2013.

Trezor comes with an OLED screen. Here you can see your 9 digit pin code and 24-word paraphrase.

Trezor is heavier as compared to its competition that Ledger Nano S, but as it is ancient to the Ledger Nano S so it is well reputed in the digital market.

Currently, it supports a total of 8 cryptocurrencies. It comes in three colors White, Black, and Grey. It cannot be hacked easily. Trezor is next to impossible. You can use Trezor on a malware affected PC also. The price for this Hardware wallet is 99$.

  • Ledger Nano S:

The properties of Ledger and Trezor is almost same. The only difference between them is that the Ledger Nano S is light in weight compared to Trezor. Also, it is cheaper than the Trezor. You can purchase it at the price of 65$.

Ledger Nano S also comes with the small OLED screen to control your transactions. Initially, you will receive a 24-word paraphrase which you can use to create your private key. Since the private key is created by the user only the security level becomes so tough to break that you can this wallet on an infected computer also.

Currently, it supports 13 cryptocurrency and 20 tokens. If you have a large amount of Dash then it is recommended that you should use this wallet.

The only negative point of this wallet is that it does not support instaSend and instaRecieve feature.

  • Keepkey:

It is another Hardware wallet available in the market. Keepkey shows the exact properties of Ledger and Trezor. The only difference of this wallet is the Bigger OLED screen. It will show you the seed paraphrase to get access to your currency.

Currently, it supports 6 cryptocurrency and no tokens. You can purchase it at the price of 99$.

Best Hardwrae wallet for Bitcoin

Keepkey also doesn’t allow the instaSend and instaRecieve feature of Dash coin.

Here comes some of the best desktop wallet to store Dash available on the market.

  • Exodus:

Exodus is a desktop HD wallet. this wallet is created by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli in the year of 2015. It is the world’s first multi cryptocurrency supported wallet.

It is an easy to use wallet. The desktop interface is very well built.

bets dash wallet

Exodus has an inbuilt exchange feature by which you can trade your cryptos on the cross-platform. It comes with the shapeshift integration to convert your crypto to another crypto. Currently, exodus supports 11 coins including Dash coins.

In Exodus, you own the private keys to make the security level tough. Initially, you will receive a 12 word seed key for the first time. You need to store it safely in case you forget your 4 digit pin to recover it.

The wallet is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Dash core Desktop wallet:

it is a desktop wallet developed by the core community of Dash. Dash core desktop wallet is an official desktop wallet for storing Dash coins.

As it is an official wallet it supports the instaSend and instaRecieve feature including Governance and Master node management feature.

bets dash wallet

Here also you own the Private keys for the security purpose. You can easily restore them by using your paraphrase seed keys.

It will take huge space on your PC. So not good for slow and older version PCs.

Currently, it is available for Windows( 32 and 64 bit), Mac, Linux (32, 64, Raspberry Pi2)

Paper wallets are also one of the most secure and secret methods of storing your Dash coins and other coins.

  • Dash Paper wallet:

Here you own both Private keys as well as the public key. Which means if anyone has an access to your paper wallet then he/she has all the access to your Dash coins and funds also.

Since the technology is less, chances of being hacked are also less. You just had to keep your paper on safe platform. It is the cheapest form of cold storage.

bets dash wallet

Dash paper wallet does not support the instaSend and instReceive feature of Dash.

Some other to look out wallets

  • Electrum:

Electrum is a multi-currency supporting wallet. It is fast, safe and secure. Electrum is daily user based application.

The additional feature of this wallet is that it will protect you from losing your coins in case of backup mistake or computer failure. Because there is no option to recover your wallet from a secret phrase that you can save or write it on a paper.

  • Uberpay:

Uberpay is also a multi-currency supported wallet. It is mainly based on supporting Dash coins but it also supports some other cryptos.

bets dash wallet

It is also available on mobile devices. Uberpay has also an inbuilt exchange feature of shapeshifting integration for cross crypto trading. It makes easy storage for the private keys in the system.


So here are my some of the top picks of Best Dash Wallet in all category of Desktop, mobile, hardware and paper wallet available in the market. You can choose any of them according to your needs and amount of Dash coins. Each of them shows a unique feature and all of them are at most on their security level.


So if you like this Best Dash Wallet post then do share with your friends and family. let me know if you have any problem regarding any Dash Wallet.


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