Top 10 Best Fitness Headphones


Top 10 Best Fitness Headphones

  • JLab JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reduction Ear Buds

These are your run of the mill in-ear headphones. They offer silicone earbuds that do a well enough job to block out excessive ambient noise. It’s nowhere near the level of the noise cancelling that an over-the-ear pair of headphones can provide, but think of them being slightly better than your default iPod earbuds.

They feature the standard 3.5mm jack which makes them compatible with most personal devices that can play music. The fit is a bit hit or miss but the overwhelming majority of people seem to enjoy how they fit.

Overall its small design, traditional style and portability makes these the ideal headphones for any exercises that require vigorous movement (like running).

  • Koss ‘The Plug’ In-Ear Headphones

Koss is a headphone company with an illustrious portfolio dating back to the mid 1900’s. You can rest assured that if you’re buying any piece of audio equipment with the Koss name on it, you will be buying a piece of quality equipment.

The design of these headphones is what makes them unique, the “plug” design makes them great at cancelling outside and giving you one of the highest fidelity listening experiences. According to the description, there is a dynamic element positioned outside the ear which houses a small, soft, expandable cushion. It is this soft cushion that provides one of the best possible fit in such a small in-ear pair of earbuds. This feature also makes them much more comfortable.

Included comes a 0.125-inch and 0.25-inch adapter jacks. Measured frequency of the headphones comes in between 16 to 23,000 Hz. The impedance is 16 ohms, with a very small percentage of distortion and high sensitivity. Simply put, without the jargon, these are great for an awesome listening experience while keeping you moving in your most intense runs.

  • Koss KSC32L Fitclips Headphones

Here we go again with another pair of Koss headphones. This time it’s the Koss KSC32L Fitclips Headphones. Available in several different colors, the reason I ranked these so high was due to not only having an in-ear design they also sport at around-the-ear clip which keeps them securely fashioned. According to the Amazon description they were designed for women but I respectfully disagree.

You could make a case that these are probably more unisex than anything. The main reasons that you would grab a pair of these are the following: they stay in your ear, have great sound quality (akin to the BlueBuds) and sweating won’t be an issue like some of the other in-ear models without the ear clip. Ultimately with the last three choices is comes down to style (especially between these Koss’ and the other pair) because they are so similar.


  • Jarv Joggerz PRO Sports Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

Coming in at number seven are the Jarv Joggerz. This is the first Bluetooth entry on the list and coming under the $50 mark these ought to be on your list of headphones.

As with anything wireless the first thing I think about is the battery life. The battery life for these pairs of headphone (according to the manufacturer) is about 300 standby hours and about 20 hours of continuous play time. The batteries charges fully in about two hours. The main drawing points of the Joggerz is the wireless connectivity and the around-the-back headphone design that keeps them in place while you’re jogging or running.

Much like the Studio Beats (but in much less scale) these headphones are made more portable as they fold and (unlike the Beats) they are lightweight. These headphones off a high frequency range meaning they’ll give you a solid sound every time. These headphones will also give you the sweat-resistance you need whenever you’re running and are drenched in sweat. For the price, I would seriously consider them.


  • Brainwavz R1 Headset Dual Drive In Ear Noise Isolating Earphones

The Brainwavz R1 differentiate themselves in the ear bud market by adding two drivers (speakers), instead of one on the majority of headphones. The R1’s are equipped with a 3.5mm jack weigh about 10 grams. Making them portable and functional across all categories. With the dual drivers, it makes these one of the few in ear buds with the sound quality this does.

These headphones certainly favor the mid-ranges with a small emphasis on the bass. All styles of music will end up sounding great, but if you’re looking for something that will deliver on the front you shouldn’t look too far. For the price, they certainly stand up to my fitness test.

The manufacturer suggests you use an over-the-ear style when wearing them, and rightfully so. Doing this will allow them to not move as much and keep them in place as much as possible. You may also find the fit of the ear buds to be a bit lackluster but in that case some foam replacement tips will do the job.


  • LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

The LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth headset is what I would consider one of the best competitor to the JayBird BlueBuds X. Again, what it comes down to is preference. The LG Tone has an around-the-neck neckband which rests upon your neck while you’re listening to your music or talking on the phones.

They pair up easily with your phone, car or computer. The battery life is not bad all things considered, lasting up to ten hours (not mentioning standby time) you could easily forget you’re wearing these throughout the day.

That being said, they are extremely comfortable, very portable and they will stay in the ear. Accessibility is another strong point of these headphones, with dedicated on/off buttons (among others) you’ll know what to hit, where, when you want to get something done.


  • MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

I love these headphones. Period. One, the price, coming at just under $18 these are a steal for the audiophile and the running enthusiast. They feature a flexible over-the-ear clip with in-ear earbuds. Available in six different stylish colors you are bound to find one that suits your taste.

Getting down to the good stuff, these are one of the best sweat and water resistant headphones I have ever tried. They are IPX5 certified meaning you can get these suckers wet without having to worry if they will break or have subpar sound quality just because they’ve gotten wet. Definitely a huge plus in my book.

The earbuds included the package are of 6 different sizes, making sure you find the best fit. As a consequence, they offer an amazing amount of noise cancellation which in turn makes these one of the best in terms of sound quality. I could listen to these if hours, as if they were an expensive pair of over the ear headphones that are over $200.

If you were ever looking for a pair of active and fit headphones for a marginally low price. I would the M6’s at the top of my lists.


  • Photive EB-10 Lightweight Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones

  The third entry on our list are the Photive EB-10 Bluetooth headphones. These headphones were specifically designed for the athlete in mind. The earbuds themselves provide a nice snug fit and the ear hook included allows you to wedge the hook so that they do not come become loose during your runs or workouts.

However, they do come in on the lower end of the battery life, comparatively speaking. They offer about seven hours of talk/music time, considerably lower than the JayBird BlueBuds X but for the price they are a viable alternative. The Bluetooth connection is pretty strong and works well when I put my phone in the cup holder while I’m running. The sound stays consistent and is clear throughout the battery life.

Though I did notice a slight drop-off in the sound quality as the headphones were on their last 30 minutes of battery life. I really enjoyed these and if you want a solid pair of headphones I’d take a closer look at these.


  • Monoprice 108320 Enhanced Bass H-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones

I own a few pairs of the Monoprice 108320’s, and for the price, why not? Coming in at a price point of just under twelve dollars, you almost have no excise to pick up a pair and try them.

The sound quality is there, it’s not fantastic but it’s there. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite genres and songs without any discrepancies in how the different frequencies sound. Meaning, you’ll get a clean listen every time. From my experience these are not to bass or treble heavy but maintain the integrity of the audio.

The only drawback I saw of these headphones were the earbuds. They did not seem to fit my ear to where they would block as much as the external noise possible so I simply switched them for an old pair of headphones that I no longer used and the issue was resolved.

I would suggest picking up a pair of different tips when you checkout just in case the stock tips don’t fit right. It’s a well worth investment as it will make your listening experience that much better. I love these headphones, if only for the price, but the sound and build don’t hurt!


  • Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

I hesitated to put these at number one of the list because of the fact that they are not what we think of being the traditional workout headphones. They are relatively large, offer a unique design, and are bound to get sweaty when you’re running like a maniac.

However, the price, superb sound quality, and reliability forced me to put them on over this list, and rightfully so. They match up, as far as sound quality, with some of the higher end over the ear headphones and continue to deliver. These headphones are obviously not for everyone. For those of you with a smaller sized head, running will become a chore. I could only recommend these if you’re doing some light stretching or perhaps some yoga, lifting weights would be another ideal time to wear these.

I cannot endorse them for running simply due to the fact that a good chunk of people would not be compatible with this style of headphones because of how they were designed. However, the overall sound and build quality persuaded me to land them this high up. If you were looking for a pair of exercising headphones, I think you’ve found your match.

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