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This post about Best NEO Wallets .

As we all crypto lover know about the NEO coin. The “Ethereum killer” or “China’s Ethereum”. Previously we have given you information regarding NEO coin and everything about this new crypto.

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In this post, we will see the some of the Best NEO Wallets to store NEO coins. It means we will give you the information about Best NEO Wallets. NEO is the cryptocurrency of the year. In the beginning, the price per NEO was 0.14$. After that some ups and downs the current price of the NEO coin is 25$. Which is exceptionally well.

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If you have NEO coins then you must have NEO wallets to store or keep it safely. Many of the users have invested a good amount of money in this. The actual problem is they don’t know how to store it or where to store it? Lots of people are confused in NEO and Gas.

Best NEO Wallets

In this post, we will try to minimize all your confusions about all this step by step. So lets start Best NEO Wallets ….

Some Important points to be considered?

  • Currently, there are four types of wallets that supports NEO coin.
  • Desktop wallet, Mobile wallet, Web wallet, Paper wallet.
  • There is no Hardware wallet still to store NEO coin.
  • Confusion about which wallet supports Neo or which supports NEO and Gas both.
  • In this post, we will mostly talk about wallets that support both NEO and Gas to avoid our users confusion.
  • The wallets we will review will be valid and according to the rules.
  • As this crypto is new in the market so the security is less developed as compared to other currencies.

Ansy (Paper wallet)

Paper wallets are printed piece of paper containing cryptocurrency public address and private key. These are accessed by scanning QR codes.In the case of NEO coin, you can use your public address to send any amount of NEO to the wallet. You can use your private keys to spend your tokens.

If you are in a way to store your NEO coins for a long-term investment then you must go for a Paper Wallet.

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Here private keys are kept offline. It is kept in the form of printed paper, secured by the owner. So because of all this factor, the chances of loss is extremely less. For this, you have to keep your piece of paper in secured place.

Best NEO Wallets

You can create your paper wallet in two methods, convert and generate. You can use your wallet to store and receive NEO and GAS both. Sending them will be a rough part.

Any is compatible with both NEO and GAS. As tokens are taken into cold storage, the wallet does not follow for GAS coins to be generated by the holders of NEO.

Also, you can use generate method. It will reduce the threat of being hacked. We can predict the paraphrases if we know the person well enough. If someone guesses your paraphrase then your all investment will be gone.

NEON wallet (Desktop wallet)

NEON wallet supports NEO as well as the other cryptocurrency token, GAS. It is one of the excellent choices of selection when it comes to storing NEO coin. As it is a desktop wallet So you can download it and install it.

One additional feature of the NEON wallet is clamming the automatically generated GAS if holding the NEO in the NEON wallet.

As this is a desktop wallet the private keys are stored offline. So your private keys are secured for you. Using NEON wallet for the NEO coins, to provide a higher level of security user’s private keys are never stored on NEON’s server. As the key is not stored on the server so you need to ensure that your PC does not fall for the victim of attacks from a hacker and from the malware also.

Best Neo Wallet

The NEON wallet is developed by the city of Zion and verified by NEO’s developers. The neon wallet is light weight wallet. This desktop wallet is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

NEO wallet (web wallet)

NEO wallet is a web wallet. It is light in weight and easy to use wallet. It is developed by the community of NEO users.

Although it is a web wallet no information from the wallet goes to the server. That means your private keys are secured for you. Here you can create a wallet backup to control the private keys of your NEO funds. It is user-friendly. For beginners setting up a new wallet is very easy. You just need to go on NEO wallet, create a new account and set your password.

Best Neo Wallet

You can send, receive and store your NEO and GAS both in this wallet. Also claim for the generation of GAS for holding your NEO coins.

It is available in Google Chrome and Edge browsers only in English and Chinese language.

NEO Tracker (Web wallet)

NEO tracker is also placed in a web wallet. It has been independently developed by NEO. Same as another web wallet it is also an open-source project. NEO tracker also acts as an offline wallet, which means that it senses that the data is necessary to explore the blockchain is generated by the user’s browser.

So no data is stored on the NEO tracker’s server. When you generate an NEO wallet using this, you will receive a Keystore file to download which contains your keys in an encrypted form.

Best Neo Wallet

It allows the user to store, send and receive NEO and GAS both. You can claim your generated GAS for the holding of NEO coins. It is currently available in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users.

For setting up a new wallet

  • You need to go on NEO tracker website
  • Click on to the new wallet
  • Enter a password (it is not your seed key)
  • Download the keystore ( keep it safe)
  • Copy the private key ( keep it safe)
  • You will see your wallet.

NEO – GUI wallet (Desktop wallet)

NEO GUI is the official NEO desktop wallet. It is also developed by NEO developers.

As it is a GUI wallet it means it will allow you to use it by interacting with a graphical user interface.

Like NEON wallet it is also a light wallet but also a synchronizing wallet. So it will take some to set up by syncing with the entire blockchain. After the sync is complete, you can make your new wallet with password security. You can also take a back up of your wallet by importing your private key in WIF or HEX format.

Best Neo Wallet

You can store, send and receive NEO and GAS both. Currently, it is available only on Windows 7 SP1 and later in English and Chinese language.

NEO CLI wallet (Desktop wallet)

NEO CLI wallet is another official desktop NEO wallet. It is maintained and developed by the NEO team. The only difference of CLI wallet is, it is controlled by Command line prompt.

NEO CLI wallet is not user-friendly with respect for beginners. This wallet is for Advanced users. This wallet provides a high-level security.

Best Neo Wallet

Unlike the other wallets, you can store, send and receive you NEO and GAS in this wallet. You can also claim for freely generated GAS by this wallet.

NEO CLI wallet is currently available on Windows and Linux operating system buy only in the English language.

NEO App (mobile wallet)

This app is a mobile based wallet. It comes with the very easy user interface.

Best Neo Wallet

You can use it for storing, sending and receiving your NEO and GAS both. Also to avail the generated GAS by holding NEO.

How to create?

  • Simply you can go into the Google play store
  • Search for neo wallet
  • You will get the first option as an NEO app
  • Download it and open it
  • You will see three options of creating wallet, restore wallet, and import private key
  • You can select the option according to your operation.

It does not have that much rating (2.8 currently) because of some errors it had in the beginning. NEO app comes with the English language only


So this is my Best NEO Wallets Review you should know.

So these are some of the desktop, mobile, web, and paper wallet. You can select it according to your personal recommendation. Now it is in beginning stage of growth so you will not get that much option compared to the other cryptocurrency wallets.

But the official developer and the community working on the launch of some new Best Neo Wallet which will fulfill all the aspects of the users.

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So hope Best NEO Wallets will help you to select your NEO wallet. If you liked the post then please like, share and do comment.

Let me know if you any question regarding Best NEO Wallets.



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