Betrium ICO Review (BTRM Token): Online Gambling Platform

Betrium ICO

0.60 USD





Community and Media







  • Website for online Betting on sports.
  • Web service, desktop streaming software and promoting tools for organizers on the Betrium platform.
  • Powerful and open API for developers.
  • Event tracker.
  • Mobile Application (IOS/Android)


  • Project states that it will create a worldwide platform but only supporting 25 countries. Which will not make a huge difference.
  • Lack of experience as the team is new in this field they have only paper knowledge but not the practical one.

Gambling online market and betting market is growing rapidly. As a result of the market share of online betting is also increasing day by day. The licensed and regulated gambling market has value more than 500 Billion dollar and surprisingly the unregulated market has a value of 1 trillion dollar. We all know that betting is the key term of this success in the gambling market.

Betting or gambling is also banned in some region of world. Now seeing the value of the unregulated gambling market we must understood that sports betting is one of the biggest and most perspective international market on earth.

Online betting is the market where decentralized crypto assets are fully supported. In addition to that being such a big market online gambling has many problems to be solved. That’s the reason why nowadays these platforms are updating with new technologies. This helps the online platform to become much stronger, rigid, reachable and many more things.

Betrium is intends to solve these problems.

What is Betrium?

Betrium is a party-decentralized platform which intend to offer the worldwide betting services with the help of blockchain and other technologies.

Betrium platform is specifically designed for event organizers such as e-sports streamers, sport leagues developers and third-party service providers. The blockchain-powered platform provides betting   service with zero commissions and accepts cryptocurrencies from all around the world.

White Paper

The main aim of the Betrium ecosystem is to change the traditional betting services. The project is based on new generation technologies. It has built its own advanced and fair service based on powerful blockchain technology similar to other ICO tokens such as Remme, Luckbox, Credits, Odem, and Requitix.

What are the problems of current online betting industry?

The online betting industries has many limitations such as less reach, absence of worldwide money deposit and withdrawals, lack of worldwide support. In addition to that the online betting industry charges very high commissions such as 1-3% fee on money deposit and withdrawals and 0.5% fee on winning.

Online betting industries are also lacking behind in terms of no cryptocurrencies support. Bookmakers make large benefits and offers low-profitable plans to the user due to the legality issues. There are no such platforms who creates their own betting events. It can be helpful for small sports leagues, event organizers, and e-sport streamers.

Nowadays just few service providers provide public API for developers. In addition to that most of the betting providers block betting bots and third-party experts for their profit.

Also if we just look to the decentralized solutions they are also facing problems in providing fast betting services and the cryptocurrency volatility.

How Betrium will solve the present online Gambling problems?

The Betrium platform supports 25 to 30 countries for the money deposit and withdrawals. Since the cryptocurrencies are volatile so the balance will be fixed in the virtual USD/EUR currencies. This will help protect user by cryptocurrency loses by integrating the exchange functionality.

The Betrium ecosystem provides a platform to creators and developers for creating events and make profit on betting using the blockchain technology. In addition to that the commission fees are also very low with 0.1% fee on money deposit and withdrawals. They accept ETH, BTC, LTC, XZC, DASH etc.

Due to the support of cryptocurrencies the platform is unable to charge taxes. Bets happen off-chain and the speed is also very good. The platform also provides a public API to the developers and encouragers betting bots, third-party apps and betting service providers.

How Does Betrium works?

Betrium provides a whole resolution to all or any of those issues by covering international users from volatility, high commissions, and open API platform on which to develop.

Interested parties will produce betting bots, third-party apps and sporting service suppliers. It sustains public API for developers and persuades the sporting bots, third-party apps and betting service suppliers. First, Betrium hopes to succeed in most visibility by increasing to over twenty five completely different countries through the support of localized currency. Secondly, Betrium offers an occurrence platform in association with blockchain technology to broadcast events and sports streams in order that users have immediate viewing access to their events.

The platform can support widespread cryptocurrencies together with BTC, ETH, LTC, XZC and DASH with solely.1 % commission on cash deposits, withdrawals, and winnings. Plus, Betrium executes all transactions off-chain therefore providing quick sporting services with lowest taxes.

Token Info

Token BTRM
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 ETH = 6000 BTRM
Price in ICO 0.60 USD
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 5000 ETH
Hard cap 125,000 ETH
Raised $1,482,000

Funds Distribution

  • 22 percent IT infrastructure development and support
  • 8 percent operational spends (office, employees, etc.)
  • 1 percent localization for major languages
  • 3 percent founders and developers bonus
  • 10 percent capital for wins rewards
  • 12 percent unforeseen expenses
  • 4 percent legal issues fixing
  • 40 percent PR & marketing

Token Distribution

The company will distribute a total of 140 million BTRM tokens in circulation in the following ways:

  • 7 million granted to advisors, sport representatives, e-sports streamers, kept in a multi-signed wallet.
  • 28 million granted to Betrium founders, management and employees.
  • Up to 77 million sold to the general public during the token launch.
  • 28 million reserved in the Betrium reserve pool for sale.

Token Allocation

  • 20 percent will be allocated to SCO (secondary coin offering) participants
  • 3 percent will be allocated to Pre-ICO participants
  • 7 percent will be allocated to Pre-ICO participants
  • 45 percent will be allocated to ICO participants

Profit share

  • 50 percent of Betrium’s profit will be shared between tokens holders
  • 50 percent will be spent on platform developing and support.


There are various competition in the market are available in advance for Betrium such as – William Hill, Pinnacle, Betfair, Bet365, BetStar. So to make Betrium successful the company needs unique business concept and quality with new innovations. The developers need to understand the competition and work by keeping the competition in their mind.

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