Bitcoin Growth Fund – Complete Review, Invest in startups

This is Review post on Bitcoin growth fund.

If I say there is site name is Bitcoin growth fund which multiplies your Bitcoin in large proportion and you will get much more than you invested, do you believe?


I think you should, Bitcoin growth fund is site, promising customer that they will give much more in return as compare to fund they invest.

The user can invest with only 1 BTC, seems interesting let start reviewing Bitcoin growth fund.

What is Bitcoin growth fund?

Bitcoin growth fund is an Indian investment fund agency which offers you to invest in high-risk startups which access you to high exponential earning.

Bitcoin growth fund

You can invest in fund according to risk and current price of token. All fund is used to invest in startup companies which are affiliated with cryptocurrencies. You can invest in different type of startup depend upon you like mining, Blockchain, new technologies. Refund depend upon risk and type of fund you invest.

Bitcoin growth fund provides you two different type of opportunity:


You can start mining of different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, etherum, z cash.


You can start investing with one 1 BTC. You are not buying directly any shares or part of startup after investing. Bitcoin growth fund gives you TOKEN based on investment type. Different type of TOKEN is listed below.

Type of investment in Bitcoin growth fund:

You can invest in three type of fund. Each of fund gives different exposure and refund. Best refund and high risk give you high benefits. Different type of fund includes:


MCAP token is invested in mining and ICO fund. ICO is service which offered initial coin offering service.Mcap token can be used for mining of Bitcoin,zcash, Monero, Dash Coin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin. This token gives you maximumly assured of return compare to others. Investing in MCAP is less risky compared to others.

According to site Mcap token is define as

All MCAP transactions will be recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain to ensure immutability and transparency. MCAP labs focusses on three key areas:

  • Mining research
  • ICO evaluation
  • ICO investment.

MCAP token is a mining and ICO fund.


The Loyal token is invested in loyalty programs and new technologies. This technology is used for cryptocurrency mining, Wallet, exchange service etc.


XBLC token is less risky compared to LOYL token because new technologies may fail. This token is invested in Blockchain program startup which is less risk at least you will get all refund if you will not get any extra fund.

How does Bitcoin growth fund work?

Bitcoin growth fund

After investing in Bitcoin growth fund, you will get appropriate Tokens based on plan. Many people have a misconception that by investing in the fund they are buying Bitcoins or share, which is not true.

After purchasing tokens, Board community invest your fund based on different startups.All the decision regarding investing tokens is taken by this group.

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Based on growth, company return your fund twice in a year. You can remove your fund anytime. It work same as a mutual fund where your directly not investing any fund. You are depending upon some experts, who know everything about growth and loss of fund. Based on that they invest, tokens in different startups.

Bitcoin growth fund has its own wallet. When you buy any BGF tokens through the site, it automatically stored in a wallet. You can remove this token using the third party which is not advisable by the site. Site support two different type of wallet, Indiesquare Wallet and Freewallet.

You can withdraw you all MCAP tokens to any address, by paying 0.2962 MCAP of the fee.

Some site claim that Bitcoin a growth fund gives you fund for startup, but it is not true.

Pros of Bitcoin growth fund

  • If you research and understand the process of Bitcoin growth fund then you can easily invest in a token which going to be a winner. You can invest in mcap token, which is universal token.
  • All the transaction are kept safe, secure and transparent to the Blockchain.

Should I Invest in Bitcoin Growth fund?

Bitcoin growth fund

Bitcoin growth fund is unique concept just launched in 2016. There is limited information available on the internet. According to many sites, it is a scam. But according to the official site, Bitcoin growth fund is the best site for faster growth income.

If you love and believe in risk then Bitcoin growth fund is best site for you. All transactions are transparent on the Blockchain. If you ask me then you should wait more or try another site.


Not recommend as lack of complete information. Also website is not that much popular in between investors. But if you want to try your luck then you can invest in Bitcoin Growth fund.

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