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  • Pre trusted Canadian company with the reach outside of Canada.
  • The trading fees becomes low with the bonus. The company has promised to keep the trading fees low without the bonus as well. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and 5th year discount rate on trading fees are 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.75%, and no discount respectively.
  • Users data are Encrypted and stored on anonymous place to keep the data secure and private.
  • User will get the access to advanced APIs such as – Connect to fix, Binary, WebSocket, REST, Custom APIs.


  • The plan needs more improvement.
  • The company is lacking behind in terms of technology as we are seeing todays in new innovations in every project.
  • The competition in the exchange platforms are very high so they need a more improved balanced plan.
  • They intend to represent user with variety of coins in the whitepaper but supporting only 15 coins in the start of ICO.

Most of the Canadian based cryptocurrency exchange platform or crypto assets suffer from minimum and lengthy funding methods. Delays in verification for customers and limited options for coins are another most big problems of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platform.

In 2017 Canadian Dollar market represented the minimum competition, many improvements in trading fees, need of variations in the cryptocurrency and crypto assets that are available on the Canadian exchange platforms.

According to the report majority of market share holder Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platforms offers only 5 cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Litecoin. It is also observed that they offer the trading fees ranging from 0.5% to 0.1% depending upon volume.

Trading on the BitNational Exchange with BNL tokens will give the customer instant 0.1% fees, based on its fee structure. This will ensure that the user is receiving the best fees possible.

What is BitNational?

BitNational was established in 2013. It has become a Canadian leader in the cryptocurrency very quickly. The company is very trusted among the people with various partnerships. The company has established 50 cryptocurrency ATMs and 3 over the counter trading desk.

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Now after growing so much and being able to build trust between users the company has decided to introduce its own BitNational online exchange platform with its BitNational token.

White Paper

What is BitNational Token?

The BitNational Company is expanding its reach between user by ATMs, over counter branch and now finally with BitNational online exchange platform. So with the launch of this new Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platform the company is also launching its ICO with the BitNational Token.

These BNL tokens will allow user for instant transactions on the BitNational exchange platform. It’s also includes the online exchange with an ability to perform 1 million transaction per second. The platform will run on Ethereum blockchain combined with ERC20 tokens.

By using their BNL trading pairs you will get the discount up to 50% on transaction fees which is nearly 0.1%.

What problems does BitNational will solve?

BitNational aims to solve the problems of exchange platform delays, transfer difficulties, and unnecessary fees. They aim to improve the user experience as compared to other platforms. They have partnered with in management’s view, which is one of the most advanced identification platforms in the world to improve the user experience.

Most online exchanges are forced to limit the number of users during peak times and suffer from a backlog of registrants due to manual and tedious verification practices. Instead of that BitNational comes with a pre-worked team which has extensive experience in the industry and utilizes many cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Dissecting common frustrations from customers of other platforms enabled BitNational to pinpoint key problems, streamline the process and give users the simplest form of entry to the market, all while keeping their personal data secure.

ICO Details

Token BNL
Platform Ethereum
ICO start date 14th May
ICO End date 15th August
Token price 1.03 USD (103 CENTS)
Accepting ETH
Total token supply 100,000,000

Token Distribution 


It looks like company is over confident on their previous works that they have done. Company has only described the problems and not the proper solutions that how they going to tackle these problems. They seems to be saying only big and nice thing which will happy or attract a user. But they don’t have a good or a well-developed plan to do so in terms of technology, innovations, more coin variation, etc.

Check ICO Website

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