Bitpanda Review – Best payment method [Bitcoins in 3 minutes]

This is Review post on Bitpanda.

Buying and selling Bitcoin is a very crucial step of investing in Bitcoins. But many people find it difficult which is true.

Investing in Bitcoin is always a great idea. As you can see, price f Bitcoin increase day by day because of limited in number. Therefore investing in Bitcoin is a great Deal.

There is many sites in the market which offers buying and selling of Bitcoin, some of them like coinbase, we covered in our last post. But for a day we only talk about bitpanda. So let’s start exploring bitpanda.

What is Bitpanda?

Bitpanda is an Austria-based company which allow you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in reasonable price. Bitcoin support all European country. But like coinbase, it doesn’t allow Indian customer to buy/sell Bitcoin.

In past bitpanda is used to call as coinimal but now it is rebranded as bitpanda. A company is founded in 2014, and now it includes in many multi-dollar companies.

Fee of site is slightly is higher than as compared to other. A chargeback of bitpanda is not high but total pay fee goes high because of payment option. Bitpanda allows you a diverse option for paying Bitcoin.

In June 2017, bitpanda started,a wallet for Ethereum which is used for all ethers. The good thing, about bitpanda is they update their technology’s according to time.

The user interface of bitpanda is too good. Unlike Bitcoingrwothfund site, all section are separated in the sidebar which is attractive. A website is user-friendly and responsive for all action.

Payment Methods of Bitpanda

The thing which attracts too many customers is diverse payment method. I think no one allows that much option for payment as compare to bitpanda. They allow around 7 option for payment. You can also redeem your voucher here.

Payment option for bitpanda is:

Credit card option is a most famous way of buying Bitcoin from site. You also check my post on “how to buy Bitcoin using credit/debit card?”.

How to Buy Bitcoin using Bitpanda?

Goto bitpanda official site and start signup using email id. After verification, you will redirect to your dashboard.

Bitpanda Review

You can buy Bitcoin within 3 minutes after verification. After verification method, you start purchasing Bitcoin.

Verification step:

Type of Verification is divided into four type, they are:


In this type, you didn’t have to verify your account. Just create account and start using. You can only redeem your voucher here like a purse. You can withdraw your payment using Amazon voucher, skrill and NETELLER.


In this option, you have to verify your phone number. After verifying your number site allow you to buy/sell Bitcoin of 50EUR daily. You can not use all option for payment purpose.

Bitpanda Review


For silver account, you have to verify you physically address by using IDnow Video identification or video legitimation method. Using silver method is not active now. It will come very soon.


This account is used buy VIP customer. All you have to do just show your id to costumer care and they verify your id by a digital method in less than 3 minutes. This process is offered by IDnow. The VIP customer allow to transit 10,000EUR daily.

Bitpanda Review

After verification, you can start buying and selling Bitcoin.

Click on wallet on the sidebar. After that click on “BUY”.

Bitpanda Review

Select cryptocurrency(Bitcoin etehrum, dash, litecoinn), payment method(SOFORT Transfer,Visa/Mastercard Debit or Credit Card,NETELLER,Skrill,GIROPAY / EPS,SEPA-Transfer,OBT) and fill amount. After that click on “Next step”.

Bitpanda Review

After paying payment you can see your cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Bitpanda Review

You can see your wallet history by clicking “history” in the sidebar.

Bitpanda Review

Other Alternatives


Buying Bitcoin from Bitpanda is very easy but verification process is too difficult. You have to verify your account through face cam which is a little awkward for many people. But they are very supportive.

If you have done with the verification process, then 90% of profile setup is already done. Within 2,3 minute you can buy Bitcoin.


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2 thoughts on “Bitpanda Review – Best payment method [Bitcoins in 3 minutes]

  • September 6, 2017 at 1:31 am

    In 3 minutes?
    I constantly am waiting for IDnow to identify me, then i get kicked out, then try again and get kicked out.
    3 times today

    • September 7, 2017 at 9:36 pm

      it may happen because the site is in beta version. try next day.


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