Bitrush Scam or Legit? – Find Real True about Bitrush

This is Quick Review post on Bitrush Scam.

Bitrush is fastest growing investing site in UK. Many sites are written good about Bitrush but that is not true. In starting phase, they given some payment but now??

Many sites like bitrush provide you with some percent of extra return on investment on this site. This return is hourly, daily and sometimes monthly. As we know there is nothing like free in this world. Although people know about scams and fraud, they invest in this type of site just for a shortcut.

Therefore let’s start reviewing Bitrush.

What is Bitrush?

Bitrush is an investment based company located in the UK. You can find the main office of bitrush in London at Aldgate, St. Botolph Street, EC3A 7DT. The site is registered under the number, 10568977.

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Bitrush return 5% of daily return on investment of 0.001 BTC.

There are 4 types of plan running on site:

  • 3,12% Daily
  • 3,6% Daily
  • 4,08% Daily
  • 5,04% Daily

Till March site is paying but now they stopped paying commission on bitcoin.

The company is famous all over the world but mostly used by developing country like Germany, Russia, India, Pakistan, Canada.

Bitrush is a scam or legit?

When I started using bitrush, I find after some day they just stop paying me BTC. When I mail them about this they just ignored all the mail and never replied.

After this incident, I come to know the site is a scam. They stop paying you BTC after they realise that you are not putting any extra money. They show you notification for investing more money and releasing your pending payment. Don’t invest more, it is a scam.

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Bitrush only returns your money in the form of principal interest. We find Bitrush facebook and twitter page where costumers are happy but maybe they are fake. Many people twitted that Bitrush is fake.


The site is 100% scam. They stop paying BTC after some day. They say, to invest more. We find many users who complain about this scam.

No site will pay you free BTC. But there is a method, using that method you can get free bitcoin.

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