How To Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with INR or USD ?

Today’s post is based on “How To Buy Bitcoin Cash(BCH)?”

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms where you can Buy Bitcoin cash.

Nowadays most of the people know about Bitcoin. Most of them want to invest in it. Those who cannot afford Buying Bitcoin are searching and investing in the alternative of Bitcoin. They are known as Altcoins.

Surprisingly if you don’t know yet then I would like to inform you that there is another Bitcoin. Yes, you heard it correct. If you are Bitcoin lover and wants to invest in as exact same alternative in Bitcoin family only then you can invest in Bitcoin Cash.

In this post, we will see the best ways to Buy Bitcoin cash.

But before that for those who don’t know about Bitcoin cash yet, let us know first that

What is Bitcoin Cash ?

Bitcoin cash is originally a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash is originally a cryptocurrency. It was founded in August 2017. Bitcoin block size is more than Bitcoin.

As its origin Bitcoin cash has also gained a higher profit growth rate. On 23rd July 2017 the price per Bitcoin cash was $555.88 USD and in the month of December, it has reached the price of $3773.73 USD. Bitcoin cash has shown the world that they are also able to give profit to the traders like its origin “Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system for the Internet. Therefor Bitcoin cash is fully decentralized. They are not regulated by any central banks or third party. The Blocksize of Bitcoin cash is 8 MB which is greater than Bitcoin. It won’t represents Segwit. You can adjust proof-of-work quicker than the old 2016 Block.

Why should I Buy Bitcoin cash ?

  • Bitcoin cash can be used for fast peer-to-peer transactions.
  • Worldwide payment system.
  • Low processing fees.
  • Transactions are quick.
  • One of the easiest ways to get Bitcoins.
  • Converting your cash to Bitcoin can get you Bitcoins within hours.

How to Buy Bitcoin cash (BCH) ?

Step 1

The main important step is Get a Bitcoin cash wallet to store your Bitcoin cash safely. Don’t leave your Bitcoin cash in the exchange platforms wallet where you bought it.

Nowadays many famous wallet creator companies are supporting Bitcoin cash including Ledger Nano S and Trezor. These are the hardware wallet. If you wanna go for software wallet than you can try Exodus wallet.

Step 2

After you create your wallet for storing Bitcoin cash find a Bitcoin cash exchange platform. Compare the trading fees between your choices of platforms. Check whether it supports your location or not.

Now do the exchange procedure for Bitcoin cash. In next steps, we will take some exchange platforms example to understand the procedure thoroughly.

Step 3

When the transaction is complete transfer your Bitcoin cash to your wallet.

How can I buy Bitcoin cash using different platforms?

Let’s take the example of Coinswitch exchange platforms.

Buy Bitcoin Cash using Coinswitch

You can buy Bitcoin cash in India by

Coinswitch is good option to exchange Bitcoin or any other altcoin to get Bitcoin cash (BCH).

visit coinswitch once you have Bitcoin. You can exchange your Bitcoin for Bitcoin cash on this link.

Select the BTC option on the “you have” tab and BCH option that is Bitcoin cash in the “you get” option.

Insert a Bitcoin cash receiving address. Also, send your BTC address to the exchange platform. Once the Bitcoin is received to the exchange platforms they are exchanged into Bitcoin cash.

how to buy bitcoin cash

Transfer the amount to the address which they will show and wait for the conversion to Bitcoin cash (BCH). You can also track your transaction in the blockchain by the link provided by them.

Once you received your Bitcoin cash then transfer them to your Bitcoin cash wallet.

How to Buy Bitcoin cash using Koinex ?

Koinex is best to exchange platform for Indians. This is a newly emerged platform for buying bitcoin cash. You can check our post on koinex exchange review.

Sign up on koinex.

Complete the kyc process. It takes 2,3 minutes. After submission of kyc, the koinex team takes 2-7  days to verify your document.

Koinex referral code, promo code: Get 50 INR instance on kyc verification

Now go to balance tab and fund your account with cash. You can also use payment gateway option which charges 2% of the fee.

How To Buy Ripple (XRP) Coin In India

After that click on ethereum on top of the menu. Choose bitcoin cash from the drop-down option.

In the option of trade fill the amount of bitcoin cash you want to buy. Click on BUY.

You will get confirmation box where you have to click confirm.

Your order will be completed as your trade price match with the market price.

That all you bought just a bitcoin cash.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) using Exchanges ?

When it comes to buying altcoins then we can not neglect the role of exchanges in the market. There is a dozen of the platform where you can buy and sell your altcoins.

This process can be summarized in a two-step.

  • Buy Bitcoin or any altcoin which is easily available to you.
  • Exchange this for Bitcoin cash.

Now Everyone knows how to buy bitcoin. If you want any help about this then you can read our some post about buying bitcoin.

You can also check our post which helps to buy other altcoins like xrp and ethereum  ,zcash

Now next step is to exchange this coin with Bitcoin cash. You can use any exchange platform like shapeshift, changelly, Kraken, bittrex or binance.

I will recommend you to go with changelly as buying process will not take more than 5 minutes.

you can use widget for exchange. for more any help you can read our post on changelly review.

What is the Best Wallet for Bitcoin Cash ?

  • Ledger Nano S: it is a hardware wallet. Ledger Nano S is the Most trustworthy wallet and currently storing worlds leading cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, etc.
  • Trezor: Trezor is also a Hardware wallet. It keeps your cryptocurrency safe from hackers and Malware. Supports BTC, BCH, DOGE, DASH, etc.
  • KeepKey: Keepkey is a malware-proof hardware wallet and it supports BTC, BCH, NMR, ETH, LTC, etc.


So this is some simple way of buying bitcoin cash. I personally prefer to buy bitcoin cash from koinex. But nowadays there are some negative things are going on about koinex. So I am not recommending you to use koinex.

Exchange platform is best. But they the process are lengthy. You can also use coinswith.  Binance is best option as buying bitcoins cash directly with USD ios possible. For that, you have to check our post on binanace.

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If you know any other method then let me know in comment section.

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