5 Instant Bitcoin Exchange to Buy Bitcoin with Credit or Debit Card Guide

It was a big Challenge for the New user to Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card or Debit Card. The process of Buying Bitcoins with Credit or Debit Card is Never Easy Task. Bitcoin is becoming a significant aspect of current investment. So it is essential to find the way to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Credit Card.

In the past, most of the Exchanges not allow you to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card, just because the transaction of Bitcoin is irreversible. But now there are serval Exchanges available in the market which allow you to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card.

Companies like Coinmama or Coinbase are very much famous in U.S and U.K. They allow to Buy Bitcoins using Credit or Debit Card instantly. We have a collection of top 5 exchanges which will enable you to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card.

All these websites are trusted and useful. Unlink other companies who try to steel you Card information this website serve you legitly. I taste all this website. So don’t worry about the scam. Although researching exchanges before buying is your responsibility.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Card


Coinbase is one of the best and accessible way of buying Bitcoins using Credit Card or Debit Card. Other than Bitcoin you can also buy Litecoin and ethereum from the website. The main advantage of Buying Bitcoins with Exchanges like coinbase is you don’t have to bother about your Bitcoins if you lost your mobile or computer dies.

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Coinbase allows you to buy Bitcoin using Credit Card if you resident of the following country.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

This country limitation is the biggest limitation of coinbase if you live in a country like India, Pakistan.

Coinbase charges 3.99% of the fee which is lowest among European country and In USA. You will get 10$ of free Bitcoin when you Buy Bitcoin worth of 100$ using This Link.

If you want to know more about coinbase than you can check our post on Coinbase review.



  • High Liquidity and Buying Limits
  • Instant buy option with Credit Card and Debit Card
  • Lower fee among European countries
  • Easy to use with high support from staff
  • High security



  • Not available for All countries
  • Buying Bitcoin with bank transfer may take 5 business days.
  • Coinbase May track every transaction you made


Companies with good support who don’t like?

Customer Support from Coinmama to Buy Bitcoin is very excellent. But the problem with Coinmama is, They only support in a limited city of U.S.

Coinmama offers high limits. You can buy up to:

  • $5,000 worth of Bitcoin per day
  • $20,000 worth of Bitcoins per month

Before buying any Bitcoin from coinmama, you have you verify your account. Verification usually takes one week, but it Depends on demand. Coinmama charges the highest transaction fee of 6% because of charge for handling and risk that comes with Credit Card.

We will surely cover review on coinmama in future. For latest update of post follow us on our social media platform.



  • Easy to use, Trusted in Bitcoin community
  • Higher security and Reliable Broker
  • Support Almost all countries



  • Higher fee compares to other exchanges.
  • No Integrated Bitcoin wallet


Bitpanda is Austria based company who allows you to buy Bitcoin with Credit and Debit Card instantly. You have to verify your identity.

They are famous in the European market because of a feature they give as compared to other exchanges. Other than Credit Card you have an option like Sofort transfers, Netteller, Skrill, EPS, Giropay, SEPA transfers and OBT.

A fee of bitpanda is not publically disclosed, but during the time of purchase, you can see fee during the purchase which is around 4% (Estimated value, may change).



  • Reliable and Trusted by Bitcoin community
  • Lowest fee for buying Bitcoin using Credit & Debit Card
  • Easy to use, Because of user-friendly Interface



  • Fee not publicly Announced


Cex.io is one of the oldest and reputed Bitcoin exchange company come inexistent in 2013. The company is located in London,UK.

They support many countries but not all. They are working on increasing their service to other countries also as soon as possible. You have to verify your Card before purchasing Bitcoin from the site.

The verification process is fast, and it may take 2-3 days based on demand. Cex.io doesn’t support some part of USA.



  • High security
  • Support Almost All country
  • A Low Trading fee of 0.2%



  • You have to verify you Card before buying any Bitcoins.
  • Liquidity is Low as compared to other exchanges.


Changelly is cryptocurrency Exchanges platform which now started buying of Bitcoin with Visa Debit Card. The fee is high as compare to others.

You can buy Bitcoin from changelly from any other in the world with any currency. It automatically changes in USD. You don’t have to verify your identity.

The only drawback which I found in changelly is they don’t give you wallet just like coinbase and cex.io



  • Fast and Available worldwide
  • No need of full verification. Only phone number and Email verification Required.
  • No Need of an Account



  • the Highest Fee Structure In this List.
  • No online wallet provided by the website
  • No Transaction Records

Process of Buying Bitcoin in coinbase with Credit Card

The process of buying Bitcoin from coinbase is so fast. Before purchasing Bitcoin, please check country supported by coinbase.

1. Open an account on coinbase and verify your identity by providing KYC. After submitting and checking the account, you can jump to next step.

2. Now you have to update your Credit Card Details. For this click on your photo on the top bar. You will get drop down from where choose a “Setting” option. Now you will get “Linked accounts” option. Click on “Link a new account”.

3. In this step you have to choose Credit option from given option.

Now enter your Card details. You can add more than one Card details. The thing which you have to note is coinbase only accept Visa and MasterCard Debit at this time. They not support Credit card any more.

If you successfully add Credit Card details than you will get confirmation messages like this:

4. now the central and essential step is buying bitcoins with Visa Card. For this click on Buy/sell option from the top of the menu.

You will get widget something like shown in the image. Enter the amount of Bitcoins you want to buy and click on “Buy Bitcoin Instantly”.

Bitcoins will be delivered to your coinbase wallet which you can transfer to any Bitcoin portfolio.

Process of Buying Bitcoin in Coinmama with Credit Card

1. The first step which you to do is to create account on coinmama. Enter the details in signup area of the website.

2.After the making account, you have to add your details in site. After this, you have to verify your identity by providing KYC. KYC process may be annoying, but it is necessary for New customers.

3. After this click on “Buy Bitcoins” from the sidebar. You also access this area by clicking “Bitcoin” From the top of the menu. Now you can choose Amount of Bitcoins you want to buy. You can select predetermine package from coinmama or select Amount manually amount from the widget. After this click on “BUY BTC”

4. Now you have to enter your wallet address. As coinmama did have the feature of online wallet. If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, then you can create a new one by reading our post on best Bitcoin wallet.

5. By entering your Card information, you can buy Bitcoin from coinmama.

After the payment, Bitcoin transfer process may take up to 5 minutes to receive Bitcoins to your wallet.

Process of Buying Bitcoin in Bitpanda with Credit Card

1. Create an account on Bitpanda

2. Now you have to verify your identity for this you can submit your passport. Enter the details and submit for KYC.

3. Click on “Deposit” Option from the top of the menu. Enter the Card details and Deposit currency in fiat wallet.

4. Now you can buy Bitcoins By selecting “Trade” option from the top. Click on “Buy” and choose Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency to Buy.

After the successful payment, your Bitcoins is transferred to your wallet.

Process of Buying Bitcoin in Cex.io with Credit Card

1. Create an account on Cex.io here.

2. Choose “Cards” option from the top. And click on “Add new Card”.

3. Enter the Card details. And click on “proceed”. After the successful verification of Card, you can buy Bitcoin using this Card directly from your cex.io account.

4. Click on Buy/sell option from Top of the menu. Choose the amount from the predefined package from the site and click on “Buy”.

You will get your Bitcoin in your cex.io wallet after the successful payment.

Process of Buying Bitcoin in changelly with Credit Card

1. Go to the official site of changelly . Click on “Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card” from the bottom of the widget area.

2. Enter the amount in USD or EURO. Enter the Bitcoin wallet address. Click on “Continue” option after the felling all details.

3. In Billing info section you have to enter your all details.

4. After this, you will get OTP in your email and phone number which you have entered in this step. OTP in mobile may come with Call from the website.

5. In this step, you have to Enter your Card details.

6. Now the most annoying step is to enter your Government ID details and to enter scan copy. You have to enter all this detail manually.

After doing all this, you can buy you Bitcoin with your visa Card from changelly.

Pro Tip

If you are new in cryptocurrency field, then let you know that online wallets are not secure. There are many hacks in which people lose their Bitcoin. So after buying Bitcoin always transfer them in secure Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin hardware wallet is best to store your Bitcoin as chances of stealing Bitcoin from this hardware are 0%.

Wallet NamePriceBuy
200$ Buy
100$ Buy
90$ Buy

You can also try other secure wallets. Some of which are:

  • Try to Buy Bitcoin with Bank transfer to avoid the high fee.
  • Always do market research before buying Bitcoin from any website.


The purchasing of Bitcoin is never secure. You have to follow all long process of entering details, KYC, etc. But this is one of the fast and convenient methods of buying Bitcoin. All listed website is legit; they are serving to market for a very long time. Personally I user coinmama,coinbase, and cex.io for buying Bitcoins. Changelly is also a good option if you don’t want to create account.

If you are worried about your privacy, then you can also buy Bitcoin with out submitting your id or without verification. You can also exchange any other cryptocurrency with Bitcoin for this check our post on changelly Review.

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