How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay: Complete Review

This is post is about How to Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay.

If you are an Indian and you want to buy bitcoins from any Indian site than Zebpay is the best choice for you.

In India, the government is still thinking about bitcoins should make legal or not?

Starting from 1 BTC=1 USD, now bitcoin reach to 1BTC=613 USD. The price of bitcoin is trending everywhere. Many stores like Amazon allow you to trade Bitcoin in exchange. So investing in bitcoins is a good idea. It may happen 1 BTC in future make you a millionaire.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay

There are lots of way of purchasing bitcoins from any online site but for this post, we will only talk about the famous sites in India which is Zebpay.

How to buy, your first bitcoin using Zebpay app in India

Zebpay is app-enable wallet which helps you to buy bitcoin using your mobile phones. It is been found in 2012 by Ahin Gupta. Zebpay is India’s first bitcoin company which offers you to buy bitcoin using the mobile wallet.

Zebapy is voted as best new bitcoin Company at Coinagenda in Las Vegas in 2014. In play store, it shows 500+ thousand downloads which show the impressive reach of Zebpay.

You can buy, sell, store, spend your bitcoin using your mobile number and the 4-digit code.

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So let start purchasing bitcoin using the zebpay app:

click on the following link to download the app.
                                       Android                  Ios

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay
Verify your account id before buying any bitcoins.
open the Zebpay app. You will see following UI. Click on three line or right corner . and click to verification tab.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay
upload your Pan card image and fill all the details of your pan card.
Now fill in the bank details and click on Submit button.
The verification process takes 3 working days.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using ZebpayIn my case pen card is verified within a day and bank takes 2 days for verification.

this is the optional step which will give you free bitcoins of 100 INR on your first buy.
All you have to do is, fill this promo code in free bitcoin section on the right sidebar.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay

Code is REF58854151


How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay


Deposit Money in Zebapy

Before buying bitcoins you have to deposit the money in your wallet. You can use this money for Mobile, Dth and recharge also.
On home screen click on the + sign and go to account section.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay
Now click to deposit.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay
Enter the amount you want to deposit and select the bank.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay
Now add the bank reference. By clicking invoice section you can see all details of deposit.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay


How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay

Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay

click on the + sign on home screen and go to ‘Buy & Sell  Bitcoin‘ section.

now enter the amount in INR to buy bitcoins and click to buy button.
Enter your 4 digit verification code.

How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay
Once you enter the Pin, your bitcoin purchase is successfully completed and you will see transaction details.
You can see your balance on your home screen.


How To Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay


Buy Bitcoin Using Zebpay is the best alternative of all another site like coinbase which does not offer Indian citizens to buy bitcoin.

UI of Zebpay is very user-friendly you can easily buy bitcoin. You can use this deposit for recharge purpose also.

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  • August 29, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    Dear **Zebpay **is great App and **GET 100 rs Free** use use *** REF58854151 *** this code at the time of installation or After installation in free bitcoin section in wallet menu and get* 100 rs free* . it is trusted and genuine code. By installing this App you can trade bitcoins in India.

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      yes use this code for free bitcoins


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