How To Buy Bitcoins without id or Anonymously Instantly (Credit card) ?

This guide will help you to Buy Bitcoins without id or with no verification.

One thing which I hate about cryptocurrency now days is you need verification process before buying any type of cryptocurrency from the site. In past 2013, no company asks for KYC but nowadays it is one of the type of a headache for traders.

You have to submit your passport, address proof, bank account details and photo to the site. After they verify your document you can buy/ sell bitcoin through the site.

The long and long process of buying just bitcoin. We are traders and investor, we are not applying for a visa.why So much verification?

Don’t worry, in This post I will give you best way to Buy Bitcoins without id or Buy Bitcoins anonymously.

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

So before starting let me tell you reason why they need verification for selling bitcoins

Why Does Bitcoin Need your ID?

To avoid cyber crime and to have an identity of user company need verification. Also some country like India, they have fear of losing control of physical currency.

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Some peoples are miss using the process of buying bitcoin anonymously and convert all their black money into white. So need all transaction details, therefore they ask for pen card and bank details.

Best way to Buy Bitcoins without id or verification?

Today I will tell you top 11 Buy Bitcoins without id and anonymously. so let’s start and see what are the option to buy.

Localbitcoin offers you to buy bitcoins anomaly directly via seller. This is Helsinki, Finland based company. They offering bitcoin from 2012. They are now one of the trusted company in the market. Localbitcoin offer bitcoins in more 1200 countries.

Step for buying bitcoins through localbitcoins with our verification is so simple. It is like chatting with a stranger on WhatsApp. All the fee, the price is decided buy seller. He/she can sell all bitcoins in 1$ or 10000$. All depends on the seller.

How To Buy Bitcoins without id or Anonymously Instantly (Credit card) ?

Simply craft account on localbitcoins and find which seller offers the best deal. After that chat with that person and send money through via transfer, or with cash. Depending upon a deal which happens in between you and seller.

You can read for details on localbitcoins in how to buy bitcoins using debit credit card post.

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Note: don’t forget to check trust rate of the seller before buying or transferring any money to the seller. Localbitcon site only acts as a mediator. They are not responsible for any fraud.

One of the best website to buy bitcoins in the international market is Virwox. They have been best to buy bitcoins without id or verification.  they offer credit card/debit card exchange. They also offer PayPal, okay, skill option to buy bitcoins without any verification.


If you want to buy bitcoin through Virwox then you have to first buy SLL coins. After that, you can exchange SLL with bitcoins through the site. The process is a little bit longer but I love site just because all transactions are super fast.

You don’t have to verify yourself for buying bitcoins. If you want then you can increase your privacy. You can deposit money via PayPal in Virwox.

Steps to buy bitcoins without verification through Virowx without verification or id:

Create account on Virwox.

Deposit money through credit/debit card or using other option.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Buy SLL coins.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Exchange with other bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

I will strongly suggest you buy bitcoins through can read about this in our buy bitcoin using paypal post.

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I am not a regular user of induction. But according to nows day induction are going viral just because they offer a place to buy bitcoins without kyc.Transaction limits are set at $100 USD for first-timers, $200 USD after 4 days, and $500usd after 7 days.

How To Buy Bitcoins without id or Anonymously Instantly (Credit card) ?

The user interface of induction is the very bigger type.I do not strongly recommend you for induction. But if you are beginner then you can go with induction for some sort of practice.

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Mycelium is local trader app which is available in google play store. You can buy bitcoins directly from the seller via physical meet up. In this way, you don’t have to verify yourself for buying bitcoins. As all depend upon seller how he accepts payment, this makes mycelium very popular in traders and investor.

I work on GPS process where he finds local traders who are interested In selling bitcoins. You can download this app from google play store. You will get lost of variety in the price of bitcoins.

you can also read about this in our best bitcoin mobile wallet.

Note: before living meeting with seller make sure he confirms payment receive in mycelium application. The purchase will happen automatically.

Bits are id decentralize system where you can traders for litecoins, bitcoin, and many others coins. They support 126 cryptocurrencies including BTC. You can install Bitsquare on your windows, it is also available for Mac and Linux.

They have a separate volume for exchange. They don’t support fiat currency. Therefore not popular as much as others. Also, trade volume of bit square is lower compared to others. It is regarded as BISQ  because of copyright issue.

  • Bitcoin ATMs:

If you live in a country where you have nearby Bitcoins atm then amazing. This section is for you. Bitcoins atm solves the problem of buying bitcoins without id very easily. You have to just go the atm and make the payment.

Downside which is found in bitcoins atm is they charge a large fee which is usual. Some atm require facial and fingerprint proof for exchange but many another offer normally exchange.

You have to just scan your public BITCOIN address on the machine.

Then enter the amount of bitcoin you want to buy and make payment via fiat currency.

Some items also support non-public address feature. They print paper wallet for you.

Wall of coins solve your question of “how to anonymously buy bitcoin?”

They don’t support much country which is a downside. They majorly support USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and the Philippines.

Working on the wall of the coin is same as Local Bitcoins. All charges are set by Bitcoin seller. You have to deposit money in Bank given by the seller.

Once payment is verified by the seller, bitcoin held in escrow is released for you. You need just a phone number for verification.

  • BitQuick:   

Bisquick also offers the same manner of exchange as a wall of the coin and local bitcoins. Bisquick also offers in the same manner like Localbitcoins escrow. You did not need any verification for exchange. All price are decided buy seller.

You have to deposit money in the bank. Unlike Mycelium you don’t have to meet physically for payment. Once payment is realized is confirmed by the seller. You will get your bitcoins In a short time.

But it only supports a country which comes in euro. You need to fill just your personal details.  after that, you can buy 25 euros bitcoin without any verification process.

You can buy bitcoin from bitit with 3D secure credit or debit card.

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If anyone asks me about which method you prefer then I will say go on to this exchange. you can buy without submitting any kyc to this exchange. You can also prefer other exchange on this.

Dealhub Network Review

If you have any altcoins then you can directly buy with bitcoin.  for this post, I will tell you to step by step process of buying bitcoin through chaneglly.

I love changelly because of this simplicity. So let’s start.

First, feel the amount of USD you want to spend on bitcoins and click on the exchange.

You will redirect to a new page where you have to fell all details again. Click on the exchange.

You have to fill your personal details and click on verify. You will get OTP on mobile as well as on email. Confirm and that OTP in the payment gateway.

After that just fill details of credit card and click on payment.

How To Buy Bitcoins without id or Anonymously Instantly (Credit card) ?

After that, you will get the code on bank statement which you have to fill on verification step.

thats all we solved problem of how to Buy Bitcoins without id verification.

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Frequently Asked Question?

  1. Can you use a prepaid credit card to buy bitcoins?

Ans: Yes, we can. Virwox in the best example of this.

2. Should I leave my bitcoins on the exchange after I buy?

Ans: We strongly recommend you to store your bitcoins any hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. You can also read our post on Best bitcoin wallet for more information.


As many people don’t want to share their details, buying bitcoins without id is become little tricky. You have to become very careful. Just read all the option of buying bitcoins without any verification.  personally, I am using virwox and changelly. They are trusted exchange. I am using both of them from last 1 year.

If you have bank statement available on mobile then go with changelly. Otherwise, virwox is a great option for exchange.


Thanks for reading. If you don’t have an any problem with kyc then go and submit. It will take at least a week. After that, you have more then 24 option of buying bitcoins with PayPal, credit card.

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