How to Buy NEO coin: Fastest Method With Lower Fee in 2018

Today’s post is based on How to Buy Neo Coin?

We will see the Best way to Buy Neo Coin

The competitors in the cryptocurrency world are increased. The competition is tough now. Most of the companies are launching their cryptocurrency, exchange platforms or wallets. As the competition is tough so every developer is working hard on giving unique features to their products.

This competition has given birth to a unique currency known as NEO. It has its own features to stand in the cryptocurrency market.

So in this post, we will see how to Buy neo coin using bittrex and other available options. If you want more information on Neo you can read Neo Coin Review.

What is NEO Coin?

Neo is a very hot cryptocurrency right now. They are also known as Ethereum killer. NEO is the first decentralized platform, based on open source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform established in China. It is very popular in China. It used to be called as Antshares. After that, they changed the name.

In the year of 2016, the price of Neo was $0.18 USD. Now as we all can see the price is gone high to $75.92 USD on 21st December.

I think Neo can be considered as an Ethereum of Asia for good reasons. They are creating platforms where users can make their own application. It is a good chance for Asian Developers to Develop something unique.

How to Buy Neo coin ?

First of all get a Neo wallet where you can store your Neo coins safely. You can get an official Neo wallet on their official website itself.

Some other alternatives for Neo coin wallets are:

  • NEO wallet
  • NEO tracker
  • NEO-GUI wallet
  • NEO CLI wallet
  • NEO mobile app wallet

If you need more detailed information on Neo wallets read our post of Best NEO wallets.

After you have a wallet then find a trading platform for exchanging NEO. There are several options available for the users such as,

Buy any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum from above exchange platforms. Exchange your currency to Neo coin and When the transaction gets confirmed move your Neo coins to your wallet.

How to Buy Neo coin on Bittrex?

Bittrex is online exchange platforms and Lots of traders do their Altcoin trading on Bittrex and The user interface is also easy.

Step 1

Open an account on Bittrex. Verify your details. You will have to verify your phone number. The verification process is very fast on Bittrex. This a special feature of Bittrex and You can also use their 2-Factor authentication to increase the security of your account.

Step 2

Buy some Bitcoins and transfer it to Bittrex. You can transfer Bitcoins from any exchange platform.

If you don’t know the procedure of buying Bitcoins read our post on How to Buy Bitcoins?

To transfer the Bitcoins go to the wallet sections. Click on the Upward Arrow (+) sign and Create New Wallet Address, After that copy your wallet address and go to the exchange where you have kept your BTC.

Paste the wallet address on that exchange platform and send your BTC to your Bittrex BTC wallet address.

Step 3

Wait for the transaction to get complete. It nearly takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete the transaction.

Step 4

Now that you have BTC in your Bittrex account, you can exchange it for Neo Coin.

Now click on the market sign under the Bitcoin sign tab. Choose your currency. Enter the amount of Neo that you would like to Buy. Enter your desired BID and Hit the “Buy” button.

How to buy neo coin in India ?

If you live in india then Koinex is the best website to buy neo coin. but  now days koinex is not working for new users. means transaction process is too slow. therefor i will suggest to buy bitcoin from zebpay or any website like unocoin and then Exchange with neo coin on changelly or any Cryptocurrency exchange platform like binance.

Why should I Buy Neo coin ?

  • Support is good
  • It is a Chinese platform. China is the largest cryptocurrency market.
  • They have a large amount of support for cryptos.
  • Strong development of smart contract format.
  • They have corporate collaboration as well as governmental collaboration.
  • Partnership with big brands such as Alibaba, WINGS, and Microsoft

Which Exchange platforms support Neo Coin?

These are the some best exchange platforms alternative for buying Neo coin and There are also several platforms are available in the market.


As we all know Neo coin has its own value in terms of features and Well trusted Brands supporting them. at the same time, the Price is also gone high in the year of 2017. Smart contracts give more strength to the coin.

If you want to trade in Neo coin I will say go for Bittrex. As the user interface is very easy. In addition to that A beginner can also navigate the platform easily. Also, the operation is also done very fast on the platform and they are less lengthy compared to others.

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