Cindicator Ico Review-Analysis of CND whitelist

This is Cindicator Ico Review Post.

As we sawed many types of cryptocurrency. We learned various methods to trade in it. You probably saw our previous post. We always try to keep you up to the date of every cryptocurrency, also the best method to trade in it.

Today also we will do the same for you but in a different way. As we have come with a new thing for you in a new way. That is the Cindicator Ico Review.

What is Cindicator?

Cindicator is a type of hybrid intelligence technique for the effective asset management for the average users in investing market.

In a simple language, it Is method that will help you to make effective, probably right decision in investment for highly unpredictable markets. It creates a balanced social and technological platform for the perfect decisions in the unpredictable market. It is a mixture of a number of analysts, traders and set of machine-learning models in a single system. More importantly, the company is creating trading robots and algorithm for huge funding.

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It will result in highly modified and the most approx correct decisions for the investor in the market. It will help in hybrid intelligence decisions to manage the investor’s capital in both traditional and crypto markets very efficiently. Also with the most successful predictions, the user will be rewarded in token via app or website.

How can Cindicator be used?

The official site is In Cindicator people can predict the profits of cryptos trading in the traditional markets. According to the predictions, they will be paid in tokens via app or website. This token will provide special features to the users. They can sell this tokens. They can also use it for the exchange also.

Additional features of cindicator are Al learning. It will also take part in the predictions by creating the hybrid intelligence infrastructure accordingly to the user.

Cindicator Ico Review

Cindicator Ico Review-Analysis of CND whitelist

The app Is in the market now. You can start making your financial predictions for earning tokens of CND. It will provide the ability to the people to earn money by doing predictions. Site will also provide the tools and data needed for making the investment decision. It can be used for the info of indexes and ratings of cryptos.

The team behind the Cindicator Ico?

There are total 8 members in the team. Also, there are total 10 advisors. It is mainly based in Russia. Based on the LinkedIn team is educated and experienced to pull this off. There are total 2 sites of Cindicator. First is on twitter:@Crowd_indicator and the other one is

Cindicator Ico Review-Analysis of CND whitelist

Sale Details of Cindicator Ico

The sale is started from the 12th of September. Total 75% tokens are going to the participants. 20% tokens are going to the company. Also, there are 3.8% tokens for the advisors, 1% to the rewards, 0.2% to the current forecasters.

The company said that no new token will be created after the event. There will be no bonuses for the early participants. The maximum value decided by the company is $15 million. It will be contributed in Ethereum.

Roadmap of Cindicator Ico?

In November 2017 company Is planning to see the trading indicators, indexes, analytical products, ICO ratings. Founders are making the new web version site for it.

In 2018 they are going for the first dynamic reward for the forecasters by buyback of CND tokens. They will trade robots in the market for the more accurate predictions.

In 2019 they will approach tech infrastructure for an investment fund.

Advantages and disadvantages of cindicator Ico?

First will see the positive side

  • The team is continuously promoting their project and also working on the app
  • The ICO condition looks good.
  • There are total %15 million caps for 75% token
  • The company presented this idea very nicely documented with plenty of details.
  • The potential is also nice for front stream users.

Cons of Cindicator Ico

  • The usage of whitelist for ICO might make it impossible to purchase tokens.
  • The app is also very basic
  • Information in the app is not sufficient.


I personally think that Cindicator is a very promising and unique project. site has been planned enough well. There are not much to say about disadvantages and complains as you have seen in this post. The idea has the potential for being used by mainstream traditional and mainstream investors both. It will be fun and also you will make some amount of money definitely.


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