Coinbase vs Blockchain Comparison: Which one is Best ?

Coinbase vs Blockchain   

Choosing a Bitcoin wallet is always a crucial step towards your safety regarding Bitcoin. In the market, there are lots of wallets available but Coinbase and Blockchain this are two mains mostly used Bitcoin wallet available.   

I also use both, for sending and receiving bitcoin. But storing bitcoin and choosing a wallet for bitcoin is one of the hardest choices just because we didn’t have any proper guide who can explain us which one is better.   

Are you facing the same problem?   

Yeah, don’t worry, I am here. In the starting day of investment, I am always confused regarding which one should I use… But after proper research and one a year of experience Now, I can give you my honest opinion regarding which wallet you should use.    

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We will cover Coinbase vs Blockchain wallet, Coinbase vs Blockchain fee review, security and other things in this post. Before starting main comparison let see, some historical data about these two wallets.   


Coinbase is founded in 2012 which is san Francisco based company.  they are serving in total 32 countries for bitcoin buy and sell. Other then these 32 countries they serve online wallet for other 190 countries worldwide.   

They also known as PayPal of Bitcoin worldwide. Followers of Coinbase is much more as compare to other in worldwide. If Coinbase start supporting any cryptocurrency then you can see a rise in the price of that cryptocurrency.    

In starting days, Coinbase knowns as Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) but after some time it is rebranded as Coinbase. Coinbase is a famous and most used website in cryptocurrency field just because of simple interface and great service provided by the company.    For more you can check post on Coinbase Review.

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If you are finding the most secure online wallet then you are reading the most secure paragraph on this page. Just a joke !!   

But it is true. If you open account on Blockchain website then you will understand why I am saying this. Blockchain mainly focuses on security rather than buy & sell feature like Coinbase.    

They don’t serve buy sell service. But there are many integrate widget available which serve as buy/sell or cryptocurrency exchange. Ex: for cryptocurrency exchange, they have to shapeshift integrated widget.   

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The Thing you should see Before choosing any bitcoin wallet   

Before choosing any wallet you should understand how they are serving service. What is a fee? Is my wallet secure? Who has a responsibility regarding the security of my wallet? Is my cryptocurrency is recoverable during hack?   

Also, research for pass hack about company or accident happened with the company.    

Blockchain vs Coinbase comparison:   

Buy & Sell Yes No in build fature
Send & Receive Yes Yes
Use Credit Card Or Bank Account Yes No
Pay By Email Possible Not Possible
Moibile APP Yes Yes
Web Wallet Available Available
Private key Control No Yes
Key Backups No Yes
Blockchain Explorer No Yes
Security Moderate High

Blockchain vs Coinbase Security comparison:   

If you are choosing a wallet then security is the main concern which you have in your mind. Before covering this topic, I want to say that Blockchain is my favorite regarding security. Let me know who you like, after reading this post in comment box.   

The Blockchain is not providing a buy&sell feature but they are popular in crypto public, why? Just because they have an amazing security feature. They didn’t control your private key. During the signup process, Blockchain will send you your private key which you have to store safely because if you lost this then you can will not able to login to the website. If Blockchain got hacked then you will not lose your crypto as they didn’t have control of your private key. Store your private key at a safe place. As they send you, your private key on email which is easily get hacked. Also other than the private key, you will get other security feature like 2FA, phrase recover key, email recover etc.   

blockchain security center

coinabse hold your private key. You don’t have any control over your private key. If you lost your password then you can recover that by a simple process. But if Coinbase got hacked in future then there is a high chance of losing your cryptocurrency from your wallet. Rather than this they have a feature which I like is. If you log in with different IP address then they will ask for email confirmation which is pretty cool. But what happens if my email id got hacked? Hacker can access my Coinbase wallet with a password. About this Coinbase team should think.  

coinbase email

Blockchain Explorer feature:  

Blockchain has an amazing feature where you can track your transaction on the Blockchain. This feature is not available in coinabse. If you are beginner then you didn’t find helpful this feature.   

This becomes important when Blockchain is heavily loaded and a transaction is taking time for confirmation.  

Blockchain vs Coinbase available wallet:   

Blockchain serves as bitcoin, ether and bitcoin cash wallet. In coinabse you will get bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and litecoin wallet.  

Blockchain vs Coinbase fee comparison   

They have a same fee. So you can neglect this part for comparison.   

Is there any other wallet which is better than both?   

As Blockchain is best in security term but they have limited wallet for the cryptocurrency. Here comes the usage of Ledger wallet.   

Ledger wallet is hardware wallet which is available to support more currency then Blockchain and Coinbase. As hardware wallet store you crypto in a cold manner, therefore they are more secure compared to this web wallet. You can read the full review on Ledger.   

Blockchain vs Coinbase wallet which is best?   

If you are a finding security and long-term storage for your bitcoin then believe me Blockchain is best. You cannot compare this with Coinbase regrading safety. But storing and using Blockchain for beginners is tough as compare to Coinbase. If you are dealing with buy and sell feature then you should go with Coinbase. As Coinbase is mostly used by many people.   

Personally, I am using Blockchain wallet for my long storage of my bitcoin. For temporary usage, I am preferring Coinbase on the Blockchain. You can also use Ledger wallet which has the best security feature.  

Let me know which wallet you are going to use in comment box. Share this with your friends and let them know which is best wallet and why ?  

Cheers !!   



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