Crowdwiz ICO Review: Way of Investing your crypto in Crowd wisdom

This is Crowdwiz ICO Review  post.

Today world we always hear the inventions of new ICO’s. the new blockchain formula for the new platforms. This is all happening because of the blockchain technology adoption. The numbers of cryptos in the ICO’s market are increasing day by day. As the growth of new ICO’s the completion is also getting tough with it. So, as a result, the options for the users are also high. They choose and they invest according to them.

Today’s review is also based on this topic only.

Today we gonna review a new ICO known as CrowdWiz. so Ltes start Crowdwiz ICO Review.

What is CrowdWiz?

Crowdwiz ICO Review

It’s stats that CrowdWiz allows users to invest via crowdfunding. They call this as a wisdom of the crowd. It is based on the blockchain based platform. The founding team consists of Michael Gold the co-founder and CEO of this company and Slavena Savcheva co-founder and Bizdev.

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CrowdWiz is a fully decentralized crowd specified society powered investment platform. The company’s platform is based on Ethereum. It is been launched in the middle of September 2017. CrowdWiz is featured by Krypton software. It is a leading fintech software company called TRADOLOGIC. The platform works in the opinion of the crowd rather than small numbers of managers, banks, or mid people for making a decision about a community-controlled pool of money.

How Do CrowdWiz works?

Crowdwiz ICO Review

The CrowdWiz system will be based on a cryptographic token called WIZ. It is a tradable token having the dual aims. It will grant token holders voting right and Exclusive access to the CrowdWiz ecosystem. CrowdWiz ecosystem will especially work in CrowdWiz ecosystem. Therefore participation in all the parts of this system will be done especially with Wiz token. So the demand and the value of the token will increase the numbers of active users.

The amount that is desired to obtain will be determined by CrowdWiz tokens. The money obtained from the ICO will be collected. It will be used to form the general pool of funding money for the platform. They came with multiple functions like they can be used for investment, trading, insurance, lending etc.

In a simple language if you want to understand then,

Here you will get two options, Company A and Company B. You can cast your vote with the Wiz tokens. You have to pick any one company between two of them and vote for it.

Then the platform will distribute the fund according to the majority of the crowd. The final result will be the ideal scenario that is the ”wisdom of the crowd produces the best and promising company to invest in”.

You can join an exciting pool in CrowdWix holding the great track record from the last one to two months in the investment. Else you can create your pool with your friends to make use of the CrowdWiz platform. The supply of Wiz token is limited.

Crowdwiz ICO Review

Benefits of CrowdWiz


The strong point of this ecosystem is that the decision is not only made by some reputable individuals, it involves the large evolving system. As the transaction is based on a common factor that is Wiz. So it will increase the trust level between investors and promoter of the business industry.

Some Additional features of CrowdWiz

  • A decentralized ecosystem affects a large area and powerful model of operations.
  • Multiple uses of the tokens for investment, trading, insurance, lending etc.
  • Reduced trading costs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lower risk investment due to crowd wisdom support.
  • Ability to vote.
  • Investors can create their own crowd wisdom funds, according to their goal.
  • Complete transparency due to blockchain technology.
  • Join smarter investments.
  • The fee is very
  • Democratic platform.
  • A safe place to invest in.


Crowdwiz ICO Review



  • The main challenge to the crowd wisdom support is the disconnection from traditional early-stage professional investors like undertaking capitals or business angles. It may provide additional value with service, beyond funding.
  • Another challenge is the external market failures that might get out of control. As the decisions are made in the group, so the action of one individual will influence the decisions of others.

Technology and functions of the CrowdWiz ICO

  • Wiz found – worlds first crowd wisdom fund. Wiz token holders can launch Wiz funds in crypto assets, propose investment decisions, and vote on existing one.
  • Wizvote – a transparent voting mechanism due to blockchain technology used in the development of this platform.
  • Wizexchnage – it is a crowd-managed, self-directing exchange platform. Here token holders can determine assets to add or remove for the exchange.
  • Wiz trade – it is a high tech trading mechanism. Enhances the performance and offers liquidity solutions.
  • Wizinvestment – it is an encompassing suite for the platform’s crowd wisdom-managed product.
  • Wiz store – it is accessible to software programmers to develop tools and add-ons.

Crowdwiz ICO Review


It supports the crowd wisdom platform. You can join the existing fund. If you don’t want to do so then you can create your own funds. Moreover, they will contribute to the crypto economy more to reach out the mass investors that still don’t aware of the use of cryptocurrency in a transparent blockchain based system.

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