Cryptics ICO Review (QRP): Decision Making Assistant Cryptocurrency

Cryptics ICO Review

As per reports the volume of transactions with Bitcoin in 2017 was amounted to be about $160 million a day. It is increasing rapidly with the increase rate of more $4.6 billion a day in 2018/19.

Cryptics ICO Graph

Bitcoin is not only the crypto asset which is increasing there are number of crypto assets which is increasing day by day. This rapid growth in the crypto assets market has opened many new opportunities in the market.

The main reason behind this is the need of value storage which is the main feature of crypto assets. In present there are more than 1300 crypto-assets are active in the world and running on their respective platforms. Also the number of these assets are increasing by more than 3 times in a year.

Seeing this growth and the public support many big companies and banks are also planning to launch their own crypto assets in the near future such as UFJ bank (largest bank of Japan), Central bank of Canada and many more.

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With such impressive growth yet crypto market is not completely efficient due to its volatile feature. Big jumps and downs can be occur in the price of crypto assets in the short amount of time. In addition to that high volatility is directly proportional to high profits. The best example of this is the 2017-18 Bitcoin and Ethereum price growth and downfall. This create a question the new comers mind to take such big risks.

Now you may be thinking that why I am talking about this and what is the solution of this problem.

Well the answer is simple I have already mentioned above that hoe much people are investing in these crypto assets. So to save their money and risk by any chance of mean I am writing this topic today.

Now talking about solutions, to tackle the problem of the crypto market efficiency we can provide support to those market participants, who takes the risk of drastic changes on the market and provide liquidity on exchanges and some amount of safety to the retail investors.

By summarizing this problem and type of solution Cryptics is a platform that can provide solutions in the crypto assets market.

What is Cryptics?

According to the company it is a platform with ultimate decision making assistant. Cryptics is a decentralized platform which will work using AI modules to make most accurate predictions about cryptocurrency market.

Start Date – 27th August 2018

End Date – 24th September 2018

White Paper

How Cryptics works?

Profitable markets are always efficient and stable which is well proved in the conventional markets. Crypto assets are also on the road of becoming new economy but the big problem is the uncertainty in the price. As I mentioned above a best term for this – “Volatile”.

So to make crypto assets only assets and not liability Cryptics will provide transparency, understanding of inner mechanics using Artificial Intelligence AI to traders, investors, and a platform which will connect all of them on one single point.

This will help miners to choose their crypto asset on which they will fund their resources. Traders will also get more leverage by providing their service on Cryptics platform. As a result of this investors will get effective tools for short-term and mid-term investment options.

So overall it will help you to make decision on which crypto asset you want to invest. The platform will do this thing by using AI modules by collecting data from various online sites – such as websites, news sites, cryptocurrency exchange platform, and thousands of social media networks to make the decision more smart and helpful for the investors on the platform.

Cryptics ICO explanation

How Cryptics will use AI to make correct decisions?

The platform consist of modules.

  • Forecasting –  the method of Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as Machine Learning (ML), and specifically Deep Learning (DL), in order to combine quantitative (e.g. prices) and non-quantitative (e.g. news) data to come with a stable and reliable prediction. The collection of data and its processing is done real-time, and leads to predictions time horizons ranging from minutes to days. These predictions can be used by any customer of the CRYPTICS platform either for private purposes (personal investments), or for building a trading strategy and create a fund on CRYPTICS platform.

  • Auto trading module – CRYPTICS auto-trading module provides immediate execution of the forecasts on the crypto-asset exchanges of customers’ choice. Auto-trading engine has an integrated stop-loss option that gives customers another layer of security and allows to CRYPTICS users to adjust key trading settings such as crypto-asset that is up for trade, trade-pair, value of each trade, frequency of execution and a risk profile.
  • Funds – Basically, it will provide a fund management system to the user on the Cryptics platform. Here user can manage their funds in automatic or semi-automatic mode.
  • Research – CRYPTICS is considering the creation of a non-profit platform for academic community to share knowledge and experience through free webinars, courses, etc. It will help the platform in market research through various data collected from variety of platforms and individuals.

Where can I use Cryptics token (QRP)?

The token can be purchased by ETH or BTC at the time of token sale. Cryptics token can be used for internal transactions between all parties on the Cryptics platform. Token will be used by the traders to operate their private funds on the platform.

Cryptics tokens will be used as a reward for various acts of development, research and distribution of information.

Token QRP
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 QRP = 0.001 ETH
Price in ICO 0.40 USD
Token for sale 66,000,000
Min. Investment 0.1 ETH
Soft cap 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD

Token Distribution

Comparison between Cryptics and same kind of platforms available?


So ending this topic Cryptics is a unique platform and as the crypto asset market is working so this platform will also work for intermediate or advanced investors, traders, and miners. This platform will provide you most accurate predictions with 70% accuracy in investment using AI modules and lots of research. If you are beginner than you can try this platform. Probably it will help you to gain some extra amount of earning by reducing risks in the crypto asset decision.

The platform does managed to add some big brand names with their platform such as Nokia and Intel. So yes the developers are doing well to make this project successful.

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I hope you like this post. Do share this post with your friends and family and let them know the benefits of this platform especially when they are new in this crypto asset market.



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