List of Cryptocurrency supported by Ledger wallet

Cryptocurrency supported by Ledger wallet.

Everyone wants to store bitcoin in the wallet with the most secure way in the world. But in an early day, many sites come in the market which are not legit.

So, storing bitcoin or any altcoin in an online wallet is secure? Off course not, if you are longtime time bitcoin holder then cold storage and hardware storage is the best way of storing bitcoin. They are much secure compared to online or desktop storage. Many hacker hack wallets using network platform, as hardware wallet, run offline. There for it is very-very secure.

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When coming to hardware wallet then some name like Ledger and Trezor wallet comes in mind. But you know which Cryptocurrency supported by Ledger wallet?

In this post we will see, currency supported by Ledger. So let’s start

Brief introduction about Ledger wallet:

Ledger hardware is available in two variants namely Ledger Nano S and Ledger blue. You can buy this wallet, in 58$ which is nothing in terms of securing our digital currency.

Ledger wallet is firstly made for bitcoin storage. Later many other currencies like bitcoin cash and Ethereum are added in this list.

Day by day, because of demand and new upcoming currency, Ledger team are adding much other currency regularly. In starting time of investing you probably only invest in bitcoin but as you go in deep in this field you will buy some other altcoins and store it.

Before buying and investing in cryptocurrency every want to know the Cryptocurrency supported by Ledger wallet (hardware wallet). So no further delay let start list of Cryptocurrency supported by Ledger wallet.

Cryptocurrency Supported by Ledger wallet

Now, Ledger only supports 15 types of currency. They promised we will add more in this list.

Bitcoin: Ledger is generally being made for storing bitcoin, the Ledger is the best way of storing and holding your bitcoin.

Ethereum: after bitcoin, if you ask any investor which currency is worth it, then they definitely say Ethereum. Ledger supports Ethereum after high demand of the user. Ethereum is also a good investment. People generally exchange there BTC with Ethereum for a solid profit.

Litecoin: I am a big fan of Litecoin. In early days because of high demand, Litecoin goes high. Litecoin is known as “silver of cryptocurrency”. Therefore, many sites indicate Litecoin as silver coin. If you want to buy Litecoin in India then you can read our post.

Dogecoin: after the launch of popular memes doge, new cryptocurrency is launched by a team member of dogecoin. I am not a big fan of dogecoin but It is also a good investment. You can buy dogecoin with credit/debit card. You can also choose the offline and another way of storing dogecoin.

Zcash: here is my favorite in this list. Zcash is the best investment. It is privacy based cryptocurrency. You can start mining of zcash with your GPU or CPU. You can also try the best hardware for mining.

Dash: I never invested in dash coin. But I think dash coin has great future. They have a great team, who will take the dash to excellence. I think you should invest in dash coin and i will also invest in Dash coin. I will write one post on the dash in future.

Stratis: according to many big sites Stratis is the strongest currency in this list. Many people invest in this currency. Personally, I never invested in this currency, so I will not suggest you.

Ripple: You can also read our post on best ripple wallet. Ledger is best hardware of storing ripple. Ledger started supporting ripple in mid of 2017. Ripple is a good investment as future prospect view.

Bitcoin cash: Bitcoin cash One of the golden opportunity for investors. In November golden fork is coming, so you can double your Bitcoin cash in number. Bitcoin cash is the best investment in this list after Ethereum and bitcoin.

Komodo: Komodo is new cryptocurrency supported by Ledger. As it is new currency no one know how it works and what is future of this currency.

Etherum classic: Ethereum classic is fork version of ETH. You can read more about this in a future post of coinraja.

Posw: posw come into existence in early 2017. They started there ICO in Feb 2017.   

ARK: you can also called ark as “all in one blockchain solution”. If you read about this you will get to know what is an Ark smart bridge.

Also, many Ethereum tokens (ERC20 tokens) can be managed by Ledger wallet via Myetherwallet. Also, they will add viacoin in this list.

Presently Ledger support only this currency which is shown in this list. I will update this list in Future.

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Personally, I am love Leger wallet just because it is less costly compared to Terzor. Ledger is a most secure way of storing BTC if you are the longtime holder. I will suggest you to buy Ledger just because our BTC is the most valuable thing for us.

Mainly people use Ledger of storing Bitcoin. But you can exchange BTC with other currency using changelly. This is best site for a low fee in the world. You can read our post on changelly and how it works.

If you want to know configure Ledger for the first time then check this video.


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