List of Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018: Most Profitable

Today’s Review is Based on Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 in India and other countries.

Before starting with our topic let us take a quick refresher on “what is Cryptocurrency?”

In Today’s day, you might be hearing something about digital currencies or assets by your friends or any company on daily basis.

Cryptocurrency is virtual currency creation of key exchange technologies. cryptocurrency is designed to solve the problem of paper-based currency/ is uses cryptography to secure transaction over exchange platform.  

Bitcoin is the first-generation baby born cryptocurrency in the Digital assets market and It was firstly crated in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency with zero value and  other coins rather than bitcoins are known as “Altcoins” 

So in this post, we are going to tell you about the Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 in India. To avoid your confusion I have systematically categorized between the cryptocurrencies which are best for Indian traders to invest in 2018, according to my opinion as well as market statics.

I have divided my list of cryptocurrencies into four parts. You can select your cryptocurrency according to your goal and your selection that you wanna play safe or wanna take some risk.

The categories are

Best cryptocurrency To Buy Right Now

Cryptocurrency To Invest In Now

Next Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

Newest Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

Bitcoin cash
Ripple (XRP)


So let’s start…..

So as per the table, my first category is Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 right now in India.

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Right Now


Well, I think that if you reading this post you have definitely some information about Bitcoin.If not then i will suggest to read my post on what is bitcoin? Bitcoin does not need any introduction. Bitcoin first comes into the existence in the year of 2009.

BTC is the most trusted and most famous cryptocurrency available right now. Bitcoin is the origin of altcoins. Bitcoin stands at number one position in the cryptocurrency market.

Price Of Bitcoin is unstable as you can see in following chart But people Like me making too much money By buying and selling of Bitcoin. if you want to know How ?  then press the Red Bell Icon for latest News and Guide of Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin pRice chart 2018

On 18 August 2008 “” domain name was registered. In November 2008 a paper link authored by Satoshi Nakamoto and tilted as Bitcoin. Nakamoto completed the Bitcoin software as an open source code software and released it in January 2009. The identity of Nakamoto remains unknown.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining. If you want to play safe in the trading process you can invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to buy right now in India.

There are several platforms available in India from where you can trade on Bitcoins. For detailed information on How to buy Bitcoin, you can Read our some post.


Next name in the list is Ethereum. Another curious and famous cryptocurrency for users to invest in. Ethereum is a decentralized platform for applications running exactly same as they are being programmed.

The founder is Vitalik Buterin. it is founded in 2013. Ethereum is an open source blockchain-based distributed platform featuring smart script or contract functions. This is considered as world computing as they are more like technology based on which other cryptos are building.

Nowadays most of the cryptocurrency and even cryptocurrency exchange platform are built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Ethereum Blockchain is considered as the most stable and strong Blockchain in Cryptocurrency world. This is the main reason for the popularity and the growth of Ethereum. It has risen rapidly in the year of 2017 from 7 USD to 642.09 USD(On may 2018).

Ethereum price chart 2018

Ethereum stands on number two in the rankings of cryptocurrency and Transactions are really fast compared to Bitcoin. It is very fast and in addition to that Sometimes transactions take less than two minutes to complete. Ethereum is more like a platform than a currency.

Today Bitcoin price is really high and it is not possible for normal users to invest in. So if you don’t want to invest in Bitcoin than Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency to buy right now in India.

You can check our post on How to buy Etherum.


Dash was created on January 18 in 2014 originally by Evan Duffield and it is also known as Darkcoin and Xcoin.

It defines itself more as a development platform, unlike Ethereum. This is a token based on cryptography system known as Blockchain. It currently offers InstaSend and InstaRecieve feature operates as self-governing and self-funding models.

The total supply of the currency is supposed to be 18 million. Currently, the total supply of Dash is 7.4 million. It is the 5th most valuable cryptocurrency in the digital assets world by market capitalization. Also, it is as famous as Ethereum so it is also another best cryptocurrency to invest in India. The current price of this (at the time of writing) is $1076 and it was started $9.70 in the starting months of 2017. 

Dont Forget to check our post on How to Buy Dash coin ?


Litecoin was created through an open-source software on GitHub on October 7, 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. This cryptocurrency is a fork of Bitcoin core client different from its origin by decreased block generation time (around 2.5 minutes), increased maximum number of coins. In addition to that Litecoin has different hashing Algorithm and it has slightly modified GUI.

Litecoin is in the market for a good period of time. In 2017 the total market cap of Litecoin was around $16,987,715,692 USD. In the starting month of the year 2017, Litecoin has started from around $3.70 and now by the ending of the year the current price of Litecoin (at the time writing) is $312.

Litecoin developing team consist of well-trained experts and Litecoin is also faster, cheaper than the Bitcoin. So Litecoin is there on my list of best cryptocurrency to buy right now in India.


IOTA looks like to be the only dominant cryptocurrency that is not based on Blockchain technology. Actually, it is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency. The fees are zero for any transactions. IOTA is an Internet of Things based coin and It can be the future, but for that people need to start adopting IOTA. This whole process will take some time.

There are no miners with an unlimited transaction rate. IOTA is not forkable like Bitcoin. Means you cannot split coin into them.

On January 2017 the price of IOTA was $0.63 and it has risen up to $3.82 until December 2017. So it is in the option of best cryptocurrency to buy right now in India.

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin. The fork was done on August 1, 2017.

Ultimately Bitcoin cash was widely adopted by may cryptocurrencies exchange platform. The fork occurred at Block 478,559. The starting price of Bitcoin cash has started from around $508 and now by the ending of the year 2017, it is reaching up to $ 1,846 USD.

So seeing all this we can predict that one day or another Bitcoin cash can be the dominant of Bitcoin and it would no longer be an just altcoin. So personally for me, it would be a great option for all the best cryptocurrency to buy next in India.

Now coinbase is also supporting Bitcoin cash which gives punch to bitcoin cash for price growth.

Ripple (XRP)

XRP is also called as Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) or Ripple Protocol. In addition to that it is Built upon a Distributed open source internet protocol accord ledger and native cryptocurrency called XRP. Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS).

The network is decentralized and can use without the Ripple company. It cannot be shut down. On January 1, 2017, the price or Ripple was $0.0065 and now at the ending of 2017, it reached up to $0.71. so it is growing steadily. If the number of traders will increase the price of Ripple will also increase. So it can be seen in the cryptocurrency which you can buy in India in 2018.


In April 2014, Monero is created. It is an open source cryptocurrency. Monero is a derivative of Cryptonote protocol and showing significant algorithmic differences relating to Blockchain communication. All units of monero are interchangeable and every unit of the currency can be substituted by another unit.

Monero has a stealth address. Going further, when you trade with other coins you will see the destination address, means other can track you. Unlike Bitcoins and other coins, Monero only displays a cryptographic hash of the destination address to the public.

Anonymity is the best feature of Monero. In the starting month of January 2017 the price of Monero was $13.53 and by the ending of the year 2017, it reached up to $344.


So, these are the some Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 in India. Others I have separated them into the categories which you can see in the above table. As according to me I have explained only that cryptocurrencies which you can start investing in for the instant profit shares.

That’s all for Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. If you have any doubts please let me know in the comment section.

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