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  • Infrastructure development on an IAM based system.
  • New agreement algorithms which is scalable with high volume transactions and lower delays in data transfer.
  • Power to content creators.
  • Bounty programs for developers and rewards for finding bugs and improving the DACC platform.
  • Experienced team.


  • Team needs to work according to the roadmap because they promised so much in that.
  • New idea and less competition brings higher risk and more responsibility as people don’t know much about unique concepts. It depends on the marketing team.
  • Volatility risk while the launch.
  • Number if issued tokens are too much.

The inventions or innovations in the internet and network technology as a massive rise graph over the decade. The global content industry has rapidly increased in IP data, users, and network data. Various platforms protect copyright and their IP data which remains a pointed topic of debate, with content creators pointing to annual content piracy revenue losses.

Form past few year we are also experiencing a huge growth and a new era of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets market. It is the first technology innovation in human history to revolutionize relations of production including Ethereum, smart contracts, tokens, token based new economical platforms and etc.

Undoubtedly, the centralized production methods has worked for us and took us here, where we all are standing now. But we all know that this method is not that much efficient regarding our modern world technology and this could not take us further more.

There are several problems which we are facing in different aspects related to the evolution of technology. More important problems are do exist in the digital media industry.  Highly centralized content management methods have made platforms to provide feed only to well-known professional content generators, which has curtailed the vast potential of content generation from undiscovered amateur creators.

DACC intends to solve all these digital media industry problems via a single blockchain based platform.

What is DACC?

Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) is a platform aims to revolutionize the digital content and media industry.

DACC is the world’s first decentralized IAM content chain.​ It will revolutionize the digital content industry and will fundamentally solve the issues of data ownership and access control through the combination of blockchain infrastructure and IAM technology.​

This is a system which will securely initiate, stores and manages user identities and data access permissions. IAM provides for proper authentication (ensure users are who they claim to be) and authorization (ensures users have access only the data and resources they are entitled to).

​DACC provides a complete decentralized IAM file system, IAM public blockchain, IAM chain services, and a complete set of development tools to build any content-based platform or DAPP in DACC’s ecosystem.

Digital media Industry problems?

  • Personal Data theft.
  • Network data misuse.
  • Unable to maintain IP privacy.
  • Monopolization of monetization.

Solutions provided by DACC?

Using DACC’s IAM based platform users can keep their data and access management in their own hands. DACC’s public chain will feature IAM at the infrastructure level. This will help utilize IAM with data storage, and embed IAM into block creation. By treating the access to content, user, network data as a transaction, DACC’s platform allows for greater user power and control over their own creative content and their public social profile, reputation, and network data.

Users can control access to their data, and users can determine how they charge users for the use of their data.

DACC will integrate IAM protocol throughout the decentralized blockchain infrastructure. This will solve the problem of data breaches. IAM will be used each and every file, block, transaction, etc.

The platform will use machine learning methods for data processing and community governance committee. This will help the platform to identify the IP, user data and network data. DAPPs on DACC consist of templates that allows systems with special DACC nodes and arbitrators to verify and determine if copyright abuse has occurred.   

DACC will not only provide IAM based blockchain service in digital media industry, but also it will innovate the coordinate economic model in digital media by building a global community and token economy.

How DACC works?

DACC will create a public blockchain which features ownership and access management at the infrastructure level in digital media industry. A decentralized file system that contains natural identity and access management (IAM) will be implemented to give users and content creators methods to securely initiate, store, and manage access permissions to their data and IP.

IAM system always make sure that only authenticated users can access the resources they are authorized to use. Resource owners will have full control over the user authentication and authorization process. Content creators, curators, and consumers will all be properly and fairly incentivized to build a community that places content creators at the center stage.   

In addition to this a full suite of developer tools will also be created that will allow any user or entity to easily build and develop content-related decentralized applications (DAPP’s) for any digital media platform on top of DACC.

DACC Foundation will also set aside a special fund, aka, community development fund via DACC labs, to incubate developer community to create innovative DApps on DACC platform.

ICO details

ICO start date – 10th June 2018

ICO end date – 10th July 2018

Soft cap – 20,000 ETH

Hard cap – 30,000 ETH

Token Details

Token – DACC

Platform – Ethereum

Type – ERC20

Tokens for sale – 9,000,000,000

Accepting – ETH

Distributed in ICO – 30%

Fundraising goal – $18,100,000

Price – 1 DACC = 0.0030 USD (0.000005ETH)

Sold on pre-sale – 20%

Token Distribution

Fund Allocation


The project comoes with a solid idea and a solid whitepaper. The idea is full on technology based. However the team promised to do too much in the whitepaper. So they need to work according to that. Also soft of the project can be reached but hard cap seems to be high. As the project is new in the market with unique concept so the people don’t know much about it. The developers also need to work on this.

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