Datum ICO Review: Coin For Storing Data

This is Review post on Datum ICO Review.

From last 2 month, we started reviewing some Blockchain ICO and we found that some are scams, some are in initial state and some have a great concept.

But from last week, on the ad section which I usually see on my every social media accounts, any site is Datum. Then I started collecting information about this ICO. And results are amazing. Datum is a great concept which is a revolutionary step in the field of cloud storage.

Believe me, if you are related to IT field or you love sharing data then Datum is the best investment and great concept for you. So let’s start Datum ICO review.

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What is Datum?

Datum is a decentralized and distributed high-performance database concept. A Datum is a marketplace where an individual can store and sell their data anonymously. This concept is purely based on blockchain concept.

You can store your data online and sell to anyone with Datum coins. Datum ICO coin scheduled to begin from September 12. The project is developed by a team from Switzerland, Singapore, and Hongkong.

What is Aim of Datum?

Datum team wants to create a private ecosystem where an individual can Buy storage with Datum token. The user can store data on cloud database of the blockchain. After that user can sell data on their terms and condition.

Datum will create a way of storing where data is taken from social media, IOT device.

How Does Datum work?

Datum has a simple concept where two or more people share their data anonymously. The user can sell data to advertiser, traders and to other organization with the high price.

Datum team wants to create a fully trusted database place therefore, they will use KYC verification method.  Datum has the aim of “Storage Nodes are part of the bigchaind cluster that allows Datum to provide global scale storage of submitted data”.

Datum ICO Review


Data will be encrypted by Datum database until someone is paying rent for it, by ether. you can say this will act as a system where anyone create a storage place and sell to others for a limited time.

Features of Datum

Who is Behind Datum ICO?

The concept of Datum is firstly designed in September 2016 when bitcoin and blockchain concept started getting popularity. Whitepaper and presale announcement is take placed in June 2017. Pre-sale of ICO is take placed in between September to October 2017.

The company is founded and organized by roger ahenni,also co-founded by stockx, swissinvest, PCP.ch, and Kosi. Other key members of the team include Gebhard Scherrer (Operations, Co-Founder), and VC Tran (Marketing, Co-Founder).

Datum ICO Review

Token Details

Total token supply: 3 billion

Distributed in ICO: 1.53 billion

Blockchain: etherum

Use of token: Buy and sell storage

1 ETH=10000 DAT

Token realize: 19-26 November 2017

ICO Details

Accepted currencies: etherum

Min invest: 5,000 ETH

Maximum investment cap: 153000 ETH


I think this is best ICO I ever saw just because the concept is amazing. The popularity of Datum is you can see in pre-sale. Half token already sold by Datum team. This will be a great project if it will be executed correctly.

All the data till the date is found is correct. So it is not a scam. If you are an organization or providing storage to the user then this is a golden opportunity for you.

So this is my Datum ICO review. You can also check my other post.

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I hope you like Datum ICO review post. If you have any question then fell free to ask in comment box.



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