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  • Decentralized discovery of autonomous vehicles on the platform.
  • Different types of communication protocols.
  • Trustless cooperation tools with a built-in smart mission contract


  • Concepts and ideas of company are not clear in the whitepaper.
  • Many popular and well settled ICO’s are already working on the same idea.


It is word known by almost each and every person in the world. It is the network of computers. Now “Computers” this word is also known by almost every one. The Internet introduced a set of protocols specifying how data should be packetized, addressed, transmitted, routed, and confirmed as received, and, in doing so, it eliminated the need for a central authority that controls the network.

The thing is that there were various computers and internet was developed before this. After that it has gone to several reinvention processes of technology and now we are the evidence of internet and powerful computers network protocol. The automotive and transportation industries are currently undergoing their biggest revolutions as well.

Today, many corporations have already begun experimenting with tons of autonomous vehicles e.g. Domino’s pizza delivery robots, Amazon’s Prime Air drones, Way MO’s autonomous taxis, and Baidu’s open-source self-driving cars. They all are leading the way towards fully autonomous transportation systems.

The organizations are employing armies of software developers in their attempts to create the first fully autonomous vehicles. But first they need to resolve issues revolving around perception, localization, decision making, and more. In addition to that, autonomous vehicles require charging, maintenance, and docking infrastructure.

Centralization and narrow economic interests limits the speed of technology transformation. As most of them want to dominate their own isolated market and not in the mood of creating collaborative infrastructure as they are more efficient and has a variety of use cases. Lack of incentives are another problem of collaborative structures.

The DAV network states that they have a solution of all these problems.

What DAV network?

DAV network is a decentralized transportation infrastructure. It has built-in incentives for all the different participants such as – consumers, businesses, software developers, hardware makers, maintenance providers, insurers, and arbitrators.

DAV is a transportation infrastructure which is open-source and free to evolve. It is based on open and unified protocols. This helps to provide high scalability and has no single point of failure.

How DAV network works to solve the problems?

As DAV is an open source platform so the technology stack and decentralizing protocols around identity, discovery, mission flow, and payments are provided through a modular UI, DAV enables cooperation. New players can enter the market to create distributed value and growing participation in the transportation economy. A decentralized open source network of DAV means that players can independently take action in response to unfilled or poorly filled market needs.

These Innovative applications and services will emerge as autonomous vehicle services scale and evolve, as the Internet done for new businesses and business models into existence.

DAV’s open-source technology stack, protocols, and UI solve problems through enabling cooperation, positioning the DAV network as a platform for independent innovation at the edge.

DAV network technology stack?

As DAV network is a developer-centric platform so it creates SDKs for popular development platforms and APIs. It actively encourages developers to take part, making it easy for any developer to participate and contribute within their domain of expertise.

The technology behind the DAV network is a stack of open-source software with a developed UI for simple interaction, which enables a truly autonomous, fast-scaling transportation system.

The DAV technology stack mainly consist of 5 components:

Identity – Using the Identity stack of DAV network users or devices can authenticate themselves to other network participants.

Discovery – It provides tools for different DAV identities to discover each other in a decentralized manner.

Communication – DAV’s decentralized communication allows direct communications between two or more DAV participants using a common communication protocol.

Mission flow – DAV offers a communication protocol which is designed to ease each step of the mission flow from the initial statement of need through bidding, service fulfillment, and eventually payment. It enables exchange of services between two or more parties.

Payments – The DAV token is a core component of the DAV stack and was created to enable secure, trustless payment for services provided in the DAV network.

Token Details

Token – DAV

Platform – Ethereum

Type – ERC20

Price in ICO – 1ETH = 10,000 DAV (1DAV = 0.0700 USD)

Tokens – 1,771,428,571 DAV

Available for token sale in ICO – 40%

Fundraising goal – 38,000,000 USD

Sold on pre-sale – 20,000,000 USD

Min. investment – 0.2 ETH

Accepting – ETH

Hard cap – 54,286 ETH


Although the team is lacking behind in real blockchain experts but has all the skills necessary to create its announced product. The advisors are high in connections and experience. Moreover. The MVP is running as per roadmap. The project is definitely unique and does not have direct competitors. However. The market on which the idea is based is yet not developed fully so developers need to work hard on it.

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