Dealhub Network Review-Scam or Legit project ?

This post is about Dealhub Network Review.

Guyzz in this post we will see another new platform. A platform for trading in cryptocurrency. In today’s new invented market cryptocurrency has set the trust value very high.

Now every people know about cryptocurrency. Most of them want to invest in the digital currency. Earlier the trust value is not so much high. As there were some of the lacks in the every exchange platform. Previously, most of the platforms were centralized. As centralized network users, online transactions was not secured so much.

Dealhub Network Review

As the platform was centralized the transaction or the exchange data sent to an organization or government. So basically it was not so much of secured. As there were chances of online fraud and hacking. So that was the main problem in the digital currency investment market.

What Is Decentralized platform?

Today we are having a decentralized platform. Referring to a decentralized platform I will explain to you what is this? A decentralized platform is a stage which is highly secure from a centralized platform. As here the data of your online transaction are with you only. Any trading data such as buying/selling, transferring your coins in the crypto market will not be sent to any third party such as an organization or any government authentication. Here the users are in full control of their transaction wallet and their investment, marketing in cryptocurrency.

Dealhub Network Review

The inventions of such kind of decentralized Blockchain that allow the new companies to create new digital currencies and tokens very fast and easily have increased the value of the security, interest of the investor. So with the help of all this, the trade market of cryptocurrencies are increasing rapidly. Probably you will also notice this just like me guys.

So today we gonna see a new decentralized blockchain platform known as Dealhub lets start Dealhub Network Review.

What is Dealhub Network?

The Dealhub network is a new blockchain platform. It is decentralized in such a manner that in a network each computer will act as a server for the others for good rating method. The main motive of Dealhub network to tell people that “everything can be a miner”.

As stated by the company that this method will provide the owner of goods and the ability to generate passive income based investment future.

By using Dealhub network you can earn some passive income from renting things. You can offer anything that will create interest in investors.

By using blockchain technology it will create an ecosystem where everyone will get profit from renting.  There are no chances of bad trade according to the company. As everything you rent or borrow will become a miner. Miner for both sides of the trade.

How does Dealhub Network work/Dealhub Network Review?

The company will launch their tokens. The Dealhub ICO’s. Also known as Dealhub coins. Using the Dealhub network, users will be able to rent out their property for Dealhub coins.

The company Is constantly using the term “mining”. But basically, it is nothing to do with crypto mining. They using the term only for the increase the interest of the people.

Dealhub Network Review


For example, let’s say that a person owns a good. He decided to rent it out on 100 deal coins at 1:1 exchange ration. So according to that, he will receive 100$.

But in the Dealhub marketing if the person decided to hold that good for one year. Possibly there are chances that the value of that good will increase according to the market. If the ration of that good will become 1:3 then the user will get 300$ for that good. Means he will earn extra 200$ for that good. The Dealhub network calls it mining but basically, it is not a mining.

Dealhub Coins

In the Dealhub network, you can rent things for the Dealhub coins. When there is someone interested in your deal you can confirm it via the application. You will receive a payment in Dealhub coins. They will also hold some deposit for possible damage or loss. It will also be held in the Dealhub coin only.

Your profit will remain in the in the application until the end of the rental. You can exchange it anytime during the rental for the fiat (USD, EUR or other) currency. The deposit can be retained until the end of the rental.

Is It worth investing in Dealhub Network ?

The final amount of Dealhub coin is exact. Only the coins which were purchased by investors during ICO are negotiable. They will send this ICO’s to the wallet and exchange where they will indicate the Deal’s market value. This is the only amount of coins you can own, hold, trade and move between private wallets.

 All the remaining coins that were unsold in ICO’s will be moved to the Dealhub network. They will use it for the rental process. The coins will never leave the wallet. You can hold this coins during the rental periods only. This is what they called as “mining”.

After the end of the sale, they will automatically replace your coins for the fiat currency according to the current exchange rate. After that, you can use this Dealhub coins for the other rental periods with the same cycle. This will allow you to gain some type of passive income. For now, you can say that much only.


so this is my honest Dealhub Network Review. It is not a platform for a perfect cryptocurrency mining. Somewhere it is a solid platform for trade with your goods not in the digital industry but you can either say it to in a rental industry. if you want to invest in ico then check my electroneum ico post.


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