Deedcoin (DEED) ICO Review: Rating and Info, Scam or Legit ?

Deed coin

Want to buy a home? Want to sell a home? Live in united state?

If you fall into any categories which I have mentioned, then you are at right place. During the buying and selling of properties, agents charge 6% of commission. You are lucky if you are managed to sell your property at a desired value without any agent.

Suppose you sold your house with 10000$ then you have to pay 6% means 600 dollars to the agent. If I say don’t worry blockchain technology Is here you have to pay only 100 dollars then you will say wow, is it possible or you are kidding me?

Don’t worry I will explain everything one by one. So Read this post till the end. I will give my honest review about Deed coin.

What is Deed Coin?

With the help of deed coin, you can buy and sell your house without the direct involvement of an agent. You have to pay only 1 % of commission with is very less as compare to current senior. In currency day you have to pay 6% of the commission to the brokerage.

Deedcoin (DEED) ICO Review

Deed coin is a revolutionary step in real estate industry. As seller and buyer, both can log in this portable. The local agent without direct involvement can sell and buy properties. Deed is used in all 50 state of U.S and already more than 163 brokerages already in the network.

Current problem

6% of your house does not belong to you, but rather to your future real estate agent. U.S. property owners hold $15 trillion in private real estate and stand to lose $900 billion in future commissions. Through blockchain technology, the real estate industry can be decentralized and streamlined. Deed returns up to $750 billion to homeowners by tokenizing real estate commissions and connecting customers with agents directly.

Deedcoin (DEED) ICO Review


Deed is simple. Instead of hiring an agent randomly, customers can quickly choose their local agent and set the rate as low as 1%. Real estate runs on percentages and so does Deed. In fact, every 10 Deed equals 1% of a property price. To reduce the commission of a full-service local licensed agent from 6% to 1%, it only requires 50 Deed. That is 5% more of your equity kept in your home upon sale.

White Paper

Deedcoin (DEED) ICO Review

About Deed ICO

Token Deed
PreICO Price 1.50 USD = 1 Deed
Price 1.50 USD = 1 Deed
Bonus Available
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment 10 Deed
Soft cap 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap 28,000,000 USD
Country USA
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas China, North Korea
Start Date 30 APR 2018
End Date 31 DEC 2018

Should I invest in Deedcoin ICO?

Deedcoin company sale their first sale on March 2018 with 20 deed coin which is bought with 30 dollars. Although the company is new, we have some trust issue. Company’s aim is good and if a team member can able to expand, then this will be a big hit as we know real stat is a fastest growing area in the world.

Buy Deed Coin

For the time I will suggest to invest but not too much amount. You can invest 500 dollar max to max in ico phase.

cheers !!

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