How to change cell in a digital watch | Step to Step Guide Digital Watches for men

How to change cell in a digital watch

Watches are necessary for managing the time. As you can manage easily your works and adjust your time according to your works. As there are many best digital watches for men are available in the market but it depends on your choice that which type of watch you select.

Digital watches are liked by many people as they are good in design and also indicate weather conditions and many other things other than time.

Those people who want to wear watch for style so the digital watches are best option for those peoples. The digital watches shows time in the form of digits.

There are some steps which you must have to follow while changing the cell in the battery.

When your watch stopped working so this means that now there is need of changing cell in your watch. The one option is that brings the watch to the repair shop and change the cell. But the best option is that change the cell of your watch by yourself so you can also save your money.

It depends on the brand and type of the watch that how to change the cell. If you follow the proper method for changing the cell from the watch so you can easily change the cell from it.

Step to Step Guide For Digital Watch Cell Replacement

The first step for changing the cell from the watch is first turn over the watch after turning the watch then finds the small hole on that side of the watch which is between the watch back and watch itself.

Also wear dust free gloves while changing the cell of the watch as it is good approach for changing the cell of the watch and for reducing many other problems which can occur because of the dust.

After finding the indention or small whole now the second step you have to follow is to take a sharp tool which is small enough to be fitted inside the indention. You can choose small screwdriver or blades as a tool.

After choosing the small tool now twists that tool into that small hole for removing the back of the watch. Once the back of the watch becomes loose so then you can also remove it with your hands but you have to be careful while doing this process.

Use small tools for removing the screws which are placed on the back side of the watch remove them carefully now you can see the inside parts of the watch and cell of the watch. Use tool for removing the old cell from your watch and inserting the new one.

When the process of replacing the cell is done now you have to align the dials of the watch on the side of the watch with the indentations on the back of the watch. Press heavily the back of the watch until it get adjust into its place.

Be careful while doing this as the internal parts of the watch can be damaged if you force it more than the need. There are some watches which needs a watch press for reattaching the back of the watch.

You must have to be very careful when doing all this process as if you don’t follow the proper steps for it so there can be any problem occur while changing the cell of the watch.

Using dust free gloves and small tools specially made for this purpose will be a best choice for changing the cell of the watch. If you not use them properly so there are many chances of occurring problem in interior parts of the watch or there can be problem occur into the machine of the watches.

So I hope this post will help you to change the cell of your digital watch. If you have any questions or suggestion do let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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