Full-time service brokers v/s discount brokers in India

Stock market investment helps individuals to earn a substantial amount of interest on their investment. Stock market investment procedure is considered to be a lucrative business as one can on a substantial amount of return on their investment amount if he or she possesses skill and knowledge to invest in the right security. Digitization of stock market securities and stock market investment process has helped individuals all over the world to invest in the stock market securities. Individuals can now invest in stock market securities by sitting at their homes and scrolling on their mobile phones. Despite all such benefits and technological solutions, there are certain steps and rules which an individual must be informed about. These pre-requisites main include the opening of a Demat account etc.

Stockbrokers act as middlemen who help individual traders and large corporate bodies to invest in best securities and charge a small amount of fee for this service is known as brokerage. They help individual traders by guiding them through the stock market investment process and making them understand the rules and regulations for entering the stock market investment business. There are various types of stockbrokers in India providing a range of services to individual traders and large corporate bodies. Stockbrokers can be full-time service broker providing every type of service an individual may need or discount brokers providing limited services and charging based on the volume of trade.

Different stockbrokers an India are categorized under various heads and reviewed based on services provided and brokerage charged. One can search for the best stock broker in India 2020 and get a list of stockbrokers ranked on the basic services provided and customer reviews. Stockbrokers help individual traders by providing various types of services they may need for investing in various securities traded on the stock market.

Full-time service brokers act like a normal stockbroker to help individual traders and corporate parties with the investment process. They provide every type of service an individual may need for investing in the stock market securities. These services may include Agency services, underwriting services, assistance in buying and selling of shares, safekeeping of confidential information, provision of the necessary information at required intervals and providing real-time market information for investment in best securities. All such services are provided by full-time service brokers for a fee termed as brokerage. However, the brokerage charged by full-time service brokers can be quite high as compared to discount brokers.

Discount brokers, on the other hand, provide limited services and investment plans for individual traders and large corporate bodies. The services which a discount broker provides to traders and investors are limited. Moreover, the amount of brokerage charged by discount brokers is very low as compared to full-time service workers. Discount brokers even charge brokerage based on the volume of trade or Flat rate basis that is the number of shares invested in multiplied by a flat rate for example Rs.20.

An individual has to compare the advantages and disadvantages of various types of stockbrokers and select the best among them depending upon needs and preferences. One can obtain information about the Best stockbroker in India 2019 from various online websites which can help in making an informed decision for selecting the best stocker broker.

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