Gazecoin Ico Review:Money based virtual Reality and augmented Reality

Today’s topic for the review is the new ICO in the market that will be launched soon officially. The name of the new ICO is Gaze coin ICO.without any delay lets start Gazecoin Ico Review.

What is Gazecoin ICO?

There is currently no medium of exchange for the conversion of an object into money based on the requirements of the user for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Gaze coin is a blockchain token or a medium of exchange between content owners, advertisers, and consumers. It is measured by Gaze control or eye tracking. Gaze control is a tool used by VR and AR creators allowing auditions to trigger content by looking in the direction of the content. This ensures that the content launches only when the user is ready to experience it. As they are able to measure the Gaze so they are also able to create a model for advertising in AR/VR worlds that are at the heart of how mixed reality worlds are created and consumed.

So because of all this Gaze coin is also taken as the solutions for advertisers, content makers and for the audience in VR/AR. There is no universal, ad-based, ad-driven mechanic for driving content inside VR/AR. Gaze coin is an invented blockchain token or a unit of exchange between advertiser, content makers, and consumers. The company states that Gaze coin is the killer app for systematic advertising and copyright tracking, fixing the main problem in monetizing VR/AR.

How does Gaze coin work?

Gaze coin is a critical tool used in the creation of virtual reality(VR) system, where content is only triggered by auditions. The makers of VR also added a new feature spatial audio to make the audience to go to the specific location and then make the look into a specific direction to processing the content.

Especially the model rewards players and audiences for consuming content, by charging the advertiser for the time users spend and by incentivizing content owners for providing premium contents to measure the gaze.

The company tried to explain it with an example:

Let’s consider a DJ, sponsored by Red Bull, Vans, and Quicksilver. A fan of the DJ enters the VR world and just like real life music made the fan to come to a location. By gazing at the apartment for long enough to show interest, the fan dissolves in the apartment. Gaze coin will make a Gaze calculation based on how long the fan remains immersed within the apartment- immersing Due to music.

Now the question is how the transaction will take place?

The advertisers pay the DJ according to a ‘gaze’ calculation in Gaze coin. The advertiser pays a second ‘fan’ payment to the DJ. The DJ now has a contract to reward the fan for participating. The reward can be in the form of product, tickets or goods etc.

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The Gaze coin ICO allocates  10% of coins in total to a user growth pool. This aims to incentivize the content owners for providing the premium contents. Content is also changed or added by users as they craft it for distribution. They include a mechanism that calculates and tracks content as they are being added and changed in the virtual worlds. This solution is also helpful for distribution of 3D objects.

Gaze coin ICO token sale

  • Symbol – GZE
  • 1 GZE = $0.35
  • Crowd sale – 28 November 2017
  • Time frame – 7 Days
  • Platform – Ethereum Blockchain
  • Minimum financing – $2 million
  • Target financing – $12 million
  • Hard cap – $35 million
  • Token allocation – 70% distributed in sale, Advisors 5%, Team 10%, Contractors 5%, User growth pool 10%

Developer team

Jonny Peters is the founder and the CEO of this company. The team is a mixture of entrepreneurs, scientists, blockchain and financial experts, entertainment execs and VR/AR builders. Bok Khoo is the chief scientist of the team. Landon Curry is the VR technical team director. Also, the team consists of others programmers, directors, Advisors etc.

Gazecoin ico review


It is a new concept in digital market trading by itself. A new investment option for the investors in VR/AR world. So basically it depends on the individual to individual interest to invest and trade on this platform.


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