GRE stands for the Graduate Record Examination. GRE is one of those competitive tests that the students need to undertake if they wish to get admission into some international college or university. GRE is a completely computer-based test. It is conducted online.  A GRE test is conducted for a total mark of 340.

GRE test is broadly divided into three parts- mathematical or quantitative, verbal and analytical writing assessment. There are a few things that you should keep in mind before starting your GRE prep. These things are mentioned in brief details below:

·         Assess your current position

The GRE prep could not begin until and unless you know what your current status is. It is possible to know your current status only after taking a few tests or exams. Such an assessment will help you in understanding your weak and strong areas ultimately. Once you know what your weak and strong points are, you can start working on them accordingly. 

·         Design a study plan

Based on the results of your self-diagnosis, you should prepare a proper study plan. The study plan will play an important role in your GRE prep. This study plan should be compatible with the schedule that you follow throughout the day. This study plan should designate more time to the subjects that you are weak in. you should allow more time for the subjects that you are weak in. Although, you should not compromise your hold on the other subjects. For this, the study plan needs to be smartly and thoroughly planned. You could even take some help from the experts who work in this field to make a study plan.

·         Get your queries and doubts resolved

When you start preparing for a test which is at such a big level, you are sure to get some queries and doubts. For resolving these, you could take help from the subject experts or the internet. If you do not have access to any expert services, you could take help from your senior or search books for the same. If you are unable to get an answer even after that, you could ask for the free services of the experts on the internet. This will help you not only with your doubts but help in keeping an eye on the pace of your preparation.

·         Take complete mock tests

If you practice full-length tests you will be able to know the true level of your practice. Complete tests will also help you in reducing the time that you tale for completing the problem in each section. These tests will help you in time management during the test. Try to attempt the complete paper every time. Also, try to get the maximum number of questions correct. Keep a track of your scores as well and track your progress after every week.

Following these simple tips, you could begin the proper GRE Prep schedule before you appear for your exam. If you follow these tips you will complete everything before your exam date and come out with flying colors.

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