Hextracoin Review- Is it legit or scam MLM plan ?

 This is Hextracoin Review post.

If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency than probably you will also hear the new coin that is Hextracoin. Hextracoin is gaining a lot of attention through it.

So as our most of the friends are interested to know about Hextracoin. So for them today I am going to give you an honest Hextracoin Review.

What is Hextracoin?

The official site of Hextracoin is Hextrcoin.com.

So first of all the documented information about this cryptocurrency is really poor. No proper information in the whitepaper also. Which obviously not a plus point as an investor, I personally feel that.

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According to the company, Hextracoin is the peer-based network. It works on peer to peer network. When we say peer to peer network it means that it is a network in which each computer can act as a server.

It is visible that the domain name was registered in September 2017. It was done privately. So no one knows about their owners or founders. Also, no information about the owner of this domain name. which does not make any sense to me. Clearly, if I am investing some amount of money in something I would want to know all the information about that. If I don’t have then personally, I will not invest in that.

What products does Hextracoin offers?

The answer to this question you won’t like, as same as me. As they don’t want to disclose the name of the owner, I think same like that they also not interested to disclose their products. As there was no information about their product line.

There is no product line nothing is there except the affiliate membership. Clearly, there are no chances that retail sales will take place

How do Hextracoin works?

 they promise that users will get up to 48% of the return on their investment. The highest rate is 48% only. Now  the first question I will ask to the company is how?

The one think company does manage is to answer this question. Finally, I mean thank god.

They say that you can earn daily profits with trading. You can earn daily interest on lending. Also, you can earn interest on holding Hextra. You can earn money on mining of hextracoin. The referral system is also available. As the company is not capable of doing this. So, unfortunately, you have to advertise for this company if not then for the sake of investment you did in this.

However for this also there is no evidence that the will manage to do so. Again fail.

As there were 29 million Hextracoin. The company also not interested to give information to his users that how much will be reserved for the development team.

First of all, it is a really bad trade. Not giving the proper information to the user, not keeping transparency in your product is not a professional business team will do. It is my opinion it may be different for them.

What is the cost of membership?

The minimum investment is $100. Depending upon your investment capability you can increase up to $100,000.

Who is behind Hextracoin?

As you read above you will get to know that there is no information about the owner. Not a single clue of the founder.

Same for the facebook page. It seems that they have bought the subscribers also. Rating is very low. Pages are full of complaint of scaming.

The only way to contact them is an email address: [email protected].

Which is clearly not a support because it is a one-way communication. It is a copy of the bitcoin and others having no unique features.



 Now, what can I say?

I have only one answer they are good in graphics and dreaming that’s it.

The roadmap they were given seems to become a dream only.

They are saying that at the end of 2018 they will take their coin so much high that

1HXT= $150

Well, it is good than if they can, nothing else. Personally, for me, the type of service and platform they are giving in this highly developed modern digital market seems to be a dream only.

The other thing they have mentioned is the copy of legal Bitconnects roadmap.

Hextracoin Review


  • Website looks good
  • Solid view
  • Lending services like bitconnects


  • Many things
  • In fact, everything, as I hope you know why I told so…by reading this post.
  • The first thing I really wanna complaint is the site is really damn slow
  • Lot of copy paste is going on
  • Lots of spelling mistakes
  • No information about the platform
  • Roadmap is fancy only
  • The depth of whitepaper is only 18 pages
  • In that also no information, and comes with almost like blank papers
  • My personal request is that just visit the official site
  • Spelling mistakes are just terrible
  • They are also not interested to put money or efforts whatever it takes for the translation of the page
  • Website is fancy does not give any valuable information
  • No information about the developing team


I cannot give Hextracoin a good rating. Not at all. Clearly, I don’t see a proper sales proposition. They basically just copying the legal Bitconnect.

I think this is a scam. A lot of people who invested their money will lose their money. So me personally I will not support this digital coin. Also, I will not invest in that.

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Hope you guys liked my honest view on Hextracoin Review. So please share with your friends and family. Let them know about this type of digital currency



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