How International Graduates in South Australia can Get Benefits in State Nomination

South Australia is a favorite destination among the international students who come to Australia to study on student visa subclass 500. This is due to various factors. Some of these are listed as under:

  • South Australia has many universities that are famous for providing world-class education not just in Australia but worldwide. These universities have a massive choice of courses to choose from. One can pursue his or her passion for anything as a career option in SA. These universities provide degrees that are not just recognized anywhere in the world but also appreciated.
  • The capital city of SA is Adelaide. Most of South Australia’s population lives in this city. This city provides every modern facility of life. It offers a high standard of living like every other city in Australia. So it won’t be a lie if we say that Adelaide is a package deal of quality education and a better lifestyle.
  • Adelaide, the capital of SA is also referred to as the center of education of Australia. This is because of the high standard and quality education provided by this state and also because this state greatly emphasizes on education. It also has many facilities and advantages for international students. This city also is the home to three of the Nobel Prize winners this indicates the importance of education in this city
  • The metropolitan areas of Australia have no doubt have every facility and opportunity but the cost of living there is extremely high which makes it difficult for students to manage. Whereas, in South Australia, the living cost is much less in comparison with metropolitan areas.
  • Also, the low population density in the state infers that one can enjoy all the modern facilities along with the beautiful and breathable environment of the state.

These were some advantages of choosing SA for your study career. Now we will discuss the extra advantages of being an international graduate from a SA institute.

What extra advantages does an international graduate from SA have?

An international graduate from an institution in SA can enjoy following benefits for state nomination:

  • They have access to a larger number of occupations.
  • They can access to sate nomination list of occupations including occupations with ‘special condition applies’ status.
  • They can apply for state nomination for subclass 491 if satisfy the criteria.
  • Also for visa skilled nominated visa subclass 190 if they satisfy all the conditions for the nomination.

What are the conditions to be fulfilled?

The international graduates from SA have to satisfy the following criteria for state nomination

  • One has to fulfill the general criteria of the sate nomination for SA like the age limit, health and character requirements, English competency, etc.
  • One must have completed studies in the same occupation in SA as the one he or she has chosen for state nomination
  • The applicant must have completed a qualification with the duration of at least 46 weeks of CRICOS registered qualification
  • Must have spent at least one year in SA in the period of his or her studies
  • At least 50 percent of one’s study period should have been spent in South Australia
  • One should be working post-graduation for at least last three months in the occupation related to one the applicant is applying in
  • The only work experience will be considered which is done post-graduation.

These were some conditions that an international graduate from SA must satisfy to apply for state nomination.

If you are an international graduate in SA or are planning to start your study career there, it can provide immense opportunities for you. If you want any more information about it or any other Australian visa type contact our best migration agent in Sydney who can help you in the best way possible.

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