There is a magnetism of extraordinary strength that pushes women passionate about fashion to have a weakness for bags. As India’s largest Modern Fashion online store, we would define that idyll that many women have, who have turned their favorite complement into an object of desire.

Most women would agree that their dressing is incomplete without the addition of a handbag. Most of them give a high amount of importance to their bags that have a ubiquitous presence in their daily lives. Statistics confirm it: the sale of buy bags in the world is in unstoppable rise globally, each woman has an average of 7 in her closet and there is even a psychology that analyzes how much you are depending on your bag. Apparently its size, its color and the way you carry it define your persona.

However, most designer branded handbags cost a lot and a large majority of women could be quite difficult to keep up with the trends of each season. This is where handmade designer bags and accessories can come to the rescue of these women.

Discover all the benefits of designer bags

The designer bags are available in various materials, they can be customized according to your taste in embroidery, screen printing or transfer, and they can be washable and reusable on multiple occasions. Women are used to carrying medium and large bags, but the personal shopper can also advise to buy a handbag, since these have many advantages:

  • There are many designs and sizes and they adapt perfectly to all looks, styles and occasions.
  • They combine with all garments.
  • Carrying it in your hand is very comfortable and allows it to look perfect.
  • They are an excellent accessory if you want to look elegant.
  • They are a good option to take them to work and stand out.
  • Some bring chains or straps included when you want to wear them hanging.
  • They are ideal for all types of women, tall, short, plump and thin.

Depending on the use you want to be given to the handbag, you can choose the model.

You can use the bags in different formats, according to your convenience and for different purposes, such as corporate Christmas gifts, gift for the purchase of items, as part of your wardrobe for attending a party. If you use designer bags as part of a gift to your customers, you are associating the image of your positive nature which places a strong impact on the recipient.

There are a lot of benefits to buying designer bags and accessories instead of regular branded handbags. Designer brand bags cost several times more compared to normal bags but usually lasts a season before they go out of trend. People who pay a fortune to acquire one of them have to push them away in storage after just a few months of use.

So, what lesson do you learn? If you have a limited budget for a handbag then you must avoid buying a branded one. Instead of it, go for a normal designer handbag which can be customized according to your preferences and tastes. offers you the facility of buying bulk handbags on your specific customization. Interesting, isn’t it?

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