How To Buy Bitcoin using PayPal [Six Best Proven Method]

How To Buy Bitcoin using PayPal ?

You are on this page mean’s you want to know How To Buy Bitcoin using PayPal ?

So if I am correct, then you are at right this post, I will share all the possible way to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal.

if you want then you can check post on “how to Buy Bitcoins without id or verification ?” All this method are time-consuming and there is No Direct method to Buy Bitcoin because all Bitcoin transaction is irreversible. But there is some method which helps you to Buy Bitcoin indirectly. 

In last few year PayPal has been favorable for Buying Bitcoin. Although PayPal to Bitcoin exchange is very difficult. The main drawback of Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is finding the right place?

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

But the main question arises, why PayPal won’t allow this?

As no one can track the transactions regarding Bitcoins, so it may happen that any numerous chargeback case can be created by scammers. It may happen that, the person who Buy Bitcoin claim to PayPal that he /she didn’t receive anything.

In this post, I will share six working method to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal step by step.

List of Exchange To Buy Bitcoin using PayPal:

This are the site who give service for Bitcoin to PayPal exchange.

1.Wirexapp (best way with low market rate)

2.VirWox (long working method with high price)

3.Cryptonit (not used to much)

4.E-coin (low number of seller)

5.Paxful (famous for verified account)

6.LocalBitcoins (Large number of seller)

So let’s start exploring and Buying Bitcoins with Paypal.

How to Buy Bitcoin Using PayPal With Wirexapp:

Wirexapp is the best way to Buy Bitcoins using the first time process takes 2,3 days but the second transaction gives result instantly. Just you have to follow this step which is mentioned below and you are able to Buy Bitcoins through PayPal.

Note: in order to use this service, you need PayPal account (with specified country), Wirexapp account and virtual debit card given by Wirexapp free. You have to add a small amount of money, minimum 3 $ to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal.

This site only supports following PayPal account within this countries:

Bahamas, Bahrain, Botswana*, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Honduras*, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique*, Oman, Philippines, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal*, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay

(*Presently, Wirex cards cannot be shipped to these countries.)

Step 1: create Wirexapp account with this Link.

Step 2: when you create your Wirexapp account you will get a free visa card.

Here you will get information regarding, how to get wirex card.

After that you have to verify your card. Guide to verify your card.

But for faster method follow this step.

Step 3: Link your verified wirex card to PayPal.

Before going next step you have to add money to your virtual wirex card.

Step 4: Go to your PayPal account, click to money and add a card.

Step 5: click on, add another card.

Bitcoin using PayPal

Next Step : Add your wirex account information with card details.

Step 7: PayPal will ask you to confirm the new card. Click ‘Confirm my card’ and PayPal will begin a series of transactions to verify your card. Here you need 3$ in your account which is used to verify your card which is reversed after some time. This are the standard step used by PayPal to verify your will then ask you to enter your PayPal code.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 8: now go to wirex account. Under the “card transaction” section, you will see a 4-digit code from PayPal (pp*your code-code). Take note of the code.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 9: go to your PayPal account. Insert the code which is asked in step 7. That’s it, now your account is verified. The money used by PayPal is refunded within 24 hours. Generally, it take’s 5,6 business hours.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 10: now you are eligible to Buy Bitcoins using PayPal.

Firstly, click on ‘withdraw money’ in your PayPal account. Next select ‘Withdraw funds to your card’.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Choose your wirex card, and click ‘continue’. PayPal charged some fee for this.

Step 11: Usually it takes 1-7 business day to refund your amount into your wirex account. Once this process is done, you can exchange money through Bitcoins. For further step, you have to log in your wirex account and select ‘Exchange Currencies’.

That’s all.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Wirexapp is most famous and reliable method to Buy Bitcoins using PayPal. It will charge very low fee compared to the marketplace. If you are eligible with country PayPal account term, then you can use this method too but Buy Bitcoins using Wirexapp.

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How to purchase Bitcoin with PayPal using VirWox:

VirWox is just a reliable and most used method for Buying Bitcoins using PayPal. The problem with this method is charge is very high as compare to other. VirWox uses SSL (second life Linden dollar) for Buying Bitcoins. SSL is one of the biggest virtual world used today.

PayPal allows you to Buy Bitcoins through VirWox. VirWox is able to do because they are not directly selling the Bitcoins. They only exchange your money with SSL which is trackable. After Buying SSL you can convert this currency in Bitcoin.

This is best place where you can buy bitcoins without or verification.

Just follow this step to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal.

Adding money

Step 1: create a free account on VirWox. <<signup>>


Step 2: open a free account. Click on “Not registered yet?” On the left sidebar to open up a new VirWox account.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 3: Fill all the details for signup process. No need to change the avatar. For further reference use picture shown below.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 4: after the clicking ‘register’ a confirmation link is sanded Buy VirWox to your register email id with password. Note the password.

Next step : after logging into VirWox account go to ‘change password’ on the left sidebar.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 6: click ‘deposit’ to add the money through PayPal.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 7: scroll down on deposit page to ‘PayPal express checkout’ and a select amount of money you want to add. You can see the limit of maximum money you can add.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 8: After completing the step 7 you can click on ‘check out with PayPal’ button on right hand side.

Review your order.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Buy SLL with deposited amount:

After depositing money click on USD/SLL under exchange section of left sidebar.


Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Click on place order and your order will be completed soon.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Buy BTC with SLL:

After Buying SLL purchased with PayPal you can trade SLL for BTC. Click on ‘BTC/SLL’ on exchange section of sidebar.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Click on next and confirm your order. The exchange commission is 50 SLL + 3.90%. 

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Click on place order!! Your BTC transaction is done within a second.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal


Withdraw your BTC from VirWox to Bitcoin wallet:

Click on ‘withdraw’ under my account section on the left sidebar.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Important: a handling fee of 0.004 BTC per withdrawal is charged. All transaction processed instantly but newly account take some time.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

You will receive an email after your withdrawal has been processed.

As the handling charge and exchange rate is very low, therefore VirWox is minimal. This is the most secured way to transfer the money. The people who want to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal must use this website.

There are many other sites which offer same but they are risky and not secured as VirWox.

 <<Buy Bitcoins, now with PayPal on VirWox>>

How to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal using Cryptonit:

Buying BTC and Trading is never easy. A user always finds multiple options to Buy Bitcoin.

Cryptonit is another way of Buying Bitcoin using PayPal.


Firstly, you have to create a free account and verify your id proof. This process takes 12 hours on weekdays. After creating an account, you can easily Buy Bitcoin through a simple process.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Just go to ‘trade’ tab, choose right currency pair and fill the how much you want to Buy.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal using E-coin:

E-coin is another company which allow you to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal. The cost is medium but the drawback is, it takes a long time to process around 10 days.

E-coin also provides you debit card which is used to deposit money through PayPal account. This amount is further used for Buying BTC.

Just follow this step to Buy Bitcoin using PayPal:

Step 1: create a free account of E-coin. Click on ‘request new card’. You will get an option of a physical and virtual card. Virtual card charge 3 $.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal



Step 2: connect your card with PayPal account. The step of this process is same as we use for VIRWOX.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 3: verify your code and deposit fund to your PayPal account.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Step 4: withdraw money to your E-coin account from PayPal account.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Next step: Buy Bitcoin with your funded amount.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

The whole process is time-consuming and takes 7 days of a week day. Sometimes it takes less time based on your region.

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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal using Paxful:

Paxful offer you to Buy Bitcoin from Amazon gift card, PayPal, payonner, skirll etc. You can directly Buy Bitcoin from a seller. The advantage of this method is you will get a variety of seller from around the world but the exchange rate is high.

This is similar like LocalBitcoins. But user interface of Paxful is pretty much clear.

You can manually choose seller or interface automatically choose the best deal for you. After the trade invites you to online chat where seller finalises the deal.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal


Important: if a deal is not finalizing within 30 minutes then deal automatically canceled.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal With LocalBitcoin:

You will get a variety of sellers in local Bitcoins but the problem is a high fee with the rate of scam.

want free Bitcoins?

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This is the only way of Buying Bitcoin using PayPal. Like VirWox here also seller and traders come along and with personal satisfaction sell and Buy Bitcoins. As the seller is taking a big risk by selling Bitcoins to an unknown person, therefore, he/she put extra charges. This is costlier than VirWox.

This are the simple step of Buying Bitcoins using PayPal.

Just pick seller carefully.

Buy Bitcoin using PayPal

You can check information about the seller in trade name section.


Lastly, I have used Local Bitcoins for testing purpose. At that time, it works very well.

<<Buy Bitcoins using PayPal with LocalBitcoins>>

Other methods of Buying Bitcoin with PayPal:

Coinbase is another company which offers you an exchange of Bitcoins with money. But I have not tested yet. Therefore, I am not saying anything about this.

You can also buy Bitcoin using paypal-Here

Also, Read:

If you tried any other method then comment and tell us!!

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