How to Buy Dash coin using Credit/ Debit card or wire Transfer

Find How to Buy Dash coin in india and other country with credit/ debit card or using cash and exchange method.

Many Cryptocurrency started with 1$ and went to 5000$. Yes, I am telling about bitcoin. A currency like bitcoin given the profit of X500% to the people who invested in this. Price of bitcoin now went across to 5000$.

Today we will talk about the same type of currency means cryptocurrency which changes the world extremely. Also, the price of coin increased to X100% in just a few, years. Yes, again you are correct.

I am talking about Dash coin. Dash coin started with 11$ in early days of 2014. And now it just crossed 200$. Wondering?

X100% profit in 3years, wow. Everyone wants to invest in Dash coin, but a problem with Dash coin is purchasing it. People don’t know How to Buy Dash coin. So today we will see How to Buy Dash coin with credit/ debit card, PayPal, Exchange, and BTC. 

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

first, let see about Dash coin.

what is Dash coin?

Dash coin is an abbreviation of Digital cash, which is on 6 ranks in the coinmarketcap. Dash is a future of currency developed with cryptonote technology.

 It enhances the privacy of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency means you don’t have to depend upon developers.Dash coin is peer to peer decentralized currency which has a number of benefits on normal cash, bitcoin, and other currency.

Dash coin has a number of advantage like privatized. In privatized option, anyone can do transaction anomalously. You will be not able to track by someone. One more feature of Dash coin is instant send where a transaction takes few second for competition. All transaction is checked by miners who have thousands of sever around the world.

How to Buy Dash coin


How to Buy Dash coin – A Beginner guide

Buying Dash coin is divided into three stage which include following steps respectively.

Create Dash wallet

You need a Dash wallet for buying you Dash coin. Just like bitcoin, your Dash wallets are important for you, so you must create a wallet which is secure like hardware or paper wallet. But if you are regular Dash coin exchanger then a mobile wallet or desktop wallet also work.

If you ask me then I will recommend to go with hardware wallet. In hardware, which i will recommend you to go with is Ledger or Trazor.

You can find much more about desktop wallet at the official site. Download one and create a wallet. generally, I love to use Jaxx just because it is available for desktop as well as for mobile.

Buy Dash coin

The best thing about buying cryptocurrency is you have lots of option of purchasing it. In the same manner for buying Dash coin, you will have an option of the wire transfer, Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency exchange and cash.

So let’s start to see all option and find which is suitable for you.

Buy Dash coin with wire Transfer


Kraken is famous for altcoin exchange. It is well reputed international currency exchange site. Here you can buy Dash coin with a wire transfer. The best thing about Kraken is, This support Indian customer.


This site is best for any exchange. The site is new so not trusted that much, but we never found any complaint about this site till the date. You can buy Dash coin from here directly using wire transfer. Here you will get many other options also.


Here is the more trusted site in the list. Bitfinex allows you to buy more than 10 altcoins using USD and other option like a wire transfer.


You have another option of bitpnada. But bitpanda require verification for the exchange. You can use bitpanda as last option.

Buy Dash coin with cash in us, NewYork and Oregon

You can find a location of ATM machine in coinATMRadar. Here you can buy Dash coin directly using cash. A fee of exchange is high as compare to other option just because this is third party machines.

Wallofcoin is available in another country like Brazile, Germany, and Latvia.

Buy Dashcoin with Exchange

Here is the best option which I like. Changing bitcoin with other altcoin is the best option just because this is easiest and fastest method.I never find any difficulty using this method. You should try this method for any altcoin, not just for Dash coin.

Two best exchanges which I always use is changelly and shapeshift. This process is dived into two parts.

  • Buy bitcoin or any altcoin by easiest method you know
  • Exchanges with Dash coin

Exchanges site:


Chaneglly is best exchange site I know until the day. Also, fee for exchange is negligible. I always prefer changelly over any method. You can see complete review and step by step process in my changelly post.

Dealhub Network Review


Shapeshift is more trusted then changelly just because this is much older than changelly.

Transfer your Dashcoin to your local wallet:

After buying Dashcoin you should transfer you Dashing to your local wallet which is created in the first step. Never leave your coin on exchange site just because many sites hacked by hackers many time.


So, this are the best and simple way of buying Dash coin. Dash coin now gaining good attention nowadays. Also Dash coin is on 6th rank In terms of ranking. Anycoindirect and Chaneglly are two sites which I will say to use.

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So, readers, I hope you liked my post on How to Buy Dash coin in 3 simple steps.

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