How to buy Litecoins in India Instantly – In 2017

This is detail post about how to buy Litecoins in India.

If you want to buy Litecoin and you are finding difficulties in finding some useful site, then this guide for you.

Many people think cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, Litecoins are ban in India but it is not true. For more detail, you can read my post on “finally Bitcoin is legal in India?

Buying and selling of Bitcoin, ethereum is easier as compare to Litecoins. Litecoins are future of digital currency commerce and many sites, shops and good accept Litecoins as a payment. It allows you fast payment anywhere in the world.

So investing in Litecoins is a good idea but the problem comes how to buy Litecoins?

Let’s start understanding about Litecoin first.

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is a type of cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin launched in 2011. There are total 84 billion Litecoins. With the Litecoin you can send and receive payment anywhere in the world. The best thing about this digital currency is sender and receiver both have proof of accepting and sending payment.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin also a decentralised currency. You can spend your Litecoins on service like website development, purchasing jewellery, buying food etc. Because it is a decentralised system, therefore, it doesn’t charge any transaction fee like a bank.

All transaction is recorded on public ledger known as Blockchain. Anyone easily verify the transaction. You can store your Litecoins on your wallet. This wallet runs on a platform like desktop, mobile, tablet, offline hardware etc.

You can better understand about Litecoins by comparing with other cryptocurrencies.

How to buy Litecoins in India

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How to buy Litecoins in India?

There are many sites which offer you to buy and sell Litecoins online. You can use two methods for buying Litecoins.

• Buy Litecoins with flat currency’s
• Buy Litecoins using exchange with other cryptocurrencies

Personally, a method which I like “exchanges with other cryptocurrencies” just because I have other cryptocurrencies in my wallet. But if you are not interested in exchange or you are new then go with buying with flat currency like dollar, euro. before buying any litcoins you should know which are best litcoins wallet are avilable in market.

How to buy Litecoins with flat currency?

A company like coinbase doesn’t allow you to buy Litecoins in India. Other than coinbase there are also many other sites which allow you to buy Litecoins in India. They are:


How to buy Litecoins in India

Bitfinex is the best site I ever visit for any exchange just because it allows to trade with around all cryptocurrency. You can store them in one place. Also, you will get 10% off on all transaction fee for 30 days. For detail review, you can read a post on bitfinex.


changelly is my all-time favourite site just because it allows faster exchange as compared to other sites. You didn’t have to verify your account for trading. All you have to do is just enter amount and type of exchange money like euro, dollar etc. And make payment. For more details, I will recommend reading my post on changelly.

Other sites:

How to buy Litecoin using the Exchange?

One of the popular methods of buying Litecoin is exchanging any cryptocurrency with Litecoin. Just because this is a fast and reliable method, people like to use it. Some of the famous sites which offer this service are:


shapeshift allow you to exchange any cryptocurrency with Litecoins. The process of buying Litecoins from shapeshifting is same as for changelly but shapeshift charge more fee. Shapeshift is a more trusted site in market ever. You can buy Litecoin without any verification from shapeshift.

Ok coin

How to buy Litecoins in India

Ok coin is China-based company but allows you to buy Litecoins all over the world. Other than Litecoin ok coin also allows you to trade with bitcoin. Ok, coin only charges 0.2% of the trading fee.

Some other site:


Buying Litecoins is very problematics now a day just because people don’t know how to buy. But this post will help you a lot for purchasing Litecoins.

Shapeshift and changelly are two sites which I like most, just because they are too fast. They did not require any verification for purchasing Litecoin. You can also use “bitfinex all in one site”.

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  • October 8, 2017 at 12:03 am

    Buy Litecoin and Ethereum both from single place, It is a market place for multiple cryptocurrencies where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like etheruem, ripple, litecoin, dash, monero etc. directly with INR.

  • November 12, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    never heard of before, is it legitimate?

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      i never used this site for exchange. this is new site in market place and not taht famous. you use other i option to this.

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  • December 15, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    I want to buy litecoin kindly suggest me how ?
    Rhank u…

    • December 16, 2017 at 8:26 am

      hey deepu,
      the best way to buy litecoin is i know is buying litecoin from koinex, for traders not for only time investors.
      you can also go for exchange platform for buying litecoin like changelly .


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