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Read How to buy zcash in india instantly ?

In past people only invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum but now Investors love to invest to other altcoins. I am one of them. In starting days finding proper altcoin and buying is the biggest hurdle but now a day due to many sites this is so easy.

Many readers of my blog asked about Zcash and how to buy Zcash in India?

So today we will see how to buy zcash in india instantly. All this method is tested by me. So don’t worry about procedure just follow step by step process.

If you don’t know what is Zcash then you should read next paragraph otherwise skip and jump to next to next paragraph.

What is Zcash?

Zcash is abbreviation of zero cash. People denote Zcash as ZEC which is started in October 2016. Zcash is developed within bitcoin blockchain with a slight change in user privacy. Zcash gives more privacy as compare to bitcoin. Also Zcash is the digital currency of the internet. You can send and receive Zcash from one wallet to other, anywhere any place. You can mine Zcash using you desktop GPU and CPU. For X100% profit, you can use best Zcash miners.

How to Buy Zcash in India?

The first thing which you have to do before buying Zcash is setting up your Zcash wallet. If you are thinking for hardware wallet then Terzor and ledger is the best option. You can choose other wallets also.


Buy Zcash using fiat currency (USD, INR through credit and debit card)

Problem with an international company is some of them not support user from India to buy Zcash. But there is also some site which allows you to buy/sell Zcash. You can buy Zcash directly through your debit and credit card.

The only way which I know to buy Zcash directly using fiat currency is using Kraken site. Just follow this step for buying Zcash through debit & credit card.

Register and make an account in the Kraken site.How to buy zcash in india

Verify yourself by using phone number, and name. If you want to increase your limit then you have to verify your self to tier 4 according to needs.

Now deposit money using national currency. Now we will choose USD. Next, you have to pay Kraken using wire transfer. This process takes times.

How to buy zcash in india instantly



Now generate Zcash address in Kraken site.

How to buy zcash in india instantly

Buy Zcash using deposit money.

How to buy zcash in india instantly

Transfer Zcash to a local address wallet.

That’s all, this are the step you have to follow for buying Zcash in India.

Method 2:

Buy Zcash in India using exchange site

This is a famous and most used method in the world. Just because this is fast and more secure. People choose this method,compare to the 1st one. In This method you have to buy any other cryptocurrency which is easily available to you. Generally, people buy bitcoins then they exchange this with Zcash.

So let’s start the process of buying Zcash using exchange site.

  • Buy bitcoin or any currency
  • Exchange with Zcash

Buy Bitcoin:

You can easily buy bitcoin using credit or debit card. People generally choose this method just because it is easy to bitcoin compare to other. You can also buy bitcoin using paypal or Amazon gift card.

Exchange with Zcash:

Now you have to exchange your bitcoin or any cryptocurrency with Zcash. For this, you need your Zcash wallet which we made in the first step. Changelly and shapeshift is two site which is mostly used by people for exchange. Changelly takes less fee compare to shapeshift but shapeshift is more trusted.

Exchange with changelly:

Just fell the amount and exchange the bitcoin with Zcash. For full process read our post on changelly.

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Shapeshift is more trusted as compare to changelly. Therefore, they take more charge as compare to changelly which is a major drawback of shapeshift. You didn’t need any verification for exchanging Zcash. For detail help, you can read our post shapeshif.


So that’s all this are some way of buying zcash in India. If you ask me then I will suggest you go with changelly.

2nd method and use changelly. You can also try kraken for buying Zcash using credit and debit card.


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