How to create Dogecoin wallet – Step by Step method

This is a brief post on How to create Dogecoin wallet.

As in the last post, we talked about how to buy Dogecoin and said i will write a post on Dogecoin wallet, so here we are with a new post on all possible way to create Dogecoin wallet.

There are many sites with you can create and store your Dogecoin but we go with official site of Dogecoin. Dogecoin is the best way to get paid or pay for something. You can give someone as a tip. Many people are investing in Dogecoin and it is a part of cryptocurrency. so it is my job to educate you to how to create Dogecoin wallet.

This are following way of creating a wallet

  • Desktop wallet- secure as compare to online method
  • Online wallet-least secure method
  • Mobile wallet- secure than online
  • Paper wallet- best way to store Dogecoin

So, let’s take one by one and see How to create Dogecoin wallet.

Desktop wallet

The desktop is a most secure way of storing your Dogecoin. you don’t have to bother about your Dogecoin. you can login in another pc also with your login id but the disadvantage is password is not recoverable. So, if you lost your password then you have to lose your Dogecoin. so, before getting the start, note down your password on the page and store it in a safe place.

Go to official site and click on the desktop wallet. Now choose the platform on which you have to run the software. For the time, we choose windows.

How to create Dogecoin wallet

Now you will forward to a new page where you will get a popup. Click on “I read and understood the disclaimer. Download now!”

How to create Dogecoin wallet

Automatic software downloading will start. Install the software. (you must install java in your desktop before installing desktop wallet). The first time it will take time as entire blockchain downloading may take time.

Now click on much receive on the top bar.

How to create Dogecoin wallet

right click on first Dogecoin address and choose copy address.

How to create Dogecoin wallet

That’s all, you generated your desktop wallet for Dogecoin. never type your address as addresses are case sensitive.

Online wallet

Many sites offer you their wallet to store your Dogecoin. usages and setup of the online wallet is very simple as compare to other wallets. It is very fast as compare to the desktop wallet as it does not have to download entire blockchain.

The main disadvantage of using online market is, it is not secure. You are responsible for the loss of your Dogecoin. it may happen, wallet providing site is a scam which is rarer but it may happen. Mostly hacker use network for hacking, therefore online transition is not secure.

Go to official site of Dogecoin and click on

How to create Dogecoin wallet

Now enter your email id and password.after that choose the plan you want. I will recommend to go with free. So, click on skip button.



How to create Dogecoin wallet

Now enter your secret pin (note this pin) and click on next.

How to create Dogecoin wallet

Now you will redirect to home page. Click on Dogecoin. you will get your wallet address for online accesses.

Phone wallet

As we know more than 50% transaction taking place nowadays through a mobile device. Therefore, many companies launched their app so that customer can access it anywhere. Phone wallet also a very easy way of storing Dogecoin. You have to just install the application from the app store. You don’t have to register on singing to use the app.

The disadvantage of using phone wallet is if you lose your phone then you have to also lose your Dogecoin. therefore, phone wallet is not recommended by me.

Just go to the store and download the application from mobile.

How to create Dogecoin wallet

When you click on the small barcode on the home screen you will get your wallet address.




How to create Dogecoin wallet

Paper wallet

Here is the best and safest way of storing Dogecoin. you will not lose your Dogecoin if your device break. You can print your wallet on paper and take accesses anywhere. The best thing about paper wallet is it does not subject to keylogger so fewer chances of hacking by hackers.

Go to official site of Dogecoin and click on a paper wallet. Choose wallet generator.

How to create Dogecoin wallet

Now you redirect to another site. Move your mouse key for random card code till number becomes zero.

How to create Dogecoin wallet

Now you will get your wallet address. Print this bar code to paper.

How to create Dogecoin wallet


That’s all you have generated paper wallet of Dogecoin.

So, this are some official method offer by the Dogecoin site. Other than this many other sites also offer free wallet.

You can also choose hardware wallet like ledger for cold storage.


So, this are some method with you can store your valuable Dogecoin. I will recommend you to go with either desktop wallet or paper wallet. A ledger is also a good option but it is paid tool.


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