How to download Vidmate app for your PC and Android app

If you are trying to download and install Vidmate apps from Google play store then it is not possible. This is for a reason that this is not available on Google play store. But no need to panic as on your Android phone you can download the Apk file, save them at a local platform and install it locally on to your device.

The app of vidmate is to be downloaded and installed from a trusted website.  This is such a popular app that a host of websites might provide you with an option of downloading from a secure site. Make sure that the downloaded copy has to be the latest version. Though every version of this app is great, but always opts for the latest version in terms of features and security options.  The official website has an option of downloading and installing the app on the basis of the link provided.

The moment you download Vidmate nearly 99 % of the time it is expected to be saved in the download folder of your device. Once the downloading is over you need to navigate on to the download folders with the file manager app. But before you are planning to download and install this app some changes are suggested on to your Android phone. This would allow you to download and install this app from a non-Google source.

Android models itself from Google and it wants to be part of the system. So by default any Android phone or tablet is not going to allow you to download Apk files and install it on your phones. Android being an independent platform Google is not in a position to stop you from downloading APk files. So this option is hidden as you can download and install it on to your mobile phones. The best part is that you do not need any help from Google play store.

Proceed on to settings section and move over to security. At this juncture you might locate an option, allow installation from unknown sources as you need to enable it. Before you are planning to download and install this app on to your mobile phone this option has to be enabled.

Downloading of Vidmate on to your PC

Vidmate is a great downloading app for your mobile phones. Once you start to use it an obvious fact is you will be hooked on to the app. ideally you would want to use it on your laptop or PC running on windows 10. A benefit of downloading and installing this app on your PC is that pretty much like your mobile phone you would be able to download videos on your PC or laptop.

As Vidmate is an Android app it needs and Android operating system to thrive. You might have to develop a virtual environment on the windows PC to be able to run Android. This is where Blue stack could be of help as they develop a virtual environment.

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