How to make the right use of remote proctoring

Most of us are looking forward to enhancing the overall working structure of the organization so that we can at least stand ahead in the competition.

However, the fact is not most of us are really aware on what right action needs to be taken. In spite of many efforts that you might be putting across in hiring if you are still not really sure on what is lacking then probably it is time for you to change the way you hire people.

Yes, no doubt that personal interview or any of such traditional approach is a good choice but it holds a lot of risk when it comes to hiring. But when it comes to remote solution, you can rest assured that you get the best candidate suiting your job personality.

Know more about remote proctoring:

The reason why the concept of remote proctoring is trending is that of its blend of incredible features and technologies which ideally you may not find anywhere else. Such type of solution includes ample of sitting the test under the supervision of an evaluator that too live. All that is expected from a candidate is to have its own computer and that too with a location where the internet connectivity can work faster. Certainly, for the first time users this may seem to be little confusing but there is no denial to the fact that it an ultimate answer for your better hiring and less time and money wastage with ample of returns in less span of time.

What is expected from a candidate?

Since the name remote proctoring itself suggest the purpose it serves, both parties that is the candidate and the evaluator needs to have a good computer, strong internet and also the right web cam or similar tracking technologies. Other than this, a candidate is expected to have an identification document of its own along with a reflective device that would help the evaluator know who exactly is sitting in front of the computer so that when the test starts, the evaluation becomes a lot simpler. Understand that when you plan to connect the online proctor, it is important that you speak with the candidate on how the entire process works so that if there is any kind of confusion it can be avoided straightaway.

How the test usually works:

The test is generic is technical depending upon the job role for which you have come up with an opening. To begin with the test candidate would have to show the ID proof and the evaluator needs to check that the candidate and his own devices are well connected.

It is important to even ask the candidate to scan the test room along with the computer screening so that during the test session if there is any act of misconduct found, it is avoided immediately.

Generally, this type of test is designed with 30 minutes or at lost 40 minutes of pattern to be finished. In case there are any kind of technical issues which are least expected to occur, you may think of going forward and work on the same before starting with the test.

It is also important that as proctor you run the online test of ACE which is on the computer. It allows you to sit on the test and analyze the whole session. The application, however, needs to be downloaded before for which you may find the link as well. Once the application is being sent, the candidate is all set to appear for the test.

How safe is it?

Often times, since the first time users may hesitate this is the very first question which is most likely to come in mind of ample of people. Generally such type of test is extremely reliable and a worthy option to be chosen. It is safe because it is well integrated with latest technologies and software solution that makes it easy for the evaluator to assess the candidate.

Not only this, the best part is such type of test soon after is finished gives the results to the candidate and the evaluator at the same time. This saves the time of both the parties and decision can instantly be made without keeping any kind of suspense pending for days. Besides, the evaluator can also focus on other crucial things that need to be done for the organization.

The primary reason why such type of test is designed is to avoid a maximum risk of fraud and cheating. Certainly, with the increase in competition, the demand for a potential candidate has increased and companies are even ready to pay high if the person is really capable

At such time, you can actually choose to go ahead and choose this option as it detects any kind of unwelcomed movement taking place at the time of test. This ensures the risk of cheating is eliminated in the best possible manner.

Thirdly, the reason why such concept is trending is that of the remote testing solution. This means the candidate if is appearing for the job in other country don’t really have to visit that country simply to give test or interview. If the person clears the test and maximum rounds of the pre-screening with a remote proctoring solution then only he would be called for the final round of interview.

With all these reasons, there is no doubt that such type of test is worth to invest your money. It is time to upgrade your hiring process and nothing can work better than remote proctoring since it is money, time and fraud saving solution that you can think of investing in.

To conclude remote proctoring is an area where you can invest your money as it has worked its magic as worthy testing platform. A lot of people are going to hesitate at the first juncture but if you get to the details it does seem to be a worthwhile investment for sure.

I am sure that this post will definitely help you in order to prepare yourself. If you have any questions or suggestion then do let us know in the comment section.

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