How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

This post is about how to mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows).

you are on this page means you are interested in mining. Zcash mining is the best way of earning some free Bitcoins.

Like Bitcoin, you don’t have to depend upon the system with powerful ram and graphic card for mining. You can start mining using your own computer for Zcash.

So let’s see how to mine Bitcoin?

What is Zcash?

Zcash is a type of Cryptocurrency same as a Bitcoin. Zcash is developed by ZECC and it is regulated by ZECC.

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In Bitcoin, if you have an address of wallet then you can see the transition of Bitcoin from that wallet but in the case of Zcash, it is not possible.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

All the payment are published in blockchain but an identity of the sender, receiver and payment is remain private.

Zcash provides extra privacy to the user.

What is Zcash mining?

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Zcash mining is the process of creating new Zcash coin from Blockchain. By mining Zcash, a new Zcash comes to existent. Like Bitcoin, a number of Zcash is already fix i.e. 21 million.

Mining of Zcash is only possible by using your computer and CPU.

For high-profit purpose, miner uses many graphic cards at a time and create a rig.

On the base of hardware, Zcash mining is divided into two type

  • CPU mining– mining with your CPU
  • GPU mining – building a computer with several graphic cards.

If you are thinking about high profit then go with GPU mining.

GPU Hardware is basically made by two designer

  • Amd
  • Nvidia

The rate of profit depends upon hash rate and power consumption.

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Zcash mining pools and wallet address

If you are using you PC or laptop for mining purpose then it may happen that you are joining any existing Zcash pool. For this post, we will use Nicehash pool.

Another thing which you need for mining Zcash is wallet address. yourZcash will store in this wallet.

Spending mining reward

When you successfully mine Zcash, you will get a reward in t-addr(transparent address).

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

But the problem is you can only spent this Zcash in z-addr(shielded address). 

How to mine Zcash?

Zcash uses Zk-snarks for hiding personal information of sender and receiver.

Profit rate of mining is depended upon hash rate and electricity consumption. Zcash uses Equihash as a hash algorithm.

Mine Zcash with CPU(Windows)

For mining Zcash on CPU, we use nicehash as a minor. Nicehash minor is fast on CPU as compared to other minors.

Step 1: Download latest nicesh minor. Download the latest version by scrolling to down.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Step 2: extract the file .zip in a folder. Location of a folder for extracting .zip file depends upon you.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Before using nicehash minor you have to specify core of you PC for maximum performance.

You can check your core by opening Task Manager and going to performance section.

Zcash has two version.

  • Get paid in Bitcoin (nheqminer)
  • Get paid in Zcash (nheqminer_Zcash)

For this post, we go with (nheqminer_Zcash).

Step 3: open the (nheqminer_Zcash) file.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Step 4: now you can start mining Zcash. Just copy this command and paste it.

Nheqminer_Zcash.exe -l eu -u ZEC-ADDRESS -t 8


Eu->mining pool address found on get started page.

ZEC-ADDRESS->Zcash wallet address

-t 8-> number of threads do you want to use

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Mining Zcash with GPU (Windows x64)

On the GPU side, we are going to use Claymore miner.

Claymore minor has high hashing rate which increases profit.

For multi-GPU systems, set Virtual Memory size in Windows at least 16 GB:

“Computer Properties / Advanced System Settings / Performance / Advanced / Virtual Memory”

Step 1: Download Claymore Zcash minor. Scroll down at last and download the latest version of Zcash minor.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Step 2: extract the file within the .zip file.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Step 3: open the “Claymore’s Zcash AMD GPU Miner v6.0 Beta” in the folder.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Step 4: find “config.txt” file in the folder and open with notepad.

Step 5: enter the following commands.






Zecminer64.exe -zpool -allpools 1 -zwal t1rjqjdbpq9syp97dhfyzvgzhcjgltmwhaq.yourworkername -zpsw x

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

 Step 6: now replace this thing in your command.

“” -> pool server

“t1rjqjdbpq9syp97dhfyzvgzhcjgltmwhaq”  ->Zcash wallet address


“yourworkername”-> with your name

“x” -> with your password

At now your screen appears something like this.

How to Mine Zcash with GPU and CPU(Windows)

Now site back and wait for mining Zcash.

For full list of command, you can visit Bitcoin forum.


So this si my post on How to Mine Zcash. For mining Zcash you only require any PC with CPU. But if you are any serious minor then you should go for GPU.

Mining Zcash is the best way of earning free Bitcoin or Zcash. The main component of GPU mining is hardware. You have to choose best Zcash mining hardware with a high hash rate.

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